The Vampire Diaries Review: Bitter Party

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Recycling is great for the earth, but storylines and ratings? Eh, not so much.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 brought us a lot of what we've already seen before. Will it continue to be enough to keep viewers enticed? You decide.

Caroline, bless her non-beating heart, gets an idea in her head and goes after it with every fiber of her being. If you are Caroline Forbes' friend that means you are going along for the ride. After the epically awkward moment in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 when Tyler found out she slept with Klaus, Caroline is done with men...for now. 

Enter the "Bitter Party," a dance for singles to purge the memories of their exes and move on with other heartbroken souls. Since Katherine is adoring her new life as Elena, she has a hard time pretending she's all that upset about Damon.

But when she sold it to Stefan that being with Damon had changed her and she wasn't sure if she liked that person anymore, it actually kind of worked.

Do you like who I am or do you miss who I was?

Katherine [to Stefan]

The thing is, Stefan is just genuinely worried about his brother going off the deep end. He's seen it before and he's seen how much better Damon was when he was with Elena. That's what made him get over his jealousy of them being together.

Deep down the Salvatore brothers love each other and would do anything for each other. It just seems like they are perpetually saving each other each time one of them goes off the rails.

Also, honestly how many times has Jeremy been kidnapped and killed. Bonnie's whole desperate plea had me rolling my eyes like Katherine. This again? Can't they find a more creative way to get what they want?

It's like Jeremy's whole purpose on this show is to be kidnapped and used for leverage...or show his abs. The only amusing part of that whole scene was Damon's quip that if Elena killed him, he would start a baseball team with her dopplegangers on the other side.

This whole story is just a variation of something we've seen before. Caroline gets an idea in her head and tries to control everyone and everything.

One of the Salvatore brothers has a meltdown and goes on a killing spree while the other runs to Elena for help. Bonnie is dragged into it as the resident witch, and Jeremy's presence is used when Bonnie is feeling stubborn. Am I right? Also didn't they also use the song "Say Something" like three episodes ago?

Does Damon even want to be saved this time? Or is Stefan right?

I mean I've seen Damon at his worst Caroline and I actually think he enjoys the way it makes him feel. It's like the more pain he can cause, the more reasons there are for people to hate him. He wants to confirm everyone's lowest expectations of him.


Stefan called his brother predictable at the beginning of the episode, but there was one twist we didn't see coming. Wes has travelers on his side and now he's turned Damon into one of his vampires who feeds on other vampires. Even Enzo knows that this is bad...really bad.

For me, the most interesting part of the episode was that Tyler made himself useful and figured out that Nadia was incredibly shady. After warning Matt and getting his neck snapped, Tyler's part in the storyline was pretty much done.

But Matt, ol' Matty boy Donovan, he figured it out. He knows that Katherine took over Elena's body. I have to give props to our favorite Mystic Grill bartender for figuring it out first. The only question is, what can he do with that information?

What did you think of the latest installment of The Vampire Diaries? Are things in Mystic Falls getting repetitive? Vote below and sound off in the comments!

The show is on hiatus until February 27 and then returns with The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14. Watch a promo now:


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I'm sad to say, this show is losing it's momentum that it use to have. I miss season 1-3.


I hope Nadia is able to prevent Matt from telling everyone about Katherine. I love Katherine in Elena's body. If Matt tells everyone about her they'll do everything possible to get Elena back and as the show has proved multiple times before even when it looks impossible to save Elena they ALWAYS find a way.


Katherine's daughter is extremely annoying.... just how old is she supposed to be anyway ?,I don't get why she seems to be much stronger than everybody else. Tyler getting his neck snapped was the best part of the whole episode. he really is a sorry excuse of a hybrid. he goes down so quickly it's hilarious. everybody's favorite deadbeats were back and used in the same way they have been since forever (Bonnie and Jeremy) and I could care less. Damon being a badass again is a little bit hard to digest this time around because it seems a little bit too fast. kind of a huge leap back for his character in my opinion.

@ Ilk_vomit

Katherine's Daughter is 521 years old. Making her probably the strongest person in Mystic Falls. Thats why she seems so much stronger. And than you have the new Augustine Vampires... Vampires who drink Vampire blood (like Damion became). A recently changed Augustine Vampire already is super strong... Jesse was able to take on Damon. So Nadia's probably the best chance ot hold off Super Strong Damon

@ Ilk_vomit

yeah totally agree with you. Kat's daughter Nadia seems to be the most smartest and the most powerful character at all cuz she just knock down a hybrid. LOL

@ kevin2014

I mean granted...she is like almost 500 yrs old


And cue the Damon hating.... Meh. This episode was just okay. I'm mostly fine with this episode just a little bored with "bad Damon" again. But I loved watching Katherine fake Elena. That is kind of fun. ( know it's been done but it seems fresh with her actually IN Elena...and I'm on the Katherine band wagon, always have been) I am interested to know how they'll fix Damon.


He cares about Jeremy and a few other characters outside of Elena, even if he's not their favorite. I expected him to act out. He's too dark a character not too but not a murder spree. Going after Wesfield I could see. He'd need something to channel that rage into, even going back to actively feeding, making scarves a new fashion accessory in MF. But not letting Enzo loose on Jeremy or killing that mom. I mean, that makes the entire redemptive arc they spent almost two seasons on pretty pointless to have him revert so completely. Especially when a part of it was for himself to be better, not just to earn a girl's love. And I love Stefan but come onnnnnnn! I know the MF universe has him doomed to be attracted to her but a new serious love interest wouldn't kill the writers. Steroline! Anyone else think he looked like a guilty lover getting caught with Katherine? Speaking of, how has Caroline or Stefan NOT figured out something is wrong? The girl fought extremely hard for everyone to understand her feelings for Damon were real and suddenly she doesn't care and is not so subtly throwing herself at Stefan? Not to mention Bonnie hasn't felt her pass over? Which, considering how horribly painful it seemed it's not something that would slip her notice....TVD always has plot holes but this season just seems overboard

@ Skylar

finally!!! someone who really thinks !!!!
Julie & Co destroyed Damon`s characther in 5 ep after they have ,,shaped,, over 4 season on the ideea that everyone cant change, became a better person when meets the true love. Damon has change, evolved over the 4 season, learn to be human but in the same time to accept the dark side of his. I really do not think (like in real life) a person after reaching to have his true love and reaching to HAVE and CARE about family and friends, after he BOND and SAVE soooooo many times OVER and OVER AGAIN EVERYONE in this journey IN THE SAME TIME TO DO AND HIDE doings like killing people !!! I dont bite that!!! It`s not REAL, not sustainable !!! and then RIGHT IN THE MOMENT when his true love reject him Damon became the characther from the beginning, even worse !
I (like a person, not like a tv shhiper) trully belive that the sweet love it`s one BUT the TRUE LOVE it`s the love who deeply, trully change a person inside. And I think Damon has changed and ONLY for the rating Julie & Co have plot Damon in this way BUT they did this badly
I understand even the plot Kat/Elena changing the body BUT I dont bite the fact that nobody realized that ... not even Caroline (the most cerebral character on the show) IN THAT MOMENT with the secret hear by Tyler because of Elena !!!
I think when you have realtionships like in this show, with all the close persons around .... like a big family .... you get to feel the person next to you not only to intreact !!! Again it not real, sustainable
For me this show is done ... beacause it became too commerciale and unreal ! sorry, really sorry!
sorry for my English but I am from Europe and it`s not my natural language

Sarah silva
@ Skylar

I did not even think about Bonnie not seeing Elena cross over! However that was the first thought I had when we see Enzo kill Jeremy and I knew that if Bonnie did not see him that he was alive. We all know that Elena will be back in her body some time and I hope it is by the end of the season.


I still watch because even with its repititive feel as of late I still love the characters. And being a fan of the Delena story from S1 I couldn't resist watching this season :) but even that has proven lackluster and it's nothing to do with their chemistry. Bad Damon, though great, is still old news. Instead of being thrilled I'm just rolling my eyes. Like killing Nit caring if Jeremy died? At the beginning of the season he HUGGED the boy in sympathy when he found out Bonnie was dead.


Guys calm down. It's a mid season episode. They are necessary to lead to the bigger storyline. There are 22 episodes in 1 season, if you expect every episode to be mindblowing you're watching TVD wrong. Usually we enter a new storyline chapter after episode 14/15 every season.


I have to agree with you 2. I felt bored with this episode and the last one, I thought that bringing Katherine's daughter will shake things a little differently, but I was rollin' my eyes with her as well. :/


I miss seasons 2 & 3. :(
The writers should figure out a way to keep the characters growing, not let them run in the same old circles...


This episode didn't even feel new because it had Kat pretending she was Elena (again), Damon on the dark side (again), Jeremy getting threatened/killed/brought back (again), Caroline at some random/convenient party (again) and Stefan being a saint when it comes to dealing with all this drama (again). I feel like the show is just recycling storylines with sprinkles of differences. Not sure how much longer they can keep this up before fans decide to stop watching all together.

@ Audrey

Seriously agree with you. This is why I prefer The Originals. It's new story lines. And while I still detest them, new triangles. Although I've been looking forward to a possible Staroline relationship, her obvious jealousy tonight kind of annoyed me for some reason.

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I happen to like my old sadistic self?


So Elena breaks up with you and your first instinct is to go on a killing spree. Could you be any more predictable?

Stefan [to Damon]

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