The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: This is Awkward...

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Tyler walked out on Caroline a few months ago and, since then, Caroline has slept with Tyler' mortal enemy.

So... what would bring these two together on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14?

Confusion over there whereabouts of Matt, that's what. In the following clip from "No Exit," Tyler and Caroline awkwardly chat over coffee while wondering where Matt has been...

... only for him to then walk in the door with a surprising new friend:

TVD returns from hiatus on Thursday, February 27. 

You can watch The Vampire Diaries online if you need a refresher and click through photos from the next new episode here:

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Hold up! Tyler literally strung Caroline around for months, disappeared, broke her heart multiple times, and literally had her crying herself to sleep! Sometimes we connect with the person who also knows that our ex is a douchebag because there's a genuine commonality! Caroline is in a situation that happens to many! She begged Tyler to stay with her and he just walked out on her- over and over! She doesn't have to appologize for anything! Had Tyler not been an oober jerk none of this would have happened! I wish tvd would make Caroline a little more stronger! Everyone pushes her around and she just allows it or forgives them! I wanna see confidence, badassness, and more fangs! The show is losing it's supernatural stuff and becoming more of a plain human drama! More speed, super hearing, and fangs people! Ugh I need to be a writer for these folks!


This is ridiculous. Caroline, the only girl he's ever loved, slept with the monster who ruined his life, killed his mother, and tormented just about everyone she cares about, and two episodes later he's making her a f****** cup if coffee while they giggle about how awkward things are between them now?!
I'm not saying caroline should hate herself forever or that she's a bad person now, but I don't understand how tyler could ever be friends with her again. To think about all he's been through and everything he's lost, only to have caroline herself deliver the coup de grâce is so heartbreaking and tragic. Some really great emotional drama could have come from that fallout. But this is TVD, and that is much too much to hope for...

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