Archer Review: Outlaw Country in San Marcos

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After last week's underwhelming episode at the Tunt Mansion, Archer makes a great return to the field with all things we love about this series.  

Archer is always best when they're out with different backdrops, different people to interact with and different challenges to screw up. Archer Season 5 Episode 10 certainly delivered.

The opening scene was probably one of my favorite openings ever, as Archer deconstructs the ISIS gang as members of the Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club is one of my top '80s movies, and I gotta say, I agree with Archer's analysis. Spot on. Cyril is definitely Anthony Michael Nerd Hall.

On the way to San Marcos, Sterling confirms what I've been saying for a while now: he's making an effort to mature. He told Lana that he's cleaned up his act, drinking less and no longer having "anonymous" sex. (Though his definition of anonymous is a head-scratcher).

However, Archer's efforts really don't hold up as long as a woman throws herself at him.  He finds himself in a tough spot, now having slept with President Calderon's wife.

Archer does really care about Lana, but you can't blame Lana for being disappointed and angry when the man who just asked to be her child's godfather basically jumped in the sack with a strange woman. Every time Lana starts trusting him again, he screws it up.

My favorite part of the episode was, of course, Krieger. First of all - Krieger walked around in a tiny towel all episode - which I can only assume is to balance out having Cherlene half naked on Archer Season 5 Episode 9. Somehow, though, this was much funnier. I also wasn't expecting him to be ripped.

Second: I've always said you can never have too much Krieger, and now we have Krieger clones! This is probably the best call-back all season: Krieger being a clone of Hitler.  Clearly someone else has been using that DNA, but to what end? And why in San Marcos?

Cherlene has been the weak link for me this season, but in this episode, she actually wasn't completely annoying. Finally, finally, there was a point to her screen time. Calderon's obsession with Cherlene is probably the best use of that character so far.

I only had one problem with this episode.  Pam spent the last 8 episodes being completely addicted to cocaine - snorting it, whipping it, baking it, cocaine yogurt, etc. While I don't expect realism in the slightest from a show like Archer, my goodness, are we just going to forget that she ever had that problem?  Even if she went cold turkey, there wasn't even a mention of her addiction. I found that very odd and a bit jarring.

In any case, this was a solid episode. There wasn't much to dissect, but the characters were true to who they are, the writing was sharp and funny, and the guest stars were fantastic (Fred Armisen is a genius!).  

I always enjoy Archer two-parters, so I'm looking forward to the next week's episode. I simply must know the story behind the Krieger clones...


  • Again, excellent work by Fred Armisen as Calderon.
  • Apache! Helicopter!
  • Does anyone else think that Cyril will actually fall victim to the Sinister Gay Cabal?
  • Phrasing! Boom! Phrasing is back, folks.
  • Pam and Cherlene sneaking on to the plane was a nice call-back to Skytanic.


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Pam and Cheryl sneaking on the plane was a nice callback to them sneaking on everything from every season. But yes, originally the blim... rigid airship. Of course with me always craving more Krieger, I was satisfied. He DID get ripped since the last time we saw him without his shirt on. I think it may as been as recent as this season (when he was trying to wipe his computer as ISIS was being taken down by the FBI, he was looking a little flabby then). And don't even get me started on etiquette of getting more towels in a hotel, let alone a presidential mansion. While I've never seen that boys from Brazil movie where they have those kids that're made from Hitler's DNA, which Krieger is supposedly one of, I'm willing to bet the clones have something to do with that. Malory not getting the Breakfast Club references was hilarious to me. Partially because it works with the age of her character and ambiguous timeline. Also because I remember seeing an interview with Jessica Walter, where she was saying that she didn't really understand a lot of the jokes that were written into the show for the age-gap reasons (aww). Finally... One of my favorite lines from the episode from Pam: "Who are you, Princess... Hang on... Lana?" Max stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and then some 🌟🌟🌟

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Archer Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Apache! Helicopter! We should sell those, cause I'm rapper


Cyril: Why do we always have to share a room?
Ray: The sinister gay cabal, Cyril. You have fallen victim to the sinister gay cabal.