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Archer and the rest of the ISIS gang are the guests of San Marcos' President Gustavo Calderon (guest star Fred Armisen) and his wife Juliana (guest star Lauren Cohan).

The president is a big fan of Cherlene, but Juliana is a bigger fan of Archer.  Meanwhile, Krieger is in for a big surprise.

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Archer Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Cyril: Why do we always have to share a room?
Ray: The sinister gay cabal, Cyril. You have fallen victim to the sinister gay cabal.

We've got the whole Breakfast club in here. I'm Emilio Estevez, Cyril's obviously Anthony Michael Nerd. Mother, you're Paul Gleason, Krieger's the loose cannon Judd Nelson, and Lana, you're...