Bones Review: You Can't Have Everything

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It was all about the case and Finn's return to the Jeffersonian on Bones Season 9 Episode 19.

Of course, I enjoyed the interpersonal portion of the hour much better than the case. The latter wasn't particularly intriguing, but it did include a relic hunter and his purchases that lead the team to the killer.

It was fun how the man of the hour (otherwise known as the dead guy) waltzed into his own funeral. At least he can rest knowing it was a decent affair!

Because he was a relic collector, it gave the team a lot to explore historically and there were even mentions of Marco Polo having touched it in the chalice's more recent history. 

It wasn't one of the relics (two of which had pieces embedded in the victim) that solved the case in the long run - it was the billionaire's girlfriend's bid on a manicure with nail polish containing diamond dust. I don't know about any of you ladies out there, but for as long as nail polish lasts on my tips I would never justify such an extravagance, even for charity.

Sadly, Sarah didn't kill Daniel out of malice, but to keep him from delivering a hit of heroin to her lover (the billionaire), Todd. She hit him in the head with the chalice and -- whoops -- he died. When you put it into perspective, there are a lot of things you can do in the heat of the moment that could land you in that place.

Trying to keep your guy heroin free isn't the worst reason to conk someone on the head and in many cases it wouldn't even kill him. I guess it was just bad luck. Sarah should have also realized that if Daniel was giving Todd heroin, and Todd was a billionaire, he'd get it where he wanted to and Daniel wasn't the problem.

Elsewhere Finn was back in town and excited to announce that his hot sauce was a success -- it would be going nationwide! Then Michelle broke up with him because she changed while she was away at school.

Finn didn't hold anything against her and he wished her the best. He also knew that since he had money for the first time in his life, something else was probably going to give. It was Michelle. That's a sad way to look at life, but I appreciated his candor. He wouldn't have given up his time with Michelle, so that's a plus.

Cam, as always, had the best lines and a lot of compassion for Finn, even after what Michelle did. I like her character more every time she's on; I just wish there was more of her.

The ending was a hoot with Booth grabbing the chalice like it was the Stanley Cup. My team just made the first playoff round this week. Wonder if he knows?! Wrong side of Pennsylvania Booth!

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Do you think Michelle made the right decision breaking up with Finn?


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I am with bountypeaches on this one. I love B& B, but this was another example of how out of character they were. I understand Booth has always had insecurity issues with the wealthy, but didn't we just establish earlier in the season, that he is now one of those wealthy people!?! So I feel like his prejudice is truly just an attempt to exploit his previous feelings. But I also feel like they missed so many opportunities in this episode. Case in point - at the funeral, Brennan could have been on Booth's arm, so that when he lamely defended her as his wife it could have at least sounded like he was a protective husband. And the ongoing sports analogy was over used and in many ways showed a very disrespectful Booth. I thought the last scene was annoying. Booth was so disinterested. Nothing like the Anok find that Brennan had, where we had a 'will they, won't they' moment. I feel like the emotional component of this episode goes to Finn. His heartbreak was truly tangible. Lastly, did anyone else find it odd that they never addressed whether or not Brennan slept with the 'presumed' dead guy?


Hmm. I didn't like Booth at all in this episode. He was incredibly rude by watching a hockey game at a funeral. If he is telling Brennan to be more empathetic then maybe he should lead by example instead of preaching. He was incredibly prejudiced against the billionaire without cause. The billionaire supported charities and research and there was no indication that he was getting any inappropriate tax breaks. He didn't even stall the investigation by getting lawyers or using his connections to go above Booth's head. Booth stereotyping all rich people does not make him a "good man". Then after whinging about not liking people who think they are above the rules all episode he starts abusing his FBI privilege by waving around the Chalice. If a regular person did that they would be arrested or thrown out for breaking the rules. But its Booth, so no problem, right? He should be allowed to break rules he thinks are stupid but if a rich person gets a tax break that is not even illegal then that is wrong? I hate it when the writers destroy Booth or Brennan's characters for comedy.


Its always hard a breakup, but at least she was honest, and both were reasonable
Man, that cup is cursed, and Booth still prefers Sport cups; only USA sports, Meh
This shows the downside of rich people, they always want power and privileges, and in so doing, they break many rules once the rules stood in their way to more power and other stuffs. Thats how a societe gets unballance


Booth knows your team made the playoffs, but since we hate the Pens, he doesn't care.


as usual good episode. i also liked the end with booth chalet holding i really thought he was going to drop it. it was so good to see finn but didn't like how michelle broke uo with him. i noticed finns hair was cut shorter it looked good

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Bones Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Cam: Who paid for this?
Hogins: Well, the TV from Archie Bunker's TV might be missing -- only momentarily.

Wow. Todd's money seems to be funding our investigation.