Elementary Review: Adam Peer and The Legend

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For the first time on Elementary, Sherlock and Joan dove into the world of pharmaceuticals, Israeli operatives, an anonymous destroyer, cheating husbands, teaching legends, and helium.

All of these fascinating subjects were wrapped into one hour of television. 

Surprisingly, I wasn't as entertained as normal. On Elementary Season 2 Episode 18, the man behind the double murder was who I thought it would be all along.

Now, even though I was a bit bored and predicted the killer, I did enjoy this episode.

I think one of the most entertaining things about Elementary is the fact that it flies through topics left and right but is able to connect all of them in the most interesting way. This was a prime example.

Here's how it went: a man researching a device to detect cancer was killed by a helium overdose, after which it was revealed that his boss was cheating on his wife.

Well, the deceased researcher also happened to have an on/off relationship with an Israeli intelligence officer who pointed Sherlock in the direction of an anonymous writer named Adam Peer, who destroys companies and their medical ideas.

Here's where it gets interesting: Adam Peer happened to be two people, the deceased researcher and an executive representative for a huge pharmaceutical company. Then, in another plot twist, the cheating husband's wife turns up dead but the husband has an alibi!

Are you following this? For the climax of the episode, Holmes and Watson broke down all of these events and explained how the cheating husband was behind it all along.

He obviously didn't know that you can't put one on our favorite duo even with all of the twists and turns.

With all of this said, Elementary knows how to keep it fresh with their cases. It isn't just one idea, it's several and it keeps viewers around.

Elsewhere, Marcus was finally back in the field after months of not being able to shoot. I have to also talk about the awkward tension between Joan and him.

Does anyone else think that the more scenes they have, the more the writers may be trying to pair these two up? Personally, I don't see them together as more than friends so let's hope they don't go that route.

Marcus also had one of my favorite storylines to date: he finally met a childhood legend that he looked up to. Bell claimed that this legend kept him out of gangs when he was young. It absolutely broke my heart when his hero turned up dead. Nice twist but incredibly heartbreaking.

Overall, this episode was okay. Interesting for sure but just okay. I am still waiting for the final episodes to "WOW" me before a long summer hiatus.

What was your favorite quote from the night?


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Not sure how i feel about joan and bell together...i wouldnt mind it but i would choose that pairing over sherlock and watson as of now.


Yeah, I was disappointed when at the killer reveal as I figured it would be him too. I don't know, anytime I see a man behind a desk in the first ten minutes of any crime drama, 9 times out of ten, he/she done it. I actually don't hate the idea of Joan and Bell together. Not in love with it, but it is worlds better than all the people who are still pulling for Joan and Sherlock to hook up, so if those are the options, then Bell all the way. If Joan and Sherlock were to get together I would probably never watch again, but that's just me. Also--and this is just me being anal--I'm pretty sure Sherlock's line was "Triggers abound in bars." :-) I'm waiting for the last few episodes too, and what I personally would love to see is something happen to Joan. She has come so far, and - odd as this may sound - I would love to see her get, say, abducted for an episode or something like that. I think it would be cool to see her have a real chance to show her stuff, be left to her own devices, and use all her new skills in order to get herself out of a tight fix. Waiting to see he have a chance to really kick some tail, you know?

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

When an Israeli operative gives you illegally obtained emails, you don’t skim.


Joan: Score: 1 for cheating husbands.