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Girls Review: Big Breaks, Heartaches

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Well, this year's season finale was quite different from that of Girls season 2

Last year concluded with men kind of rescuing the ladies, which some argued was not really the normal message behind GirlsGirls Season 3 Episode 12 was about the satisfaction of doing something for yourself.

Well at least, for Hannah it was.

Sharing Secrets

Unbeknownst to all of us, Hannah applied to graduate school in Iowa for a writer's program. She got in and felt a mix of apprehension and excitement.

Of course, Hannah would worry about something like finding a new place to get yogurt, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry about really dumb things sometimes. (Okay, all of the time.)

To get all psychological about it, Hannah was thinking of dumb excuses and reasons to not go. She's comfortable with her life in Brooklyn. She's settled with Adam and her friends and a lot of your 20s is about trying to be comfortable. But it's also about chasing your dreams and getting what you want out of life.

We have to hand to to Lorraine Horvath on setting Hannah straight on what an opportunity Iowa is. Ultimately, it was Hannah's choice, but you could sense the excitement brewing underneath her doubts. So something really amazing happened to Hannah (yay!) and then she turned around and did something typically selfish and Hannah-like.

There was no purpose in telling Adam something that might upset him right before his first Broadway performance.

I get why Hannah thought it was a great moment to let him know how inspired she felt by him to get creative, but she should have left it at that. Adam moved out for a few weeks just to get some space. Logically, how would he respond to news like that right before his show?

Hannah: I know that this is complicated, but I also know that we can work it out.
Adam: Well I'm sick of trying to work it out. Can't one thing ever be easy with you?

As self-focused as Hannah is a lot of the time, I'm also a little sick of her having to walk on eggshells around Adam. Relationships take work and effort. Why is it okay for Adam to chase his dreams and not Hannah?

On to the other three girls: Jessa's story of assisted suicide was so weirdly irrelevant that I don't have much to say about it. 

I can't believe Shosh is not graduating! Between that and Marnie's news about Ray, I'm surprised all she did was pounce on Marnie. Oh Marnie, what are we going to do with you?

Plainly said, Marnie is incredibly insecure. She is stunning, she's getting her art career back on track, she has friends, but without a man Marnie is just not okay. She has been off of her game since Charlie dumped her.

Remember how sick of him she was in Girls season 1? She has this need to validate herself by sleeping with guys who are inappropriate.

If you're here to tell me what a bad person I am, I don't wanna hear it. Seriously I know. And no I have not told Shoshanna yet but I will and I fucking know I have to do it. And I know that I need to have more respect for the emotional property of other women and I know that I use sex for validation because it's what I do.


This whole finale was kind of like everyone realizing what they really wanted (except for Jessa). Maybe I'm missing how her storyline fit in? I don't know, feel free to theorize in the comments. Elijah was a delight, as always. Him sneaking in with the cast photos cracked me up.

What a random cameo to see Caroline! I know I was kind of wondering if Adam ever found her after Hannah kicked her out Girls Season 3 Episode 5. She is pregnant with Laird's baby and that's weird and equally funny.

Okay, so how would you rate the Girls season 3 finale?  



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