Girls Review: Theatre People

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As opening night approaches for Major Barbara, Adam needs space to focus.

Unfortunately, Hannah isn't supportive of that space and it causes some problems on Girls Season 3 Episode 11.

Marnie at Work

I'm not sure what it is that Hannah's having a bigger problem with. On one hand, I think she is just super attached to Adam and upset he needs space. On the other hand, I think it's the fact that Adam has something important and exciting going on in his life and she doesn't. 

Hannah has this very intense fear of being a sell out. She thinks that her job at GQ doing advertorial means that she can't be a "serious writer." That fear slight abated in Girls Season 3 Episode 8 when she got her first GQ paycheck.

In fact, I don't really remember her missing Adam all that much when she was super busy with her new job.

Shoshanna, and all of her whacky notions, actually nailed it right on the head. Hannah was supposed to be the breakout star of the group and now it seems like she's just a regular ol' person.

I mean like Adam's about to be on Broadway, Marnie's clearly about to be a pop star, and I don't know, you were supposed to be the famous artist in this group and now you're just working in advertising.


Hannah was worried about this before the episode even started and the trip to Patti LuPone's was no help. First of all, Elijah was definitely stealing the show with him looking like a "f**king Kennedy" and all.

Then she saw the cautionary tale of Patti's husband when he talked about giving up his writing career to be a small-bit professor and support Patti. 

Then with Adam's theater friends, you could tell what an outcast she felt like. By the way, playing Major Barbara herself is none other than Jenny Mollen, the hilarious wife of American Pie's Jason Biggs. 

Hannah was just not born to sit out of the spotlight. Can she and Adam find common ground and each thrive in their own careers? It seems like everybody is just trying to find their footing in Girls season 3. Shoshanna is thrilled to be graduating. Jessa is now trying to keep sober. And Marnie is finally giving the singing thing a go.

Marnie is another one that can't really deal when the attention isn't on her. She clearly wants to bang the guy she is working with and Clementine is not going to stand in her way.

When he couldn't deliver the attention she needed, she found herself at Ray's door again. Does Marnie have no regard for other women? I know Ray and Shosh are over, but screwing your friend's ex is still a basic no-no in Friendship 101.

So now that Hannah walked in on Ray and Marnie having sex, is she going to rat to Shosh? Vote below and sound off with your thoughts on this week's episode in the comments!

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Well the information for next week's episode says that Marnie makes a confession to Shoshanna. So I can't imagine what else it would be. But in regards to Hannah, I just can't help but think she's a huge brat. I mean, I get where Adam is coming from. This is a huge deal for him. Even if she doesn't get it, she should respect it. She's making this really hard on him and this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. And the way she was acting at her job was just awful. I'm glad they fired her. She doesn't have much of a concern for other people. I always kind of love when an episode is Marnie-centric. She has her faults as well but her and Shosh are my favorite characters. And we NEVER get enough Shoshanna! I was really glad though that Marnie finally had a great outing as a singer for once, compared to her usual trainwrecks. Her partner clearly brings out the best in her as a singer. It will be interesting to see though if she ends up with him though or Ray. But it was kind of fun to see her new found confidence after her performance. I can't help but root for her. Next week looks a little better for Jessa too. I'm not normally a fan of hers, but looks like she may get a somewhat interesting storyline!

Girls Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Am I seriously the only one of us who prides herself on being a truly authentic person?


We didn't really talk about it, you know you talked about it and I listened.

Hannah [to Adam]