Glee Review: A Real New Direction

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Tonight is Glee Season 5 Episode 13, which is actually the second half of the 100th episode, so I have high hopes for the songs and almost no hopes at all for the plot line.

The “that’s what you missed on Glee!” could literally just go “Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah” and you’d still have no trouble following.

Kristin Chenoweth and Gwyneth Paltrow are hanging around, ostensibly to “save” the Glee Club but probably because Fox somehow thinks what this show needs are more guest stars and fewer musical numbers. WRONG.

Rachel with Santana

If Tina got rejected from Ohio State, then girl, I’m sorry, but you are NOT getting off the Brown waitlist. I am not sure why some Jewish college is the ONLY place still accepting applications in NYC - there’s something like 100 different colleges in the city and that doesn’t include all the rest that are commutable.

My first thought at Tina’s dream-sequence hair was “Why does she have The Rachel?” and then it became obvious. The fake Friends credit sequence is extremely accurate (right down to the font and the “created by” slide) but I still have no idea why we’re watching a dream sequence.

Oh, right, the no plot thing. Carry on.

Why are there not more Kurt and Mercedes duets? Their version of I Am Changing is fantastic. I almost jump up for the standing O with the key-change too.

Rachel tries to make up with Santana by offering her 10 shows but Santana turns her down. As much as I love bitchy Santana I am starting to get tired of this fight. No one is going to WIN.

Holly Holiday is trying to add music to other clubs, so she does a sexy dance for the animal husbandry group, which seems to be mostly made up of Glee Club graduates. It is extremely elaborate and involves foam. If the Glee club has enough money for this then why do they even NEED school funding?

Leave it to Brittany to possibly solve all of the Rachel-Santana drama. Can I go with them to the lesbian island? I’m not into the girl-on-girl thing but everyone talking about their problems rationally sounds like paradise.

Tina refuses to go to NYC unless she has a college plan. Girl, have you never SEEN Coyote Ugly? This version of Loser Like Me is like the perfect palate cleanser. These kids are TALENTED. Let them SING MORE.

Santana quits Funny Girl and the peasants rejoice. I do not know this song Rachel and Santana are singing and that feels like a crime. How am I not already singing this full voice with my car windows down on a regular basis?

Sue shuts down Holly Holiday, Will shuts down Holly Holiday, and yet Holly Holiday will not go away.

Quinn and Puck sing “Learn To Love Again” (beautifully, obvs) and the sad shots of Rachel being alone are almost enough to make me cry. No one has said ANYTHING SAD this whole episode but I don’t think I can ever, every watch Glee without being just a little depressed about Finn.

Will announces the end of Glee Club officially and despite how much I rag on this show I can acknowledge the End of an Era.

The tribute video for Baby Schue is the PERFECT way to memorialize Glee Club. Remember a million years ago when Glee wasn’t even on yet and they played the previews with Don’t Stop Believin' played and you got goosebumps EVERY TIME??

I still get epic goosebumps.

Awww look at all the Glee Club non-seniors no one has cared about for the last 5 episodes! Can we be done with them please?

Wow, that is a REALLY small graduating class. I mean, not one room schoolhouse small, but for a school with an animal husbandry club, a football team and an award-winning cheer team it’s tiny.

How does Santana have the money to buy plane tickets for a globe-hopping vacation? For real, I can barely afford plane tickets from Boston to DC once a year. But YAH for Brittany coming to New York! More Brittany!

That was a really nice ending and I have extremely high hopes for a New York based season of Glee.

Do you think that was a good way to end Glee Club at McKinley High?


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Is Brittany actually coming to New York? I was thinking something would happen to prompt her not to go. Only because the description for next week states that Blaine, Sam, Artie, and Mercedes join the others in New York. It doesn't mention Brittany at all. Though maybe because they'll still be on their trip and she will come later? That's what I'll hope for! Heather Morris is the only thing missing from New York now with everyone else there. Though I would love for Quinn and Puck to come back too, at least once in a while. But I don't see that happening. And Jane Lynch had stated before that as long as Glee is still on, there will still be Sue Sylvester and havoc for her to wreak. So it sounds like she'll still appear in some capacity. These past two episodes were so great. But I'm glad to be rid of the new cast members. They just never left their mark. I loved Quinn and Puck's rendition of Just Give Me a Reason! It was so nice! But yeah, I felt sad for Rachel as they kept panning to her. And I'm glad that Brittany was actually the voice of reason for Santana and that she realized she was just being selfish and that wasn't what she really wanted. After her denying Rachel's proposal of doing ten shows, I thought she was so selfish this may never get resolved. Don't Stop Believing was, of course, the perfect song, but it just wasn't the same without Finn. It was funny watching Kurt trying to sing his part though! And the baby montage was super touching. And yes, the ending scene, with just the stool in the room and the voices of the students, especially Finn's, was a perfect way to end it. Even his voice gets me all teary eyed sometimes! I thought it was a great episode and look forward to having the original cast back!


"Learn To Love Again"? What? Is the writer too lazy to look up songs, one as famous as "Just Give Me A Reason"? And obvs, the writer is not a Gleek because she fails to mention that voice effects at the end which is the HIGHLIGHT of the episode in my opinion. The voices (including Finn's), wow they got me.


I loved how they brought the kids in at the final song. They started with the Original club members, then brought in the cheerios & footballers who joined later that year. then they brought in the current crop. was just a very cool way of doing it.


@Suzanne, I also love the song that Rachel and Santana sung. It's called Be Okay by Oh Honey. It is an amazing song.
Here is the original version :


Do you know if it was the last of Puck and Quinn? Will they come back for season 6 or the series finale? I think that all of them should come back for the last episode/season ever! Including Mr Shue! :) And I wouldn't mind an engagement from Quinn/Puck, loved them in the 100th episode!! <3


Was wondering if anybody knew if that's the end of Mr Shue, Sue, and all the non seniors? Feeling a bit sad about the end..let's hope New York is good!

@ Tess

Yep, it was announced a month or so ago that episode 101 would be the end. Sue will still stick around but I don't know how exactly. As for Mr. Schuester and the newbies, I don't know, maybe a guesting here and there? But they're definitely not regulars/recurring anymore.

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Glee Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Ok listen. Brittany I love you, but running away with me and living on lesbian island is not what you want to do. You just don’t want to go back to MIT.


(about the lilies) They’re the lesbian of flowers.


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