Glee Review: They're Baaaaaaaack!

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Tonight is Glee Season 5 Episode 12, which means it's the 100th episode of Glee! I’m actually surprised it’s only the 100th episode. I feel like I’ve been watching forever.

Rachel and Mercedes are arguing over who is more successful post high school. Mercedes wins with a “back of the bus” comment.

Kristin Chenoweth is back and looks...not great. Remember when she was adorable on Pushing Daisies instead of looking like a reject from The Real Housewives of Lima Ohio? For the record, I adore Kristin Chenoweth, just not as April.

Why is there so much auto-tune in Raise Your Glass? This also seems extremely inappropriate for high school students, but what do I know - I graduated in the dark ages.  It is still an excellent song.

I have thoughts about Rachel’s shorts but they would fill a novel, so let me sum up: NO.

Chace Crawford is playing a guy named Biff whose family planted the first McIntosh tree. I imagine that is exactly what Chace Crawford like in real life.

This is not my favorite version of Toxic ever, but they sound and look amazing. Biff doesn’t really notice because he was texting. MAYBE HE WAS TEXTING WILL AHEM INTERNET RUMORS AHEM.

Quinn clearly hasn’t told her new boyfriend anything about her past, which means she is really really dumb for bringing him to Ohio.

Diva-off! I pick Kurt. Now shhhhh...Defying Gravity is one of the best songs this show has ever done.

Brittany is sad that she’s a math genius, but has to accept it as her life. Don’t worry, Brittany, Fondue for Two is going to take off BIG TIME.

Rachel and Mercedes are both campaigning to win the diva-off. Can’t they both win? You’re both divas! Congrats! You know “diva” is not really a NICE word, right??

Considering Brittany left the show to go pop out a baby (in real life), she looks amazing. Brit and Santana are my favorites and I wish they could be my real life friends.

If Puck really wanted/wants Quinn back, why did he join the Air Force and leave? Whatever. I am sad for Quinn. She made it out of Ohio and still isn’t happy, which I think means she will never be happy.

This version of Keep Holding On is so incredibly superior to the original and makes me really miss having Puck on the show.

(In unrelated news, I am really excited for Christopher Meloni’s new sitcom.)

Santana gives a little speech about what an awful person Rachel is and although she’s not exactly wrong it seems really, really mean. I might actually be Team Rachel now. Although the fact that she doesn’t remember being sort of awful in high school either hurts her case.

Sue pointing out that the Glee club builds elaborate sets to perform for NO ONE is hilarious but also sort of fourth-wall-breaky. Were we supposed to believe all of those performances happened for real? Where have they been hiding all the musicians??!?!

Quinn tries to explain her past to Biff and he calls her a “dirty little slutbag” which might be just a little harsh. Puck throws him in a dumpster. Quinn debates helping him and...then watching him leave, I guess? Since there’s no chance he still wants to date her with a Seacrest tattoo and a baby. He’s OLD MONEY, slutbag.  

The diva-off ends in a tie. I don’t care enough to actually count the number of people in the room but that seems unlikely.

I am not at all (at alllllllll) a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, but it’s impossible to dislike her on Glee. It’s also impossible to dislike anyone while listening to Happy. I’m pretty sure that’s a scientifically proven fact.

Considering the Internet voted on their favorite past songs for this episode, I have been slightly unimpressed. I own my fair share of Glee music singles and Defying Gravity is the only one featured so far.

Britney tries to make out with Santana and gets shot down but leaves the door open. Quinn and Puck look sadly at Finn’s jersey and Quinn realizes she loves him. Puck, not Finn. That would be too sad.

And then the show just...ends. What? I was promised Don’t Stop Believin' in this episode but it is NEXT week and now I am bummed. Voiceover guy says next week is the final chapter in Glee Club history although I know that’s not actually true - season 6 hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe it will be ALL New York? I think I’m OK with that.

Who were you happiest to see return in the 100th episode of Glee?

Here is that first look at Glee Season 5 Episode 13:


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This review sounds like how a sorority sister would recap to her friends. You can do better than this

Kevin james mariblanca
@ TvWithKelly

I agree that this review is too cluttered for my taste. I'm not sure if the reviewer is actually reviewing the episode or just giving us a recap about what happened in the episode. I read a lot of TVFanatic reviews since I am a TV fanatic myself and this is really isn't what I would expect as a review for this site. I don't know the reviewer since I don't read whoever wrote the review but it could use some work. This was a okay episode for me though. The next one was more epic!

@ TvWithKelly

You obviously don't read tv fanatic reviews often. I actually enjoy the positivity and humor. Most reviewers are negative, critical and bitchy. And none of the points of concern in the episode were missed, however they were phrased. So lay off a person doing something you didn't earn yourself, bully


I just want to know. what is it with this show??. I watched it in season one and each time I watched I noticed that the soundtrack would change when it would go from the spoken word (i.e. a conversation between characters), to a song, and back tonights episode I noticed it again. Its really jarring. I can't but feel that each artist that sings is miming and it ruins the show for me.
Also, why is this site carrying a picture of finn in the cast profile- that seems weird...

@ wayneo

Maybe because he was a big part of the show this season and is mentioned a lot in conversation?


This episod really brought me back to the old days! I loved seeing all the original members back, especially Quinn and Brittany since it's been the longest since we've seen them. And I'm really glad that they didn't just forget about Finn and keep going back to him. I loved their version of Toxic, mostly because I love seeing the "holy trinity" sing together. And I've missed those killer dance moves from Brittany and the humor that comes along with her. I also didn't even care that it's been so long since Quinn and Puck have even interacted, it was still a sweet moment. I'm glad they ended up together. I also would have enjoyed seeing some Quinn and Rachel moments, so that was a bummer. What really gets me is the whole diva off and the fact that Will would allow that? He's really okay with telling one of his former students that they're better than the other? I mean, he would have done it if it hadn't ended up in a tie and Rachel and Mercedes hadn't dropped the whole thing. Which I also enjoyed their moment in the bathroom. I usually love Santana, but I'm rooting for Rachel, so I hope she uses all this like Mercedes told her to to show the world why she is the star, and Santana is the understudy. I also would have preferred WAY more holly holiday and less april. April's character is a little annoying. Gwyneth's singing was great, though I'm not so sure about her acting in the beginning. It was pretty bad. But I'm glad she's back either way. Hopefully next week we get a number from all the original members!


"Voiceover guy says next week is the final chapter in Glee Club history although I know that’s not actually true - season 6 hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it will be ALL New York? I think I’m OK with that." Do you not know this?
Next week's is the last at McKinley and for most of the characters - could not be happier about that.
I think it's Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Blaine and Sam for the rest of the season/next season. Also Artie, maybe?
I'm sure there'll be others, but that's the general plan.


I was a little annoyed by
1. No Quinn and Rachel moments. I felt like they had built a strong friendship and a lot of the story of glee was about how they hated each other and became best friends(although I did appreciate the finn and rachel soulmate comment)
2. No puck and Rachel moments again. The best friend and the fiance really should have a talk. Especially because they were so close in high school. I wanted them to reflect together in the Finn memorial episode but they didnt even do it in this episode.
3. Brittany... last we heard she was super in love with Sam and they broke up...and not shes all about santana. that seems so out of the blue and weird. Especially since she didnt interact with him at all... not a quick hug or anything. I already accepted the fact that they forgot brittany and artie ever happened but this was too much.
4. Sams ponytail..please die
5. No sam and Quinn scenes.. :( they were close too... some acknowledgement would nice
6.the "recreating" of the songs was lazy and not very creative...they just threw in an extra voice or some autotune. What happened to real recreating. Like the original toxic, or damn unpretty/i feel pretty, dont stop believing, we are young, original raise your glass, etc. Those are recreating of songs.
7. Santana is the worst person ever and people really should have stood up for Rachel more after that. Especially Kurt. He is supposed to be Rachels best friend but he has had no loyalty in this whole situation. This was the worst. If someone ever said that awful stuff about my best friend I would rip her a new one. Blaine, Kurt, Quinn, Tina, Artie, Sam, all should have been like Santana shut the f*** up!! Those are Rachels friends.
8. People should have been more loving to Rachel or sensitive about Finn at the end. or at least had sympathetic looks. 9. Mike and Tina?!?! Remember how you guys were like super in love?! i did really enjoy the original cast together though.. and LOVED that kristen chenoweth witnessed defying gravity, loved Mercedes and Rachels moment(their fight didnt even make sense, it was like I was rewatched the take me for what I am scene. They moved past this awhile ago), I liked Fondue for two and seeing normal Brittany, I liked the Puck and Quinn closure(even though they havent talked in two years so its a little out of the blue), the end with finn as you saw rachels devastation and the fact that kurt actually looked like he cared about her, quinns soulmate comment, Valerie(Santana can SANG),sam and rachel interactions(i love continuity), Tina having Rachels Back, Everything about Santana and Quinns hair, makeup and outfits, Brittanys hair!! More Jake(hes so adorable when hes dancing) , ryder mouthing ryder to Rachel p.s it was very obvious as it was last time that Rachel won the Diva Off. Those Broadway pipes were meant for that song.


Rachel really wasn't that bad especially in comparison to Santana and Quinn. She is over the top but for them most part she isn't malicious or overtly cruel. She also suffered way more abuse then she ever dished out. That said her shorts were cute. As far as songs many people voted for songs they didn't care would be redone cause the press release first said the new cast would be singing the remakes.


Santana has always been my favourite character, but her rant about Rachel was just over the top! I actually enjoyed seeing the two of them as friends in this last season! Hope she apologises...


Really enjoyed this episode, oh I miss old glee, Quinn, puck and Finn! I hope the rumors about Santana leaving aren't true.


I forgot just how much greater Glee was with just the season 2 group. The chemistry and TALENT is undeniable. I haven't really enjoyed a whole episode since season 3. I loved this episode, but I'm sad. Because I have one more to enjoy before it gets awful again. I like it SO MUCH better when Blam, Kurt, the noobs, and Shue are in the far, far background.

@ Feeling Sentimental

I felt sad too! Makes you realize how good it used to be.


This has easily been the best episode this season. I have not cared enough to watch an episode of Glee multiple times like I have in the past for season 5 (aside from the quarterback episode). It felt like the old Glee. If they can keep it up, maybe I will actually start looking forward to watching Glee again instead of hate watching it.

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Glee Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

The past is dead to me. Except for maybe just one thing.


Thank you April for that wonderful lesson in female empowerment.


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