Grey's Anatomy Review: Step Forward

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 15 centered around Arizona's and Callie's quite possibly worst day ever.

From one broken leg to an unexpected meeting with HR, Arizona simply couldn't seem to catch a, well, break. Like Arizona, I was surprised to find out that Leah launched the complaint against Callie.

The Non-Fraternization Rule

Seriously, poor Calliope! First, she lost her research. Then, she failed her patient. Lastly, she found out that a disciplinary report will haunt her throughout the rest of her career.

Luckily, Calzona still found a way to recover from their horrible day. It was definitely a longtime coming and I'm glad the episode ended on a positive note.

When the non-fraternization rule was first established, I was almost certain it had a slim to none chance of actually being implemented. Who would have thought that only one week later, Jolex would find themselves in a bind as the former was banned from peds and the latter was suspended from surgeries? 

Fortunately, Jolex needs to just sign away a declaration of their relationship and they won't be affected by the non-fraternization policy. However, will Jo have an issue with it? 

Elsewhere, Stephanie struggled with accepting Japril's new relationship status. Yet, she still found the courage to tell Jackson that she no longer cares about him anymore. You can rehash every awesome word of what she said in the Grey's Anatomy quotes section. It was kind of amazing.

By the way, I couldn't help but laugh when Stephanie accidentally hit Jackson with the gurney. I thought it was even funnier when the other staff members were actually clapping and cheering her on. 

As for Crowen, Cristina questioned the reasoning behind why Owen ended things with Emma. Meanwhile, Owen asked why she seemed to be so upset over their breakup.

I'm not sure what Shonda and company have in store for Crowen, but I hope that the Cristina Yang farewell tour is much more than just whether or not she ends up with Owen. Let's see her for the rock star that we want to remember her as. Come on, writers! 

Other Thoughts:

All in all, I thought "Throwing It All Away" wasn't boring by any means. There was hardly a dull moment as a baby was found, an odd request for the return of a kidney and a young patient wanting her legs amputated.

It won't be remembered as one of my favorite installments, but it marked a step forward for Calzona. 

And now here's your first look at Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 16:

So, did Leah have a right to file the complaint?


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I've actually liked April when she was with Matthew, now she is back to being super annoying, can't stand her.
More Cristina scenes without Owen please, she is much more interesting without him and is always the best part of every episode, plus it's her last season :-(


That episode was fun to watch. The "love contract" the declaration of relationship has finally made an appearance. It should have always been there. Stephanie knocking down people with a gurney was hilarious even though hospital personnel do try to keep from hitting anyone. No one wants to go to Human Resources (The Principal's office) to fill out paper work. As much as people love the Attendings and their former inappropriateness at work. This behavior is seriously frowned upon and grounds for immediate termination in reality. No one pays you to have sex at work. They can show us many sex scenes in the privacy of their own homes. The show won't suffer for it. Callie forgiving Arizona for the dozenth time was sketchy for me. I think Callie should have time to figure this out. Yes, Arizona went through a traumatic experience but Callie went through hell as well. Arizona should have begged her forgiveness for being selfish in only thinking of herself, which I haven't heard from her yet. She has given many explanations for why she acted out but she hasn't asked for forgiveness for acting out. Jackson and April are dumb as rocks. Telling people you are sorry, hoping they will forgive you to make you feel better, only helps you. The best thing you can do is stay out their way and treat them with courtesy. When they want to talk to you, they will let you know. I loved Stephanie's speech, she cannot allow him to occupy her time any more. She will not be the girl that was dumped for the bride. Just as he dismissed their year long relationship, so shall she. That hurts doesn't it.
I'm glad Ross 2.0 is back, this time he is not the fuss pot seeking attention or the overbearing know it all. He is something in between with a little extra confidence. I like him in the trio of Richard and Dr. Bailey's husband. Look forward to seeing them work.


OK - So this was such a good episode!


The episode was EPIC, AMAZING, and AWESOME!!!!! The BEST scene was when everyone clapped and cheered Edwards for running Avery down with the gurney. That was AWESOME and he totally deserved it. Alex was awesome and I really hope that this is season for some happy moments. Jo is adorable and I hope that she can go back to peds soon, loved her fisty bump with Edwards.
What will happen with Alex and Jo and the relationship contract? Can't wait to find out. Love Derek's brain project, hopefully he and Callie can resume their project again. Loved Meredith and Derek's interactions, and I loved how Mer had Alex's back. And I can't wait to see Meredith research assissant for her resarch, because it will be a biomedical engineer. :) And Callie WOW, she is Amazing towards Arizona especially with the whole cheating scandal. What episode was it where Callie got mad at Leah? The character that is annoying now is April. Overall, this episode gets an A+++
For being AWESOME and AMAZING and EPIC. Grey's Anatomy IS at it's BEST once more.

@ ryden20

Er.., you AND the reviewer got it wrong, they weren't cheering Stephanie on, they were taking the mickey out of her. You can hear someone yell "two for two". As in, she took two doctors down. Similar to when a waitress smashes a tray in a restaurant.


Does Jo ever work with anyone other than Alex? Alex does yell a lot at Mer, but she does seem to cope with it. Does the reuniting of Crowen break the non fratenisation rule? Why do Kepvery think apologies to their wronged ex loves think everything is gonna be alright? I think Owen hasn't been tempted to be a dad recently, it's gotta become an issue again.

Sarah silva

I was super shocked to find out that the complaint Leah made was on Callie and that made me really mad. The whole new rule they have at the hospital is even more silly.
I can understand why Alex is upset but he should not take it out on Meredith and it was cute that she got the board to draw up that contract for Alex and Jo and personally I think Jo would be happy to sign it.
I felt bad for Callie when with the complaint and then having Derek tell her that the research they have done has to stop as it is now part of Derek's new job. Things started looking up for Callie at the end of day when Arizona told her what she did and then the skating scene at the end was sweet.
I wonder what will happen with Owen and Christina, time of her on the show is running out.


I’m glad to see Burke again . I loved his relationship with Cristina. Of course he didn’t behave so good, when he left her at the altar. I think the scriptwriters had to make this ending because the actor was fired. Before that, I think he understood Cristina better as Owen. As I already wrote once, I make a distinction between the actor and the character. In addition to this regarding the story with TR Knight, there is always two fighters in a quarrel and TR Knight was maybe not as totally innocent as many think.


Im surprised by the poll that most people think Leah was NOT mistreated.
Imagine this happened at your workplace?
Would it be fair to an intern, fresh in the real world, being mistreated for a mistake of sleeping with someone? and being punished for it.
Just because its a drama series, you cant look the other way when there is a sexual harassment case going on.
I dont like the character of Leah Murphy, but I do agree she was working in an environment where she was not being taught.


Callie WAS teaching her, she's the one who screwed up and then ran out of the OR. So... how was she mistreated?


From what I remember from the incident, Callie was walking Leah through the part using the drill and Leah panicked after she drilled too far. Callie tried to walk her through correcting her mistake and Leah became frantic and asked Arizona to intervene. That's when the revelation of the relationship between Leah and Arizona occurred. I don't think Leah was mistreated at all.


I am so happy Burke will make an appearance. He was always my favorite doctor. Am glad he will get the closure. People are mortified but what he said was seven years ago. Seven years ago I was anti gay but look at me now. If we can hold onto bitterness for 7 years over a TV character, then something is seriously wrong.

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