Michelle Borth to Exit Hawaii Five-0

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Another CBS series regular is saying goodbye.

With fans of The Good Wife still reeling over the loss of Josh Charles, sources now confirm to TV Line that Michelle Borth will exit Hawaii Five-0 following the Season 4 finale.

Michelle Borth in Hawaii

The actress has portrayed Catherine 'Cat' Rollins since Season 1 and was promoted to full-time status for Season 3.

She will make her final appearance as a well-tanned team member some time this spring, with producer Peter M. Lenkov possibly hinting that it will take place on the penultimate episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 4.

He recently told TV Line that installment will be a “dramatic” one that features "some flashbacks to [Catherine's] stint in the military."

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This makes it a hat trick(3 for none hockey fans). Three times to much to soon for a female character, hopefully they have learned.


I'm not terribly sad to see her go. It seems as though the writers have lost their way with the character. I hope they don't kill her off though. Steve already has so much to deal with - with Freddy's death coming back to haunt him, and of course, all his unresolved mother issues. That would be too much! And if it ends some other way, there would be room for her to come back one day (as a guest).


Her nickname is Cath not Cat,


She was not well tanned. That bothered me too among other things:
No chemistry with McG
Didn't need to make her character a badass. We already had Kono for that.
The wardrobe they out on her was horrible. Trying too hard to make her sexy.
She should have stayed as a recurring character not a regular.

@ H50

I agree completely with everything you said. I'm not sad to see her leave the show at all.


What! aaww nooo.. >.> now they will likely waste more time trying to get another girl btwn McDanno, pfft she was the only one I could really accept, she worked so well with both of them.. unlike (apparently) some other fans, I actually enjoyed her chemistry with Steve, & thought the way she started getting close to Danny too was encouraging, they had a good vibe btwn the 3 of them.. but the show tends to focus TOO much on the "crime drama" aspect anyways, so the good moments are often rare & too far btwn ;(


I have heard indeed her character wont be in the season finale, meaning her last episode on the show be ep 21, the penultime


There are other reasons out there for her departure not only the ones mentioned here. Some reasosn regarding her behavior as a person not as her character that may have contributed to her departure. Some says on Twitter she had been very rude and disrespectful to fans cause some fans never liked her characer and she took it personally and took it out on them. I also read that she peeked in fans private conversations on Twitter to read what other people say about her character. I mean that is no good to peek in private conversations. To be honest she was better in Season 1 and 2 when she was not regular. Lately her scenes were minimal and useless she had anything to do in the show. Also I never see chemistry between her and Steve, Steve never knew what was she to him,. They were not really gf/bf honestly. There were not passion betwenm them., In summary it was for me a sum of different reasons 1. Her rude behavior as a person towards fans by using social media and bash them.
2. Her lack of credibility of her character on the show
3. Her lack of love chemistry between her character and Alex character Steve
4. Lately she her performance was minimal onm the show and she only signed for 17 episodes this season
5. Michelle just wasn’t that good of an actress and had little to no chemistry with Alex..Which I suspect cared over to real life
6. Perhaps her character becoming regular damaged her character more cause she did not add too much on it.


An not a fan of hers but If she killed off poor Steve


That's a bit of a shame. I did like her but I believe the writers gave her too much too fast and therefore her duties and abilities became too unrealistic. It could also be for contractual reasons as well. She's a good actor and very attractive so I'm sure she'll do just fine getting a new gig...

Sarah silva

Interesting, I do like her. However when I read weeks ago that Steve and Cat head overseas to help a friend of Catherine’s , Steve is injured and makes a devastating decision I had a feeling that would mean he leaves her behind to get help and she gets killed.

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