Parenthood Review: All Clear

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Promos are getting out of hand. As gut-wrenching as it was to watch the story of Kristina's cancer unfold, it was a cheap marketing stunt to use it to try to gain viewers by suggesting a recurrence.

Instead, Kristina was given the all clear Parenthood Season 5 Episode 16 and she was officially a one year cancer survivor.

As happy as I was for the character, I couldn't help that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that NBC took a cheap shot at an otherwise beautifully written story.

Kristina's ire was raised at the news that Max's chair had been taken away in English class and she was prepared go all Kristina on the troll who dared be so cruel to her son, at least until he opened the door and she was met with a handsome face. 

When Mr. Knight opened his mouth and from his gentle lips rolled a wisdom and understanding of special needs students no other teacher had heretofore shown, Kristina was smitten -- on a professional level, of course.

Mr. Knight raised concerns about parents who started charter schools for their own kids and then dropped the ball and Kristina hesitated. She didn't hesitate because of her passion for the project, but because she was as yet uncertain of her fate -- would she live to see the project through?

Once she had the all clear it became crystal what she and Adam wanted -- for Mr. Knight to run their fair school. With their similar beliefs and passions for the students they will surely make a formidable team and welcoming Zachary Knighton to the Parenthood family for an extended stay is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The hour started out well for Sarah. She woke up in bed with Carl and he was so happy with her that he couldn't imagine a week away without her, thus inviting her on a business trip to Africa. In order to do this, she would have to push the deadline of the surf project back a few days and Hank was livid. He climbed up on his high horse and rode over to her place full of advice.

Hank's brilliant advice to Sarah was that she has "patterns" and every time something is going great in her life, she leaves it for a man. He "sees" these things because he's so wise and he just had to let her know what he "saw." Of course, he didn't tell her that he's still in love with her. He keeps throwing around the word platonic like somehow that will make it real, but it doesn't. 

Because she's Sarah and she really does have issues, instead of listening to her own heart and for once allowing herself to have something beautiful and good with a man who could support her emotionally and monetarily while she went after he dreams (should she so desire to be with him), she ended her relationship with Carl based upon things Hank planted in her head and the "Year of Sarah" sticker she had in her bathroom.


Can someone please point out how dating and going on a trip interrupts being yourself but allowing an ex to drive your decision making doesn't? By sheer determination and some sort of witchery I will infuse myself into the screen onto the scene if Sarah and Hank start another romantic liaison. Mark my words!

Sarah's kids were doing a little suffering of their own as Amber decided they would attend a frat (I think) party and make out with someone random. That was fine for Amber but all of a sudden I-wanna-be-free Natalie doesn't want to be so free, or at least that's the latest vibe she's giving off, and she got all upset when Drew's weird roommate let her know Drew was looking to hookup.

I've tried to be patient with Drew's college story, but it's really not that interesting. Natalie is a total dud and Amy's return was odd. Drew seems to attract girls with major issues and I can't help but wonder if it doesn't have a little something to do with his mother. He's too willing to accept pretty much anything a girl puts out there and he has no boundaries. Get some stones, Drew! Geez. It's awful seeing him treated like dirt over and over again, but he doesn't ask for much else.

Crosby did a whoopsie by telling his mother she was selfish for wanting to sell the house. I loved how she counter attacked him with a valid argument, but wasn't too keen on her assumption that Zeek sent Crosby after in the first place. Zeek's been speaking with her honestly about things, even if it's taken him a while to do it, so she should have had more faith in him.

Where did they end their argument? Crosby and Jasmine stopped listening before it was over (How funny was it when Crosby determined how bad it was by Camille calling Crosby the most selfish child "Clearly that's Sarah!"?) and the next time it was mentioned Camille said the could stay at the house as long as they needed... not "until the house sells." Hmmm....

Here's the part where everyone is going to tell me I'm crazy, but I've always liked the character of Ed and I was happy to see he and Julia on friendly terms again. He told her the thing she needed most to hear, which was that the kiss might have been the last straw, but it was definitely not the reason her marriage to Joel ended. That ship had left the port long before Ed leaned in for that kiss.

Joel used to be a lot like Ed. He was funny and kind, but he hasn't been that guy in a very long time. He's condescending and entitled now. He still takes every opportunity to jab at Julia and remind her how lacking she is, such as when he said he'd been telling Sydney no in front of her entire classroom for eight years so he'd just give her the bad news again and Julia probably shouldn't be there for it.

It appears that being friends with Ed will give her the courage and drive to confront him and ask why he hasn't fought for their marriage, but now I don't even want to see them try. They made Joel such a miserable man. Julia and Sarah have wonderful brothers but horrible men in their lives -- how did that happen?

Don't forget, any time you want to relive your favorite Braverman moments you can watch Parenthood online to get your fix.

Were you disappointed Sarah broke things off with Carl?


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Not their best episode. Sarah's constant indecisiveness and bad choices when it comes to men is getting old. They've turned Joel into a prick. I always liked Amy but it was sort of weird how they brought her in for a few episodes just as a plot-device to make Natalie flip-flop from a casual sex girl to someone who apparently now wants a relationship with Drew. I don't get that whole storyline at all. Natalie is just about hooking up with guys and shuts down Drew when he tries to move things into a relationship with her....then, the minute that Amy shows up on campus, Natalie suddenly turned into this jealous, obsessive girl who throws a fit any time Drew shows any other girl any attention? The character development seems very rushed this season.


Sara is unrealistic, you can have a relationship, your work and everything, you know?!!! you do not need to break up with the guy!!!!! you let Carl go to Africa alone for a week, you end your project, and then when he is back you can still make it work! this is life!I really don't get her. I don't like her with Hank, they lack connection. I didn't like her with Carl either, I don't know, the guy seems to perfect to me, however, he is better that Hank! Julia being friend with Ed is kind of cool, I don't think she should try to make things work with Joel anymore...he really annoyed me, the way he talked down at her...who the fuck he thinks he is??!! Mr. Perfect Dad? I really do not care about Kristina school, honestly! she is wonder woman...the cancer, the mayor, the school...can we give something to do to Adam, Jasmine and other people on the show too? Loved Mr. Knight though...I hope Amber sets her eyes on the guy, she deserves someone cool! Drew...Natalie...I am doozing off!...if I were Drew, I'll totally tell her to go to hell!

Sarah silva

I used to like Sarah but as of this episode I do not like her. That may change in the future but for now I am not a fan of hers. The reason for this is because her Year of Sarah BS she gave Carl was just that BS. She did not go with Carl because Hank told her it was a dumb idea. I would have respected Sarah more if last week when Carl told her he was falling for her that she told him that she made a pact with herself that this was the year of Sarah and she did not want to be in a relationship. I have never wanted Sarah to be with Hank but she deserves him now.
I can not stand Natalie either. First she likes Drew then she wants to just be friends then Amy comes to town and she is jealous and makes fun of him. Then he breaks up with Amy and invites Natalie to a party and then she says no and then she shows up and finds out he is on a mission to hook up with someone at the party then she gets mad and leaves. Then next week she kisses him and then sleeps with his roommate!
I was upset that Joel got mad a Julia for telling Sydney she could stay at the house. Yes they do need structure BUT we all know Sydney is a stubborn girl sometimes and she will be miserable at Joel's and that does not make for a good time for anyone.
It sure looks like Jason Katmis got lots of hate mail from viewers over the Joel and Julia storyline as it sure seemed like there was no chance in hell they would get back together, but the shot of Joel's left hand and seeing his wedding ring still on and the preview for next week sure looks promising!
I am glad Kristina got the all clear from her doctor!
So I think the new teacher will be Amber's new love interest.
I really want Crosby to buy his parents house! That fight he had with his mom was intense!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I'll take every Parenthood preview with a grain of salt. This week they tried to make us think Kristina was going to get bad news -- cheap shot. Next week they make it look like Joel is smiling at Julia -- he's probably just smiling at Victor. They're brilliant at cheap shot marketing above all else. I wish I didn't even see the commercials anymore! Hmpf.

Sarah silva
@ Carissa Pavlica

You may be right, However for me there was never a doubt that Kristina would be okay. However I see what you mean but the way they had the preview for that.


@colleen how is camille selfish its her house not crosby she owes him nothing its realistic for older ppl to downsize and zeek is on board

@ davonct

I agree with you, Camille explained it perfectly!30 years of caring, cleaning, helping, supporting...come on!!!!
She deserves better than the cold shoulder that his son is giving her. and the way he acted??? first he made her feel bad, and he never apologized, and decide to move out?? oh, really grown up move!!!


I'm hoping for Amber and The Knight in shining armor, but Sarah has to go for all the hot Young things... No wonder why poor Drew is so confused! Here's one for you, Natalie wants Drew so bad now she can't stand it! Anyone else notice she wasn't drinking or partying? Hum could she be preggers???
I loved that Crosby stood up to Camille, she is being selfish! Might have something to do with that facelift she was rockin when she got back! Bonnie we need that doctors name cause honey that is the best Facelift I have ever seen!!! And what's with Jasmine? Who you ask!? The chick with very few lines!? If we don't watch out she will be off with Joel and Camille looking for divorce Lawyers or new 10
PM drama's.
Ed is a loser and Julia should run but she Sarah's little sis so anything that will push Joel further away she do her best to make it work! Not that I ever even want to see Joel on anything ever again, but when the hell are they going to bring in his piece on the side? We all know its happening because if its not the writers better have something and soon or their yearly Emmy is at stake here!!! Because Men don't divorce stong smart and beautiful women to get control of the remote! And we all saw how cozy he and boss lady were together! And his parenting sucks, guess he gets 5 stars for biggest jerk!
Thanks to the writers for not following through with their cheap trick to make Kristina sick again! Wise move inless you were trying to get cancelled! Love the new School idea can't wait to see where it goes! We all know who will be the photography teacher! I for one wish Hank/Ray would move on. I love Ray Ramano, but not this character! I prefer to be laughing at him not shaking my head in boredom....
I need some happiness for these characters! I like it when they all gather together and each have a positive message to share! Afterall aren't we all watching to get away from our own problems?


Where to start? Julia talking with Ed,as long as it's only dinner.I may be alone on this but I still have hope for Joel and this marriage. Promo's look like he may try.Ed still comes off a little creepy.
Natalie is a mess and she is not good for Drew. Would like to see him spend more time with Amber.
Sarah is nuts.She looks happy lately and I think Carl big part of that. This will be a bad choice on her part I think. 1 step forward 2 steps backward. Kristina's cancer scare was in poor taste.
Question? Who will be first to hookup with Mr Knight? Julia,Kristina,or Amber?
Can't wait for next week.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

OK. Look, I'm sorry for comin' by and I'm sorry for whatever part I played in this, but if you honestly think that I'm the sole reason that you and Joel are having problems then you're fooling yourself. And if you really want your marriage back, you're going to have to dig a little deeper.


Julia: Thank God green week is over.
Ed: The environment is such a pain in the ass.
Julia: It really is.