Person of Interest Review: Anything for Love

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For the most part, Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 18 was a case of the week hour. There was some predictability to the course of events, but the show still found a way to at least make things interesting and fun.

There’s always a hope that whatever person of interest Reese, Shaw and Finch track down, the particular predicament of the latest installment makes you curious to know more. With Maria Martinez, who worked for a private energy company, the core focus was on her love and the lie that he was a terrorist.

Not exactly anything groundbreaking, but dealing with corrupt politicians on a global scale, along with the questioning of allegiances was a solid one.

And while Maria wasn’t necessarily the most memorable person of interest to grace the show, her persistence and dedication to uncovering the truth was a major plus. She didn’t just sit around, even managing to pull a fast one on Shaw.

Yes, she put herself in obvious danger, but sometimes love is worth the risk. And having the POI team at your back makes things a lot easier.

As we near the final batch of Person of Interest Season 3 episodes, I’ve definitely continued to notice how much Shaw is played up at the front of a lot of theses cases. It’s certainly great that we get to see her character grow, watch her prove her physical prowess in the elevator or learn a bit about her past during a quiet moment at a restaurant. She’s a worthy addition to the team.

But sometimes I can’t help but wish there was some more Reese, even putting him as the lead man on the case. I hope that’s more just to allow the other characters some time to develop and not a precursor to his character exiting the show.

That said, Reese’s moments for the hour were definitely entertaining. That dry sense of humor never fails him, and there’s always a certain sense of glee when he gets to call a plan such as using a fire truck.

But his action scenes allow him to maintain his title of badass, literally fighting a guy out the window to crash land on a car and then shrug it off like it was no big deal. Realistic? Not at all, but it works, especially with his character.

And I did like the Indiana Jones nod when simply shooting the enemy rather than knife fighting him. You just don’t mess with Reese.

I was also really impressed with Fusco’s work. Maybe, it’s because he’s used in small doses, but whenever he shows up to play, it’s always a treat. He too has some great lines, despite being sometimes pretty cheesy, but he also was able to get in on the action with his own punches. Don’t underestimate him, that’s for sure.

Of course, happy endings abound after Maria and her love were reunited and his name was cleared. But I did like the added touch of giving Fusco and Shaw a chance at the end to further grow and bond. Sometimes those small moments like ordering her a drink and getting a little personal really stand out.

Yet, in true Person of Interest fashion, the series throws out that extra last tidbit of larger mythology while revealing that the simple case of the week was perhaps a little more relevant than you would have thought.

Root was on the trail of Decima, hoping to finish off Greer and prevent Samaritan from going online. And I love that Greer was able to sort of battle the Machine with his counter measures. At the same time, it was also great to see Bear’s abilities track him down when technology failed Root.

Except that small info that the company Maria worked for, the one that “lost” the six generators? Turns out they went to Decima, and surprise, surprise, are being used for Samaritan. Or maybe Greer really is a big gamer?

Either way, his conversation in the closing minutes of the episode were intriguing. Root may have turned down his offer to join forces with Decima for now, but what if the two did team up? In a weird way, Root loves the Machine, but how far might she go with it?

There are some dangerous times ahead indeed, and I just hope the POI team will be ready to face them, probably when they least expect it.

Do you think Root will take up Decima's offer?


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Loved seeing so much of Bear in this episode. We need more John, even though I do like Shaw, and even Root. I adore Fusco, and his lines are so funny. Some consider them cheesy, but who doesn't need more cheese in this awful world.
PoI is my favourite show!


I think Root will take up Greer's offer with the full knowledge and support of Harold. The best way to fight an enemy is to have someone on the inside.


I wish the writers would be consistent about Bear and what commands he responds to. Originally he was trained to respond to commands given in a non-english language (I forget which one). This was explained as standard practice (which I know it is) to avoid a dog from being given commands by someone who it supposed to subdue or not obey. In some later episodes, he was still responding to non-english commands (but a different language from what it was originally). Now Root is giving him English commands ("Sit"). I supposed that he could have just had this command added his set of actions but it is not consistent. I also liked how they set up his tracking ability with his hunting down the food so that his later tracking would be explained. IOW: Chekhov's gun in action.

@ BobR

Actually, they've been consistent ... They just all have terrible accents 🙉 ... Bear is a Belgian Malinois and he «speaks» Dutch ... Root's order was «zit» («zitten» means «to sit») ....

@ BobR

It was Danish,but last night I think she was speaking Germann

Sarah silva

This was a good episode.
I too loved the Reese moments where he fell out the window and when he shot that guy! So great!
I too wish we had more Reese.Shaw is growing on me but I still want more Reese.
I do not think Root will take Decima up on their offer.
I love Fusco and scene with Shaw at the restaurant was very sweet.
I new that Christoph was bad from the moment he talked to Maria.


enjoyed the episode but I'm truly annoyed with root. I'm liking shaw now and she fits well with the team. although john was in it more I'm hoping he won't end up leaving the show if he did there wud not be a show. what i really liked was alot of fusco and him driving fireengine was priceless


Good review! Like you, I want to see more of Reese. His role has been reduced in order to feature more of Shaw and Root. I like Shaw more now than I did at the beginning, but I cannot stand Root. And the actress's voice gets on my last nerve. It's bad enough that they got rid of Carter; now they are diminishing Reese's part. What next, kill Bear?


Great review! "I hope that’s more just to allow the other characters some time to develop and not a precursor to his character exiting the show." And that's been my worry starting about mid Season 2 when screen time for Reese was visibly being reduced. :(


root will accept … in order to fullfil the machine's agenda great bear episode 🐶

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