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With only two episode remaining, Psych keeps pulling out all the comedic stops, including one that had Shawn, Gus and Lassiter - of all people - working together to push another co-worker out.

If social media is any indication, Psych Season 8 Episode 8 will go down as the episode that definitively sealed the new order in the SBPD.

It's not like we didn't know Mira Sorvino was joining the Psych cast for the final three episodes, but I didn't quite expect her character (Betsy Brannigan) to be a cross between Juliet in looks, while sharing Lassiter's love of gun-play and harboring the zany attributes of Shawn and Gus.

In fact, it made me miss Juliet a heck of a lot more than I intended for her to. Especially standing next to Lassiter! Is it possible she's supposed to remind Lassiter of all of his former partners once Shawn and Gus close Psych's doors?

Though I have no background for this, I have a very strong inkling that Shawn and Gus might not be sticking around Santa Barbara much longer. I know Lassiter misses Juliet terribly, lest there would have been no need for him to plot to push Brannigan out to bring Jules back in.

I am desperate to see her again as well. But, alas, we will have to wait.

What we didn't have to wait for were the crazy and classic Psych shenanigans to take over the episode. I truly enjoyed the four-year flashback of Shawn's frustrations with the Cutting Edge Consultants Conference for rejecting his proposals each year, which apparently coincided with Gus finding a new love interest!

Seeing Shawn and Gus cut loose at Lassiter's request was its own special beast. It has been a lifetime since we've seen this pair go all-out, flopping around on the floor, purposely butchering the English language... and I loved it.

It may be unorthodox, but it's Psych like we've come to know it and adore it and I can't wait to get more of it next week (second to last episode, you guys)!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Brannigan creating a craft corner in Lassiter's office.
  • Witch Hazel---Thank you Yvette Nicole Brown.
  • Tom Arnold as Garth and his illusive partner, Bernie.
  • Brannigan naming her guns.

So, only one questions remains: Are you #TeamBrannigan?

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What happened to the girl a few episodes ago that was completely enamored with Gus and worked with them to solve the case of Gus' doppleganger. I thought they were together. I guess I was wrong about that.


I love Juliet but let remember she did not join the show till half way throw the first season so its not her show

@ Michael

That is completely incorrect!! Maggie Lawson/Juliet first appeared on Psych in episode 2 of season 1 called “Spelling Bee” in a now classic cafe scene where she first meets Shawn while on an undercover op. Any true fan of the show knows this. It is as much her show as it is James and Dulé's. The ONLY episodes that Maggie hasn't appeared in are the pilot and 5 episodes of this final season 8. How wrong could you be. You need to go back and watch from episode 2 of season 1 onwards if you think this isn't her show.


I loved the all out craziness of this episode. Shawn and Gus at their finest and a Lassie encouraging them. I think Betsy is a good addition. I wish Juliet was back too. I hope Shawn and Juliet end up together. I'm going to miss the show so much.


I wanted to like this episode and Betsy, but I just couldn't do it because I miss Juliet soooooo much I just think it's wrong on so many levels that Juliet wasn't there for the birth of Lassie's child last week and the fact that we won't be seeing her until the series finale. Sorry but I do not like Psych without Maggie Lawson/Juliet, not even a little bit.

Psych Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

I get to watch Brannigan crash and burn publicly.


Lassiter, did you just hear that? Bernie's in the interrogation room! He's not supposed to be ...