Psych Series Finale Review: Wave Goodbye, Say Hello

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Holy crap...that was great.

Those were the first words, delivered by Buzz McNab, I ever wrote about Psych for TV Fanatic, and they rang true as much for Season 5 Episode 10 as they did for Psych Season 8 Episode 10. also known as "The Breakup."

I honestly don't believe that Psych could have executed a series finale any better suited to the show than the one they delivered tonight. For someone who isn't a diehard, it was light on sentiment, heavy on the comedy.

For those of us who see Psych as a member of the family, the episode was heavy on sentiment and perhaps light on comedy in a sense that we were looking more heavily for the moments of closure than anything.

And that's what made the finale so perfect. From interspersing their last case with what we discover is Shawn's goodbye video, to all the epic reveals, no one could have asked for more.

I mean... can you BELIEVE they got VAL KILMER to FINALLY be on the show as its most iconic but never seen character, Dobson?!? Mind.Blown.

Then there's Bily Zane and Deon Richmond (real BUD!) who appeared in guest roles! They really kept their guest star streak going till the very end, saving perhaps the most spectacular for last!

There's so much about this installment to digest. Gus got a new job, which, as he so aptly observed, was pretty much a carbon copy of his previous position. If you had told me that Gus was going to bail on it, I might have been skeptical. Then again, these two are inseparable.

The moment he barged into that San Francisco crime scene, I knew that their partnership was far from over.

And as many tears as I shed over the montage of individuals watching their personalized videos from Shawn, my eyes cleared when Gus declared he was coming to San Fran to be an adventurer with Shawn and continue what they started eight years ago.

Did anyone else catch that the "guy" that San Francisco PD has consulting could be Monk?! This "guy" was alphabetizing the cereal in the kitchen. What a great way for the writers and the show to honor their predecessor in their series finale! So classy.

It begs the question of what exactly Shawn and Gus will find themselves doing in San Francisco? Something tells me, though, that the Chief will find a way to bring them in somehow.

Besides the professional front, we know one thing Shawn will be doing: marrying Juliet!

There is no question that this is the most satisfying possible move in this relationship. One thing that really stuck with me was how true the whole proposal was to Shawn and Juliet and even to the show more broadly. It was sweet, funny, and, of course, the catalyst for their next adventure!.

What are the chances a theft like that would occur in the midst of a proposal?! I honestly don't think I would have had it any other way.

As many great things were happening for Shawn, Gus and Juliet, just as many wonderful things were happening for those in Santa Barbara left behind.

Henry stumbled into a possible career as a criminology professor. I knew the minute he demanded that student close his eyes and asked him "How Many Hats?" and a barrage of other questions. My mind saw the lecture room filled with students eager to learn the methods Henry could teach, growing the next generation of great investigators.

Betsy Brannigan hand-picked McNab, despite the worst detective exam scores Chief Lassiter had ever seen. I could not have been prouder or more excited for him, he is now the Brannigan's junior detective! And she promised to turn him into Lassiter! So epic.

My favorite thing about the moment with Lassiter in this sequence was that Shawn was about to admit - wholeheartedly and without coercion - that he wasn't psychic, but Carlton ejected the DVD and broke it! There's just something so symbolic and perfect about that. There really are no words to describe that moment accurately. That bit where he "talked" to Lilly on the phone---I can't....I just can't!

If you're still reeling, you can always take a minute to checkout and add your own message to my heartfelt farewell to this awesome show!

Thank you, Psych, for eight great seasons!

So I guess there's only one thing left to do: Grade it!


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I didn't start watching the show from the beginning I started at about half way through season 4 but I own all the seasons on DVD and it is absolutely one of my favorite shows. This felt like the end but it also didn't I'm not sure if that makes sense but it does to me. This was like the perfect ending it was funny and emotional. Gotta say I'm going to miss the blueberry but I guess a stolen student driver car is cool to it does have 2 steering wheels. I loved that Shawn decided to go to Juliet even though I expected nothing less. Shawn proposal to Juliet was amazing and so him and then the ring getting stolen and them hoping into the car to go after the thieves was great. Lassiter breaking the video before Shawn said the truth was nice. God I can't believe it's over it seem like everything has been ending this year and last year and amazing characters are getting killed off we lost Allison and Aiden from Teen Wolf, Nikita ended, this is going to be Warehouse 13 last season, and Being Human only has 2 episodes left until it ends. This is just such a sad year for TV shows. I'm really going to miss this show it has been amazing with the characters, the comedy, and the cases. There will probably never be another show like it with such an amazing cast I'm really going to miss it.


Am going to miss Psych but am so glad it ended on happy note. I loved how they got Deion Richardmend the real Bud from the Crosby show then Val kilmer. And I loved how they said Appetizing the cereal boxes we all know it was Monk


It's so nice that Psych ended on a truly, happy note. Not to mention that it was one of the funniest episodes ever. I will forever remember Gus running through the forest after he discovered that buried, dead body. Lassiter ended up with the perfect head detective to replace Judy. Gus & Sean driving the student car was hilarious. The finality was non-stop fun. Enjoyed the after party show and seeing the cast together. Great end to a wonderful show.


That was a most wonderful ending for the show. Everybody did such a marvelous job. I want to follow their adventures in San Fran. I loved that Lassie broke the DVD before Shawn could say he was a psychic. I loved the proposal, I'm so glad Gus followed Shawn to San Fran. Boy will I miss the show.


The scenes w/ Deion Richmond & Val Kilmer were a nice touch.


A+++++++++! This was a perfect finale! I hope they do make either a special or movie...I LOVE PSYCH!


This Episode was great but did anybody else notice that Bud from the Cosby Show was Gus Boss. Amazing!!

@ Chris

Thanks for that info. I thought his new colleague/boss looks familiar. Could not remember what show he appeared in.


I have no complaints, it was great. Although it would have been nice if they actually got Tony Shalhoub to guest star... i mean they got val kilmer for gods sake lol.


Gahhh I'm STILL freaking crying. This show has been since the 2nd month of my relationship with my husband and the first show we completely agreed on how great it was. I miss it already. Amazing episode and I love SO many moments from it. But my real favorite has to be Lassiter ejecting that DVD. SO perfect. Did anyone watch the after show? That's the other reason I'm still crying. They are so awesome together that I want to hope for a movie down the road. But after that series ender, I doubt anything could top it! Congrats to my favorite tv cast ever.


I always thought they should of done a crossover, I am so sad right now.

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