Revolution Review: Breaking Up

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Breaking up was hard to do on Revolution Season 2 Episode 17

Is the bromance finally at its break up phase? Monroe and MIles were very tense with one another as their differing styles of leadership and compassion started to diverge. The two have always been different people, but as they are usually pretty agreeable when it comes to formulating a plan and executing it. 

Now, as Miles is pulling towards the family he's always wanted with Rachel, he's more willing to go along with what she wants. A give and take dynamic as he settles into a new rhythm with Rachel and his father in law's constant looming.

Monroe, on the other hand, is willing to revert back to his roots to gain his roots.

He wants Connor to be able to lead the new Republic with him and he wants to impress upon his son what exactly the president of the Republic does and the power he will wield. It's an impressive stroke of luck that Duncan's men come to Willoughby looking for blood and a new leader. 

A new leader is exactly what they have in Monroe. It really is the apocalypse if Revolution Season 2 is willing to try the same stories that were not working very well before. There's no real reason for Monroe to step back into those shoes. He's a stronger character being out of them than doing the greedy, selfish thing of trying to reclaim his empire. 

Connor is no longer running in the small time gang. He's going to be putting his faith in Monroe, a man descending back into madness as he butchers Patriot men in his coup and the blood of men dries over his face. 

Rachel finally realizes the family business of killing and being a soldier has passed on to Charlie. Rachel is still trying to make amends for her deeds, to get Charlie out of this cycle she's found herself in. Charlie doesn't see much future left, yet she's trying to shape a better future for Connor and those around her. She's very much like her mother. 

Tom has more lives than a cat at this point. Every time he's close to death, some lucky event comes along that pushes his survival just one more day. With Monroe roaring back into town, Tom's able to escape once again and shape the events to his advantage. 

The best part of all is absolutely no nanotech anywhere. 

Is the bromance done? 

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If anyone dies, I think it will be Rachel, Monroe, or Tom. Miles, Charlie, and Aaron aren't going to go, and I think killing Jason or anyone else wouldn't carry the same shock that the deaths of Danny or Nora did.


I really liked this episode. I was enjoying it so much that I didn't even realize until now that the nanite story wasn't in it and that's probably why I enjoyed it so much. Miles and Monroe are having issues but I think they will work something out because they need each other right now neither or them can take down the patriots without the other. Can't wait till the next episode and the preview said someone was going to die so that should be very interesting.