The Big Bang Theory Review: C-3P-Wee Herman

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A mystery has been solved!

Sheldon has been mean to Howard since The Big Bang Theory started, but the reason why hasn't ever been clear. Was it because Howard didn't have his doctorate? Nope! It's something much more funny.

On The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 17, Sheldon reveals the real reason he continually insults Howard. It's a good reason, but I dare you not to laugh!

Howard gave Sheldon a nickname. Seriously, try not to laugh! Even Raj still thinks it's funny.

Sheldon: Ten years ago upon first seeing me, your husband claimed that I look like C-3P0 and Pee-Wee Herman. And he called me C-3P-Wee Herman.
Raj: Still funny.

In addition to comparing Sheldon to C-3P0 and Pee-Wee Herman, Howard had played some other pranks on his friend. Sheldon's feelings towards Howard would have made sense a decade ago, but still now? That's really holding a grudge!

After some turbulence bonding, I hope the rips get toned down at least a bit. Though, if everything between Sheldon and Howard becomes honky dory then it just wouldn't be fun. A little less mean-spirited jabs and more fun ones, please!

While they worked through their relationship issues, Penny and Leonard had their own. While Leonard's intentions were honest, his delivery was not the best. Penny was forced to face the reality of her situation when her car broke down beyond repair. No car. No way to get to auditions.

It was nice to see her suck up her pride and decide to go back to the Cheesecake Factory. She hasn't had the easiest of roads, but she's shown determination and strength to get what she wants. Her self-reflection and decision proved that. I loved that in Penny's moment of sadness, he made her laugh.

"Let's just get this over with." Am I driving you to the Cheesecake Factory, or are we having sex?


They really do understand each other. In another circumstance, I could see Penny getting upset that Leonard bought her a car, but he did it at the right time, for the best reason, and to support his love. This was a huge step in moving their relationship forward. 

Those two storylines really worked well because they had heartfelt moments, but also provided laughs. Raj and Amy's fell a little flat though. Out of all the people for Raj to get help from he picked Amy. Unexpected choice. Bernadette may have been a better option.

It did showcase some similarities between Raj and Amy when it comes to relationships though. Neither of them has an easy time of making friends or people to date. It was good to see Raj get out there though even if his methods weren't appreciated by the woman. I wish he'd call up the vet. They seemed to get along well.

Overall, my favorite bit was finding out the history between Sheldon and Howard. It was hilarious and provided a great explanation for the rift between the friends.

Should Raj get a girlfriend?

For more funny lines and exchanges, stop by our The Big Bang Theory quotes section. What moment had you laughing out loud?


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Well imagine that, Leonard did a genuinely nice thing for Penny did this season and it happened about 19 minutes in this episode - But before that he was a dimwit/douche towards Penny. But what Leonard did for Penny will not change my regards to those two, they're still the unfunniest couple in the show - At least Amy and Sheldon makes me laugh and smile sometimes but with Penny and Leonard it's nothing. Amy and Raj for the win please, Amy is great and funny when she is not obsessing over Sheldon - Last time that happened was when she was with Howard on the scavenger hunt, feel free to see the pattern here. Sheldon and Howard scenes were the best and funniest in this episode - I loved Sheldon not so subtle digs at Howard and like Sheldon said, Howard started it with him saying that Sheldon looked like the mixture between Pee Wee Herman and C3PO - That was priceless btw and I laughed hard at that.

@ Jonas

Leonard and Penny is not funny. true. What is funny is Sheldon and Penny.


wow i like last night show. i wish they would of put raj and amy togather they snap crakle and pop togather. how and sheldon were funny. the best part sheldon was away from amy

@ stephie1973

I'm so with you on that!


Maybe raj and Amy should be an item and mix things up a little bit. LOL


It was a funny episode. I actually liked the Amy/Raj story. I think Raj should stop trying. And maybe we could have a girl fall for him. And maybe Raj doesn't understad that she has fallen for him. I love that Penny and Leonard seems to be in secure and good relationship. It was so funny when Sheldon said he still gor "Granny onGranny" magazine. And that he did the puzzles in them but the rest was just filth. That was funny! All in all, one of the best of the season.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Howard: Is that book called Lies I Tell to Get Sex?
Raj: Is that a real book? I would totally read that book.
Amy: Can I borrow it when you're done?

Bernadette: Raj, your tag's sticking out.
Raj: Thank you. That's the closest I've come to sex in like 2 years.
Bernadette: Well, I feel gross.
Raj: Now it's making it seem more real for me.