The Good Wife Preview: Saying Goodbye

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Producers promised a shocker on The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 15 and they came through.

In stunning, sad, permanent fashion: Will Gardner is dead.

The lawyer was caught in the crossfire of a courtroom shootout Sunday, with Kalinda calling Alicia with the tragic news just as the hour faded to black.

How will Alicia react? How will everyone react? We'll find out on The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 16, an installment that flashes back to a few Will memories and places viewers directly into the show's mourning period.

Watch the following promo to view a few emotional scenes be warned: you might wanna have a box of Kleenex handy:

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Paulette andria hamilton

Well I did not know and was in complete shock. I saw and watch the Promo after the credits rolled and think his death will reverberate through out season. I truly believe the affect will between Peter & Alicia and Diane , how long is micheal j fox going to be there. The Govt. case against will and Peter is now mute and dead. I will miss Josh Charles but it will be exciting how season 5 plays out.

@ Paulette Andria Hamilton

RE MJ Fox: 4 episodes.


For those who didn't know Josh was leaving it has been known for quite some time, he wants to move on and as having a starring role he never got any nominations till this past golden globes but didn't win. The story lines have and will continue to be on the soap opera stage and ratings are on the slide down.
As a watcher of all 5 seasons the writers need to take a good look at who the real star is ? and its not who they think it is.


We only heard the shots last week I think we'll get taken inside the court room as this unfolded as we didn't see that last a clip you featured here in another post it showed the lawyer Will was going against trying to pull him to safety--that wasn't shown last night in the episode....................

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Diane: Yes I'm sorry. We've had a situation. At the courthouse.
Howard: What, what'd I miss?
Diane: Will was shot.
David: He was, he was what?
Diane: I've just come from the hospital.
Howard: Will? Will Gardner?
Diane: Yes. He's dead.

Will is dead.