The Good Wife Promo Teases Most... Shocking... Moment... EVER!

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Brace yourself, Good Wife Fanatics.

After far too long off the air, The Good Wife Season 5 finally returns this Sunday - and a new trailer makes it look as if the wait will be very much worth it.

With Peter's voting scandal taking center stage, The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13 will mark the beginning of a three-week event that will conclude with "the most shocking moment" in series history.

Will Peter go back to jail? Will Alicia? Will Kurt McVeigh reveal himself to be a Democrat?!? Check out the intriging teaser now:

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Here are a handful of photos from "Parallel Construction, Bitches."

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Can the producers and writers stop and stand back to look for the who really is the villain and throw the right person under the bus for a change. Since the beginning you have made Peter the baddie he is the only one who has been up front and straight with his family and wife, on the other hand the wife poo has been the snake and can't be trusted.
You have said she was becoming more stronger to that I say Bull, If that was my wife she be out on the street trying to figure out what and how everything went wrong and trying to become as the title goes THE GOOD WIFE again.


I agree, they need to take a long look and break out of the soap opera age or there won't be another season, CBS will pull the plug---ratings are going down.

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