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The Good Wife Review: An Ongoing Conspiracy

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It's really easy to get lost in the details, especially in an hour as bogged down as The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13. The trick is that the details only serve as a distraction to the main issue.

To what lengths would Will Gardner go to protect Alicia Florrick?

As confusing and convoluted as this hour tried to make things by coming in at Alicia because she's an easier get than Peter, it's really going to come down to the triangle.

Will showed Peter the video, Alicia represented Peter -- as whacked out as it's become, they're all mired down in it together.

It's difficult to watch this mess unfold without being at least a little bit angry at the Florrick kids for not bringing what was going on with Grace to Alicia's attention. If they had done that and given a larger scope to the snooping activities it might have given Alicia reason to look deeper into things and perhaps Robyn or someone would have discovered the breach. 

Granted, it's the NSA and they're damn good at covering their tracks (look how long it took them to get the burner phone number), but if they had been searching for something earlier they might have at least been warned of this shit storm that's about to come down on them.

Peter dodging Marilyn because she wouldn't cook up her response to his satisfaction worked out well, didn't it? She's practically bursting with baby -- it's not the time to be messing with her. A pregnant woman. What was he thinking? I didn't expect her to give the video over to Mr. Dubeck so easily, but if Peter had met with her she might have had a change of heart.

Alicia's tough exterior as Dubeck was laying it on the line didn't exactly make her look like a sympathetic, put upon wife and probably won't play well as things continue to pile down upon her and it seems the course they're going to take it to dump it all down on her instead of Peter to draw him out. 

They have the phone calls linking Will to Alicia so they're undoubtedly expecting him to turn on her also. What I don't understand is what going after Alicia will really do if they can't get Peter -- the governor -- as a result. Isn't he end game? Would arresting and putting Alicia behind bars, or Will if he took the fall for her, be worth all the effort?

The question comes down to whether or not Will would let the gauntlet fall onto Alicia. There is absolutely no case whatsoever that he hates her, and his decision off the cuff to stand behind attorney client privilege had nothing to do with Peter and everything to do with Alicia, of that I'm certain.

Cary and Kalinda just slipped under the radar and under the covers, but I'm not pleased with them sleeping together. It's a step down for both characters to use each other. Cary claims he doesn't trust her, but still has sex and she takes their pillow talk back to Diane. It's kind of disgusting. I'd like more for them both.

Finally, have you ever seen a more poorly developed pretend TV show on a great real TV show before? Poor Grace -- what was she watching? It didn't escape me that the woman held at gunpoint was in love with two people, or at least slept with two men and was about to pay for it. Now wonder Alicia needed more wine!

Are we moving into a situation that will bring Alicia and Will closer and tear her and Peter apart? Hit the comments and spark up a discussion. If you want to revisit any previous installments, you can easily do it when you watch The Good Wife online. And -- welcome back!!

Do you think someone will go to prison for voter fraud?


Here is your first look at The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 14:


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Does anyone know the name of the actor who played Mr Asher US Attorney in series 5 Episode 13?


great episode. kalinda sleeping with cary for info yuk. he is too smart for sure saw right thru this. that judge acting strange and wondering what he's up to. i to wonder what the shocker is but these shows do so much hype and then its really nothing exciting. glad cary had more screen time but still needs more!!!!!!!. as usual alicia was superb


to me the question is what kind of terroristic conspiracy is the NSA triying to uncover. People watch tv a lot more than they read newspapers, so it all comes out as ridiculing institutions. The geeks in the office, the sharing of info, the sadness of it all. if this is alla joke, we got the point of view, now move along. I am all into adding layers, but now TGW semes to go over the top to unravel its storylines. really 1 hour just to let Alicia find out about the phone. And to question (again) where Will's loyalty will fall. This is pure extravaganza.


Great episode! I don't think Will is going to hurt Alicia or Peter. He's angry but on the other hand he still loves Alicia. My guess is that he's going to find a way to get himself out of this mess.
What Kalinda did is disgusting. I know Cary is in this too but I'm blaming only Kalinda. She was the one taking Cary to bed n order to get the information she needed. She did this with that lady cop, and the FBI lady too. She's willing to sleep with anyone jut to get what she wants. Disgusting.
I'm looking forward to see what will happen next.

@ martinelli

If I were Alicia I'd tell Will to get the f out her life !!!!!

@ martinelli

Cary already knows Kalinda can't be trusted........I'm sure he knows she just used him.......but she was wrong this time.........Cary was telling the truth and they(Kalinda, Will and Diane) are so wrapped up in themselves they won't see it........when they do figure it out it will be too late..........

@ Terrie

Now I wonder why did Kalinda sleep with Peter? Was it for pleasure or for something else?

@ martinelli

The why hasn't been revealed ....only that it did happen............and is the why even important now??????

@ Terrie

I agree!


I agree with the kids part... Its those photos all over again... They think they are so smart and I can't believe that the Kings would use that again. They got so much flack for it the first time!
I wish Grace and Zack would just leave, They are irritating and idiotic. Grrr! Somehow I don't think Will was the one who gave the reporter the video. I mean thats what everyone thinks and it would be easy to assume that but I think it was someone else. Maybe thats the shocking moment? It wouldn't make sense for Will to do it because in the end he could get implicated in it.

@ Sa'ad702

Will was the one with the video he was trying to show Peter and he turned him down with do with it what you want.


I thought the episode was absolutely brilliant in every way. All of the different threads and storylines coming together brilliantly again. My only request would be for tvfanatic to assign a better staff member to cover this greatest of shows. It does not lend this site credibility for shows not evne in the same universe as TGW to get 5-stars and glowing reviews while CP continues to criticize a show that seems to be too much for her to comprehend. Sorry CP but you obviously do not understand this show. Mayne the CW would be more to your liking?

@ DW

I agree. I loved all the subplots and intrigue. I don't understand people who complain they can't keep up. Cary and Kalinda is disgusting. I don't like what Kalinda has become, have sex with anyone for info. Rather sleazy, same as the way she dresses. Great show and I look forward to this weeks episode.

@ DW

DW I happen to agree with "CPs" thoughtful review and if you have followed her over the last few years you would know that she is a major fan of The Good Wife and her criticism comes from a place of appreciation. But just because you do not agree with her assessment doesn't mean that she is doing a bad job. There's a word for people who think that their opinion should be held above all and anyone who doesnt agree is wrong: megalomaniac. You, Spenser and DS90 might fit in better with the CW crowd of pre-pubescents who cut themselves and declare war on anyone who tosses even the slightest hint of negativity at the object if their obsession. In other words: #growup

@ DW

Yeah, this "review" lacks depth. If you want to read a really good one, try NYMag's Vulture recap. The comment board is filled with super nerdy TGW fans..

@ DW

I agree completely that the reviewer doesn't understand the show.

@ Spenser Amadeus

Do you both disagree that at the heart of this NSA business (the heart of The Good Wife) is a trial of the relationships between Alicia and Will / Alicia and Peter? Or are you angry that I don't give every episode 5 stars?


What I want to know is what this upcoming shocker is supposed to be..............I think we're getting 2 more new episodes and then it will be off again........... Indeed, the question is will Will take the fall for Alicia? On a side note..............Eric Bogosian has REALLY aged since his Law and Order Criminal Intent days...................and that's only been a couple years ago......................

@ Terrie

Will going to jail is the shocker. It's written all over this season plus the actor did not officially renew a contract for seasons beyond this one. 2+2=