The Originals Round Table: "Le Grand Guignol"

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The Originals left off with Elijah and Klaus ready to rumble over Rebekah. Klaus wants her dead and Elijah wants to heal his family. Still. 

Oh, and Celeste is gone and Davina is back! 

What else went down on The Originals Season 1 Episode 15? Join our TV Fanatic Round Table of Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, and Heather Vee from as we break down "Le Grand Guignol."


This one might be unanimous, but what was your favorite scene or quote from The Originals Season 1 Episode 15?

Leigh: Are you talking about that chaste kiss in the woods? It was sweet but not the kiss I'm waiting for. My favorite scene was Davina coming back to life!! D is back! Woooo!

Heather: I nearly tipped over in my chair when we saw Elijah's full-on vamp face for the very first time. This is a BIG DEAL. But special shout-out to Klaus's growly, sarcastic, "Yes. Oh." Delightful.

Miranda: Leigh, you let me down! Elijah's vamp face!! AAAAHHHH!!! I can't get over it! It took us, what, 5 seasons of knowing the character to see it!? Ahh! Runner-up goes to Cami and Klaus' conversations and Marcel going Ripper on Bastianna.

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Elijah's vampire face! We finally saw it. What's your reaction?

Leigh: Honestly, I didn't even realize we'd never seen it before. But if that's the case, Elijah's face coming out means he came to play. This fight is going to be one for the ages.

Heather: I still can't quite believed it happened! See above for my reaction. 

Miranda: AHHHH!!! May it live forever in infamy.

Elijah's Vampire Face

Is Klaus turning into Mikael with his quest for vengeance against Rebekah?

Leigh: Klaus has the worst daddy issues of all time. Yes, let Cami work that degree. He is letting his need for revenge and his distrust for others consume his life. Mikael was consumed with distrust after knowing Esther strayed and then he spent 1000 years being consumed with revenge and put it on Klaus.

Heather: I think Klaus's anger comes from a very different place than Mikael's, but I thought that was a very smart parallel to draw between them. And I loved Cami telling Klaus that he will regret killing his sister, knowing what it is like to lose a sibling. She's not wrong, Klaus. 

Miranda: I think it speaks to the nature/nurture debate. Klaus doesn't need to be Mikael's biological son to have been deeply and emotionally affected by the man whom he believed to be his father for so many years. To that end, yes, he is showing shades of Mikael's influence in his life by his inability to let things go and seek vengeance at all costs.

Mikael wanted to kill Klaus not simply because he was a hybrid but because he was the product of Esther's infidelity, at least that's how it appeared in this week's flashbacks. Where they differ is that Mikael wouldn't have looked back after killing Klaus, but Klaus will never be okay with himself if he kills Rebekah.

Will Hayley choose her pack over Elijah and the Mikaelsons?

Leigh: I think she might be consumed with them for a little while, but she is still pregnant with Klaus' baby. She's tied to that Mikaelsons. I see season 2 playing out with Hayley being in an Elijah/Jackson love triangle.

Heather: I agree with Leigh that Hayley is still pregnant with Klaus's child and therefore forever tied to the Originals, but I don't think any of this is a situation where Hayley chooses her pack over the Mikaelsons or vice versa. (Of course that could change!) That's Celeste putting her own bitter, simplistic spin on things to get under Elijah's skin. If anything, Hayley is moving into the unique position or straddling two worlds. I see this as an opportunity for her to become a leader, which she is more than capable of. I don't want to see a full-blown love triangle (I mean, the Jackson situation is just weird at this point), but I do want to see them working those identity and family angles. 

Miranda: While I agree that Hayley is forever linked to the Mikaelsons because of the baby, I can see her pulling away from them and attempting to take her baby and run. I see Celeste's spin as foreshadowing and not necessarily just the bitter rantings of a centuries old scorned witch. If Hayley does try to take the baby and side with her pack, we're likely to see a werewolf war between her pack and Klaus'.

What part might Davina play in the Mikaelson truce, if there is a truce?

Leigh: Davina could help get Rebekah out of the graveyard long enough to help put a pause on things. She might be able to subdue Klaus until he calms down. But this is Klaus, he loves revenge. Who knows? 

Heather: Right now I'm just worried about Davina coming back...wrong. But Davina was devious before - she played Elijah and Marcel, after all - and it will be interesting to see if she goes to bat for Rebekah. They had come to terms before Davina died, but I think now is the time for Davina to start laying down her own terms, across the board. This seems like the perfect opportunity.

Miranda: I'm with Heather in that I think Davina will come back a very different D than she was when she died. Monique certainly seemed to come back darker. My concern is that she'll fully accept her powers and have no one to teach her how to use them. With Celeste and Bastianna and Agnes AND Sophie dead, who's going to lead this coven? Genevieve, who is in the wind now? Maybe it's time for Bonnie Bennett to transfer to college in New Orleans and teach these girls how to be witches.

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I felt like the Hayley/Elijah hug was almost a 'goodbye' from both of them. That each realised that perhaps with her releasing her family, things will change for them. While she was happy, i think the look on her face when they hugged, and how she held on to him spoke volumes about these two. And lets face it, at this point, Elijah is in love with her. So, angst for these two, hell yes. But ffs, can they kiss soon?


There were many great things about the last episode, but is no one going to mention Cami's lines "I'm feeding a vampire. My 16 year old self would be so proud of me right now", it was hilarious...

@ kate

Agreed! I thought I was the only one who remembered what an awesome line that was...


1. As awesome as everything was my favorite was Davina coming back to life she's my favorite character and I've been waiting since she died for her to come back and it finally happened so it has to be my favorite. 2. I never really realized we never saw Elijah's vampire face and I loved it especially at the end when they all put on there vampire face's it was intense. 3. Not exactly Mikael was hunting down Klaus because he wasn't his son which I think is totally messed up because it isn't Klaus' fault so he shouldn't be taking it out on him and Klaus he loves his family and has always wanted them to be together but they keep betraying him and Rebekah's was the worst of all and he's angry but I don't think he'll actually kill her he just needs to calm down, let her explain, and they have the pact always and forever. 4. I think Hayley will start hanging out with her family more and start drifting from Elijah and the others but she's still carrying Klaus' baby and that will bring her back to them and she'll eventually find a balance between the to. 5. She will probably do a spell that gets Rebekah out of the cemetery and I think she will be different because I haven't seen one thing where a character dies and is brought back to life and they aren't changed in some way so I think something will be different about her but I don't think she'll be evil and crazy like Monique because Celeste didn't brainwash her and she has Marcel. Also I am hoping to see Davina kick some more ass even if she's not as powerful anymore she kicked some serious ass and I would like to see her do more of that.

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Elijah: Because of all the people who could be here, you're probably the only one he wouldn't immediately slaughter.