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[to Cami] I lived but all that we build died, as did the last shred of me that felt human. That is what my father took from me that night.


Klaus: Father--
Mikael: Father? Still clinging to that word after all these years? A bastard desperate for a daddy? I wonder if your real father would be as embarrased as I was of you before I discovered that you were not mine. Most likely.

Hayley: You came back.
Elijah: I always come back.

By hunting Rebekah and Marcel down to the ends of the earth, by terrorizing them the way you yourself were terrorized...don't become your father.


I weighed the good I see in you versus the horrible things I know you've done. And I realized if I hurt you, I'd be filled with a terrible regret. You will too if you hurt your sister. Your sister, Klaus! As someone who has lost a sibling, who has felt that pain, you won't survive it if you kill her.


Mikael: Stand with me or fall with him. Choose son.
Elijah: I will always choose him.

Cami: Be a good little boy and get back into bed.
Klaus: If I had a quid for every time a woman tried that line on me...
Cami: You'd have, like, no money.
Klaus: Oh, I beg to differ. Some women actually find me quite charming.

As you may have yet to realize, Cami, the line between what brings us pain and what sustains us is far thinner than one imagines.


Wow. Things I never thought I'd be doing. Feeding a vampire. My 16 year old self would think I'm really cool right now.

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