The Walking Dead Review: We Need to Talk About Lizzie

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I’ve accepted the fact that The Walking Dead Season 4 is pushing a plot driven story to the side and attempting to provide character-focused installments instead.

And while it’s good the series is trying to build up its large cast, it can still feel hit and miss.

Certainly, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 was a divisive hour (and one that seemed to drag on), but it was the final moments that people will be talking about.

If you weren’t aware - and don’t worry, the episode made sure you did know - Lizzie was off her rocker. She was a crazy kid playing tag with walkers, screaming about her “friends” and, in general, just being uncomfortably weird.

Feeding the walkers was only the beginning because everything took a sharp left turn after Lizzie killed her sister, Mika.

Surprising? Not really, but there was still something unsettling about the shot with her blood-soaked hands while carrying the knife.

But what could be considered the most controversial moment took place after in a scene that felt very reminiscent of “Of Mice and Men.”

Carol, the fixer that she’s become, made the decision that Lizzie needed to go. And there was something captivating in watching Carol have to actually pull that trigger, telling Lizzie to look at the flowers, tearful at the choice she felt was necessary.

I have to give kudos to the series not backing out on this one, and also for having Carol do the deed. Melissa McBride has done a fantastic job with what’s she’s been given; she definitely put her all into that scene, into Carol.

It was a moment that makes you wonder what the other survivors might have done. But it was also a moment I think would have been more haunting if the episode ended right there.

Instead, Carol felt the need to confess to Tyreese about Karen, and sure, the impact of the moment for her made sense. Sliding over that gun, she was ready to accept the consequences.

But after killing Lizzie, I couldn’t see the series also offing Carol in the same hour. It would also be an unfortunate way to bring her back and then get rid of her.

And as much as Tyreese says he forgives her, I still have a hard time believing that. It just seemed too easy a tie up for that prison storyline with a nice clean bow.

It was great to see the actors pull out a powerful performance by the end, even if some of the dialogue felt a bit awkward - but I wanted to be engaged the entire time, not just the last few minutes.

That was the big problem of the episode for me in that as much as the last 15 minutes of the episode were gut wrenching and shockin, the first 45 minutes felt boring. I really wasn’t captivated by Carol trying to convince Lizzie and Mika how to be, act, etc., and was fully aware of the blatant foreshadowing within the dialogue.

I understood the final impact that last decision would have on Carol and Tyreese moving forward, but the lead-up seemed to take forever, with a focus on child characters I've never really been invested in.

And as much as everyone will remember Carol killing Lizzie (it was indeed a huge moment), I can't see the show bringing it up again. Still, there is something to be said for ending on a strong note for the hour.

I'm looking forward to getting back with the other characters, and even reuniting the survivors again. And I really am ready for Terminus and what the future holds after this long trip down the train tracks finally comes to an end.

Should Carol have killed Lizzie?


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Would Carol had been able to do it if it were Sofia? Yes I understand that it'a survival or die but at what expense. Lizzie would be no different then anyone who was mentally challenged. Or did every handicapped or mentally challenged person face the same fate as Lizzie? Lizzie hadn't came to grips with how the world changed, her parents deaths, or what threat the zombies truely were. Eveyone deals with traumatic events differently. One day maybe she would've understood or perhaps not. They should have tried confining her to a room and constanly talking with her about her actions. Letting her know what they were going to do to her and that she posed a threat to the safety of everyone. I just believe they should've explored other options.

@ PB305

That first sentence raises an interesting point... I don't think Carol would be who she is now if Sofia were still alive. So in that sense, no. But I also believed her when she told Lizzie she loved her... I think Carol felt that killing Lizzie was ultimately the kindest thing she could do for her. There really were no other options to explore. Whether or not she could've been "fixed" is academic... it'd take an army of shrinks and years of therapy to even come close. It's just not something that could even be attempted in the world of The Walking Dead. (And for what it's worth, I imagine there are very few handicapped or mentally challenged people left. Not because they were executed, but because people not equipped with the tools to survive the circumstances they find themselves in... don't.)


I didn't think it was "tied up neatly" at all. That was one of the most powerful scenes of forgiveness I've ever seen. There's a whole sermon in that scene. "I forgive you. I won't ever forget. You did it. You feel it; It's part of you. Me, too." His outburst at the prison and call for revenge notwithstanding, Tyrese has been a wise character who "gets it." He knows that forgiveness is essential.for his own sake as much as for Carol's, really, more so, he doesn't see the sense in any more death, and as he said, he knows she feels it and he knows neither one of them will forget. Sad, sad episode, and no bow.


Good Episode! Very good acting! Has anyone notice wheever a character say they want to relax and chill something sinister occurs that forces them to stay on the go!


I've always been interested in the human psyche and character development so I've really enjoyed this season although it admittedly has a different feel & flow to it! I am still disturbed by Lizzie's actions and I agree there really was no other choice but to kill her. She was an obvious danger to herself and others,hearing her say Judith was next and her being so oblivious to how wrong she was to coldly off her sister was truly unsettling. It makes perfect sense to me that a child growing up in zombie days could have some serious issues so its good that they addressed this.


Oh, Lizzie definitely had to go. Her time was long due up. Murdering Mika was the final straw. What Carol did was justifiable... obviously no hospitals or clinics around to help straighten the little psycho out. And yes, they should have allowed Mika to turn and then kill Lizzie, teaching her a lesson. And I knew that Ty was not going to just shoot Carol for fessing up about Karen... I still say she lied through her teeth about it (as with Rick). But with weeks past since the prison bombing, understandably Ty forgave Carol - quite symbolic of perhaps future events left to unfold.


Pretty decent episode. Lizzie definitely had to go. She would have most likely been attacked by walkers and turned with the first one that came along or had she come into contact with any other humans, she'd be a danger to them had they just left her. Messed up stuff. Almost as messed up is that they never got to eat deer meat. Tyrese is a big dude. Eating nothing but nuts, berries and bugs all the time just doesn't look like it would be enough.


Tyrese forgave Carol, but he also said that he wouldn't forget and neither would she. He sees that Carol will be regretful for the rest of her life and that's punishment enough for him.


I think killing Lizzie was the only thing they could do .that was better than leaving her behind .she would have been dead as soon as the next bunch of zombies come thru .


I didn't think the episode dragged on. I love the character development, I like it more than the plot driven episodes. If it was all plot, the show would get boring. It is most interesting part of the show is to see how the plot changes the people and the choices they make.


Just when i started to like mika the crazy big sister kills her!!! Mika was the most sain person in that group and she was write , she knew that she had to kill zombies but she didn't want to sacrifice her innocent and killing people and deers like carol wanted her to do(if sofia was alive i wouldn't think carol would push her to kill people), killing people doesn't toughen you up, if the show wanted to potray that message then she should have killed lizze in defense.
I liked it however because it took the risk to kill the two kids, even though they didn't gave us some background as to why lizzle was so messed up but anyway that proves that in order to survive you change

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