14 TV Doctors We Diagnose as Totally Awesome

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Shots. Physicals. Pills. Prescriptions. Long waits.

No one likes to visit the doctor. Not in real life, that is.

On television, however, some of our most pleasant experiences each week take place while watching those in a white coat, whether they are making us laugh, swoon or squirm.

For the following physicians, we'd gladly book a trip to the hospital. STAT!

Mindy Lahiri
Yes, she's an OB. But few physicians would put any patient at ease as well as Mindy Lahiri. She has an MD in hilarity.

Did we leave anyone out? Who is your favorite fictional doctor and why? Sound off below!

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Dr. Donald Ducky Mallard is totally awesome in my book. He may be a Medical Examiner, but on various occasions he has treated injuries for Gibbs and DiNozzo. Ducky even operated on a dog for Abby. If Gibbs and DiNozzo trust him, so do I.


House the best by far. Marcus Welby, Hawkeye, BJ, and the rest from MASH. That's just to name a few.


defo Jackson Avery from greys he is super hot.


Doogie Howser!


Mindy is an MD. OBs are actually also MDs...you have to get an MD before you can specialize in residency. Don't you watch medical shows!?


Dr. House and Dr. Wilson!


Bobby Caldwell - St. Elsewhere and Jack O'Neill - Chicago Hope.
I'm ready for my physical Doctor.........


It's THE DOCTOR, not DOCTOR WHO. Be ashamed, be very ashamed! :P


The Doctor will always be number one.This list is wibbly wobbly timey wimey!


My #1 is Dr.Vincent Keller from BATB!!!