Chicago Fire Review: Tragedy Strikes

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As we all began wondering about many months ago, Jones did end up taking her life at the end of Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 18.

The character's fate has been up in the air for most of the season, as she first came in as the cocky candidate the makes Dawson's life at the academy just a little harder

And, as Chicago Fire Season 2 progressed, Jones opened up a little more, beginning to peel back a lot of her layers. It's a strong, sad payoff for an individual who was quickly finding her own place in Station 51.

However, the signs have been there; particularly as Jones made the morbid reference to her haunted childhood when her mother died in the car wreck, and later when she talked about being a daily reminder of that event to her father.

As these layers fell away, it was clear Jones has always been working with a sense of disconnect between reality and her own perceptions. Her cheating, her pranks, her rebellious nature all fed into the idea of suicide. 

Jones' death is going to have a ripple effect on the entire station. Mills has been trying to help her and may have feelings for her; Casey and Boden have been trying to protect her for from her own father - a man probably out for blood now.

The most interesting is Dawson, who she put through so much, and yet is the final person she thinks of. 

Still, Jones' suicide is not the only topic to cover for this installment, as smaller moments of fun and soul searching permeated the hour.

First, let's talk Shay and Dawson's getaway in the mountains. Dawson's relationship with Casey has been rocky the past few weeks, as they continued to have issues with Casey's injuries and mood swings and Dawson trying to be a firefighter.

Listening to another couple fight always ends up being cathartic and it helped put Dawson in a new frame of mind. Sadly, with Jones' death, Casey's reservations about the job and Dawson are sure to resurface.

If Shay and Dawson want to put all their past drama aside, they would make one awesome lesbian couple. Shay brought the big bottle of booze with her as the rallying cry for her and Dawson's mistakes. If that's not the perfect girlfriend, who is really? 

Bloom continued to drink and get into trouble, this time with Sergeant Platt. With Severide vouching for Bloom, he got a ticket with the condition that he no longer drive and seek treatment.

Boden found that Bloom was injured in one of Denver's worst fires in 100 years while 10 of his firefighters died. This tragic event sheds light on Bloom's alcoholism: he's attempting to numb pain and forget the event while simultaneously trying to join his fallen firefighters. 

The nurse mentioned to Severide that recovery is for those who want it not who need it. It's a line that applied to Bloom as he stumbled into the center drunk; and also a line paralleling Jones' story. Sje saw no other way out of her situation and instead of seeking help - when she clearly needs it - she ended it all.

At least Mouch's date was incredibly adorable with him; the scene ending with the uncomfortable duo when Mouch admitted he liked her.

Were you surprised Jones committed suicide?


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I just saw the episode last night and Dawson just said they found jones body. But she didn't say she was dead. Are we jumping the gun that she's dead? Because that was kind of cliff hanger that made me wonder well is she dead? But any way I started to like jones and felt bad for her. I hope she's not dead and makes a come back.

@ Vampbarbie

I agree on that one. When I finished watching the episode, I commented straight but then thought, hold on, is she dead? Usually, when they say body, that means that the person is dead...


I just spent the last 2 weeks watching the show. I didn't even know it was on hiatus ! I LOVE IT ! I read every single review and comment. Yeah, I'm hooked.
I didn't like Jones, though I was just starting to warm up to her. Hermann, Mills, Casey and Boden tried to help. But I think the person she needed the most was her father. And like she said he didn't answer... That is sad. After all the crap, she still thought about Dawson and left her that not. Strange...
Gosh I laughed so hard at the fake date with Cruz and Mouch. Hilarious. Loved how Kelly and Casey jumped in to give advice. His date was so cute. Hope it works out !
That "Lord of Gloom and Doom" is a piece of work. Loved the reaction of the guys when they saw his wife. Yup, life is unfair. I mean how did that even happen !
Now, I thought it was gonna an no Dawson/Shay episode, had me all worried and stuff ! But man, they were funny listening in on that couple. Though, the fun got over real quick. Casey and Dawson are just meant to be, she pined on him for so long, why can't they just be happy and be done with it ! Come on ! What he said to her was so not cool. Glad he apologized. However as I was thinking that they never said "I love you" he said it. And she said it as well. Guess, it was so obvious they didn't need no words.
I do not like that Bloom character. He is trouble ! Kelly vouching for him like that. Something bad is gonna happen. I liked what the receptionist said to Kelly. Very deep. BTW, Kelly shirtless, WE LIKE ! Now, the preview has me worried. Don't you give Hermann no hell. Cannot wait for next episode !

Sarah silva

Such a fantastic episode!
While I did not really like Jones I was not expecting her to commit suicide. I know the signs where there throughout the episode but I did not clue in to what she was going to do until she took the card and envelope out of her drawer, then I knew it was a suicide note.
Hermann may have his opinion of female firefighters but you could tell he liked Jones and he knew something was wrong when she came to the bar. It is to bad she did not listen to the advice he gave and changed her mind on ending her life but I guess to her that was the only way.
Now on for the lighter moments, can we please have Taylor shirtless every week. The scene with Kelly and Matt was great, I really like the friendship they have developed.
I was laughing so hard when the guys were prepping Mouch for his date by role playing and giving him advice.
I also laughed when the guys were playing poker and saw the annoying ambulance guys wife and thought she was hot.
I really hope that Bloom stays in rehab as Kelly got his DUI charges dropped and will be held accountable if anything else happens. However I just have a bad feeling that Bloom will leave rehab and take the wheel BUT kill someone this time.
I have not been a Matt and Dawson fan but it did make me mad that they spent all that time having her pine over him etc and then if they would have had them break up so soon after all that then I would have been mad.

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