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Eddie McClintock is leaving the Warehouse for an hour or so.

The Syfy star announced on Twitter yesterday that he’ll guest star on the Castle Season 6 finale, coming on board the May 12 episode as Rogan O’Leary, a small town hustler who is known for his lying, cheating and deceiving all around.

Even more intriguing? Network sources say the character has a "complicated past” with a certain female detective.

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Along with his role on Warehouse 13 (which premiers its final season on April 14), McClintock has appeared on Bones, My Boys, Modern Family, Malibu Country and The Mentalist.

Castle, meanwhile, returns with a new episode on April 21.

You can watch Castle online any time at TV Fanatic if you need to catch up before then.

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A lot of discussion on the boards about Kate meeting someone (Eddie) from her past in the finale. Putting info like that out this early for the finale seems very odd. A scenario like that could backfire on the show runner. If enough viewers get wind of it and they think the finale will go sideways, they might just write off the rest of the season and skip the finale if it looks like no wedding will happen. Many viewers have never recovered from Watershed. It is hard to imagine Marlowe would go there to risk losing audience for the rest of the series.The early spoiler presents as so unfair to the writers which just makes the information put out there seem very misleading. Beckett does have a motorcycle bad boy in her past, but I was always a bit dubious about it. Bad boys, motorcycles, fashion model, Stanford, science fiction nerd, future Supreme Court justice etc. It's gotten to be a bit too much and I'm not sure I feel it all meshes together into a character. To bring someone up from Beckett’s past out of the blue to just create angst for a milestone episode just makes no sense with Terri Miller co-writing the episode. What if this guy is case related? The spoiler says he has a past with Beckett. It does not say personal. It also says he is infamous for his lying, cheating, and scheming. Whatever problem he brings to the episode, it certainly won't be pure in nature. Perhaps whatever he says or does should not be trusted. And perhaps Caskett is smart enough and strong enough together that whatever this guy attempts, they will take a stand reinforcing their commitment to each other. I sure don’t want to experience another Watershed.

@ Vince

My guess is that sometime in the past, Beckett was drunk and married this Rogan O’Leary, Beckett probably assumed that the marriage had been annuled when it really wasn't and O'Leary comes out now to say that he won't have the marriage annuled unless either Beckett or Castle pays him a large sum of money. Though yes it's possible that he is somehow involved in a case.

@ mac5689

I am expecting that the finale will be more comedic in much the same way as the 5x8 "After Hours" episode. If this is supposedly a wedding episode, I can’t imagine that we will see a case heavy storyline with angst between Caskett. The TVLine spoiler about a possible Kate romantic past connection seems totally misleading. Seriously, a guy named Rogan O'Leary. A recent picture on twitter with NF and Eddie McClintock side by side on the set presents that NF looked twice the size of the guest star much like the Detective Sully character in 6x3 "Need to Know" which means that Kate would somewhat overshadow him physically as well. It just seems a really hard sell that Beckett had some kind of romantic past with this guy. All the early misleading teasing put forth by the TV writers will backfire on them if something other than Bracken or 3XK related interrupts the wedding. IMO

@ Vince

I didn't read the TVLine spolier. My guess had come from the possible hint that the episode may have something to do with a Beckett/Castle wedding and the title of the episode was said to be. The supposed title to me sounded like it could either be the wedding or it was sometime right before the wedding and this guy from Becketts past comes forward and it was revealed that she was technically married. Remember though my guess was that maybe Beckett had gotten married while she was drunk, I didn't say that there was anything romantic between Beckett and O'Leary.


well that's just great. just want we need someone to come between castle and beckett was also in tv guide about this guy. does it ever end!!!!!!!!


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