Elementary Review: Death By Drones

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With the return of Mycroft came the return of mischief and secrets.

On Elementary Season 2 Episode 21, Holmes and Watson investigated the disappearance of a woman... only to uncover a double homicide caused by drones.

With a cliffhanger that left me on the edge of my seat, it looks like Elementary is finally turning up the heat.

The last time we saw Mycroft was in Elementary Season 2 Episode 8, and his departure left nothing but questions when it was revealed his ploy to get Sherlock back to London was unsuccessful. This ploy came with a unknown motive. The twist seemed trivial at the time, but after a long wait, it has come back into play.

When Mycroft tried to lure Sherlock back by threatening that their father was going to take his money away, Sherlock didn't care because of the family he had created in New York. So the moment he tried to get Watson to agree to a romantic proposal, it seemed suspicious.

It was also weird. If there weren't ulterior motives related to Myrcoft, I would not like him and Joan together. He may be a gentleman and soft spoken, but I don't feel that he is right for Joan.

However, some of the best scenes from the episode were when Mycroft was telling Sherlock how he only appreciated Watson for his own selfish reasons. I somewhat agree with him.

In the beginning, Sherlock stated he didn't have a peer or an equal to keep him interested. I felt like this was an unintentional shot at Joan. After all of they've been through, if there is anyone close enough to be his peer, it's Joan.

Watson is not equal to Holmes when it comes to his genius mind, but she is his companion. Do I want these two to date? No. But they represent a different kind of partners.

Other than Mycroft's awkward advances to Joan, there was the investigation that consisted of the most sci-fi case yet.

When one of Sherlock's A.A. "friends" needed his help finding her missing sister, the duo ended up uncovering two murders that were committed by drones. Amongst the murderous drones, there were poisonous and sky metal mosquito drones flying around New York watching and killing people. I am glad that Elementary stepped out its normal and went with this storyline.

Not only was it different, it was very entertaining.

While the case was going on and Joan was dealing with flirtatious Mycroft, Sherlock was doing a little investigating of his own of the suspicious personnel in Mycroft's restaurant.

My current theory is that Mycroft put those men in the restaurant knowing that Sherlock would find them mysterious. With this suspicion and Mycroft's "feelings" for Joan, Holmes would surely divulge his findings to Watson. To which, Watson would be led into investigating it as well. Thus, leading to her kidnapping.

Either I am turning into a little Sherlock myself or maybe I am so wrong that I'm average. If it's the latter, I still don't believe that Mycroft is innocent. I don't trust him.

Will Holmes be able to save Watson, his peer and companion? Is Mycroft to blame for it all?

Do you think that Mycroft played a role in Watson's kidnapping?


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Kate, I am so there with you! Mycroft is totally behind what's happening with Joan. It's possible that he may be participating under duress. I don't like him one bit. He looks a sickly scarecrow to me and doesn't seem to possess an ounce of sexual appeal. That's why I'm glad they spared us the sex scene between him and Joan. I know that I'm a big meanie for saying that, but I can't remember ever feeling so grossed-out by a character who is supposed to be a romantic match for such an attractive character like Joan.


I don't like Mycroft at all. He seems to be a criminal to me -- and, the kindest view I can take is that the show's driving force believes all rich people are evil criminals, perhaps, and so Mycroft and his father just happen to be partners with criminals as normal to doing business. Don't know, but boy is Watson naive when it comes to Mycroft, who obviously would even go so far as killing her to get whatever it is he wants (or has been instructed to arrange regarding his brother).


Great episode! And yes, I'm certain Mycroft has everything to do with Joan's kidnapping. Another point: Holmes said he was "without peer" - he also said that being in such a state threatens his sobriety. Notice how he kept the heroin organization's phone number and hid it away in a book? I think that's the key point - we are witnessing the seeds of Holmes' downfall, or potential downfall. He might not have a peer but he holds onto Joan like a lifeline, because she's the closest he has to a peer. Take her away, and all bets are off. Could that be what Mycroft is after? Is that what he wants for his brother? And who is his mysterious partner - would Moriarty be so cruel?

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[To Mycroft] Did you come back here to sleep with Watson?


If I can never value a relationship then I what point do I stop trying to maintain them?