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Elementary Review: The Sovereign Army

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On the latest installment of Elementary, the stakes were raised as Joan and Sherlock raced against time to stop a possible anthrax attack on New York City.

All the while, Sherlock tried to cope with the loss of Alistair when his death on Elementary Season 2 Episode 20 blind sides him.

As the investigation went on, it came down to two brothers, a herd of cows and $2.8 million.

In what was a rather sad twist, the rarely mentioned and alleged close friend of Sherlock suddenly died. And Alistair's death from a heroine overdose hit a little too close to home for Holmes.

After a few episodes without it, we finally got back into the dramatic side of Sherlock. In a way to cope with Alistairs death, he tried to take on a truck full of fake anthrax and two anti-government protestors, accusing Alistair's son for playing a role in his death and smashed a few plates... accomplishing nothing.

A notable scene: Sherlock stands, smashes plate and says to Watson, "My apologies." To which Watson follows him into the kitchen, grabs an identical plate and shatters it on the ground and responds, "That didn't solve anything. Weird, right?"

The great thing about Sherlock struggling with Alistar's death was that he was searching for a trigger that maybe one day, he'll have to deal with. Being addict is something that doesn't go away.

Quote of the night goes to Joan when she told Sherlock, "You're an addict. You woke up today and you didn't use drugs, just like yesterday. You know what you have to do tomorrow? Wake up and not use drugs!"

Meanwhile, the case at hand amped up the suspense from the typical murder case to an anthrax scare and the fear that the missing toxin would be released into the public killing hundreds. The anticipation built as the team tried to find the toxin and, as always, there was a twist.

I didn't see it coming.

We were led to believe that the Sovereign Army, a well-known anti-government group, was behind the anthrax killing and plots. 

Who would have thought that two brothers were producing anthrax to kill a herd of cattle and not a city of people? I bet none of you saw that one coming. $2.8 million for a dead herd of cattle. Interesting.

As always, Elementary never seizes to surprise or entertain me. It's the show that keeps getting better and better.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It didn't feel like a filler as the past few weeks have. It was a little bit darker and much more emotional with the death of Alistair.

With only four episodes remaining, the anticipation continues to build for what the finale will bring.

What surprised you the most about the episode?



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I didn't find the perp or motive at all surprising. Even with dozing off a few times (from exhaustion; not boredom), it was obvious - especially when the guilty brother shot the one who'd been set up all along. But, it was still enjoyable, and I loved the material and interactions surrounding Alistair's death.


"As always, Elementary never seizes to surprise or entertain me." I think you mean, ceases, not seizes.


The drug is spelled heroin.