Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "I'm Winning"

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Welcome back to the TV Fanatic Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our review broke down Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 19, "I'm Winning," in detail. Now Christina Tran and Steve Marsi, along with Jarrod Mitchell, are back for a Q&A.

Read their answers to the questions and weigh in with yours!


What was your favorite quote or scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 19?

Christina: Nothing in particular really stands out as my favorite, but I did really like when Meredith said: “She told me she didn't win the Harper Avery award. She earned it.”

Jarrod: The fact that Cristina is most likely going to win a Harper Avery. I'm beyond excited for her character!

Steve: Make it a clean sweep for Cristina. She's going to go out on top!

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Which medical case did you like best?

Christina: I want to know more about the family with the heart condition but the bubble boy storyline tugged at my heartstrings.

Jarrod: I'm with Christina on this one. I gotta know what's the crises with this family. I'm really hoping it's the story that brings in Dr. Burke.

Steve: That's a good point by Jarrod about Burke. Will this be what finally brings him back? And how will that impact Cristina?

Will Cristina win the Harper Avery Award?

Christina: Of course! Otherwise, everyone at GSMH is going to have a heyday.

Jarrod: She won't win it, she'll earn it.

Steve: Absolutely, hands down. #GOAT

Whose relationship are you most interested in lately?

Christina: I love Jolex! I like that she’s supporting him in a possible career change.

Jarrod: Probably all of them. I'm glad to see Japril being newlyweds, I'm glad to see Calzona getting their life back on track, I'm happy to see MerDer being a supportive couple and I'm enjoying JoLex explore new avenues. Everything's right on track for all couples.

Steve: If I have to pick, I'm most curious about Calzona in that I don't know how that's going to play out at all. But like Jarrod said, all have been great to watch and I'm legitimately interested in each.

If you could play with Derek and Callie’s new machine for the day, which doctor’s mind would you want to read?

Christina: Meredith’s!

Jarrod: Bailey. Girl is missing out on too much screen time!

Steve: Karev. I'd love to know what he really thinks sometimes and how much of the bravado is just an act masking something deeper.


I loved the song at the beginning of the episode when Meredith and Cristina spring awake with the alarm - it's "Maneater" which is a Hall & Oates classic tune, but this was a cover version by someone named Clara-Nova. Always love how Grey's continues to introduce me to great music...of course what happens next reminds us that Cristina won't be on the show for much longer, and I really wonder how many more episodes this show can go on without her. The Meredith-Cristina relationship has always been so important, I can't really imagine the show without it and sadly, I think it might be time to wrap up one of my favorite series ever.


I'm thinking the family heart problems will be the reason Burke turns up.
Kepner was told she and Matthew were very suited in the prewedding counselling. Kepavery's opposite view points in the world is gonna cause problems, they hadn't talked about them pre their impulse marriage.
I'm not sure it's a certainty about Cris winning, depends on how much we hear of the acceptence speech before the ceremony. Cris will probably meet Burke there. Just guessing


This is stupid! Why would u marry someone u know nothing about? Why would u ignore a huge part of them and marry them? He knew these things about her that's why they didn't work out in the first place because she freaked out when she gave it up to him and walked around all guilty. She knew he could care less about God. Why do people do this to themselves? They should have stayed with the people they were with. Matthew was perfect for her! He had the same beliefs, had a sweet thoughtful proposal and dealt with her drama with Jackson. Jackson had a great thing with Stephanie they loved each other, they could relate on all levels and his mother loved her. Foolishness!

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