How I Met Your Mother Video: An Alternate Ending

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What if Tracy never died?

What if Ted's kids never encouraged him to ask out Aunt Robin?

What if this had been the way How I Met Your Mother came to a close, instead of a finale that still has fans reeling in disappointment and anger?

YouTube user "Ricardo J Dylan" has edited together an alternate conclusion to Monday’s controversial episode, saying he believes "this is more like the ending we deserve."

Do you agree?

What did you think of the How I Met Your Mother finale

And where does it rank among worst-ever series finales?

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Found the ending fitting. Was a shame that B&R got divorced, but precious series already proved that the two loved each other but that it couldn't work. Their characters were too much... neutralized when they were together. Add Barneys lifestyle and Robins career and you can see it coming. The mother dying was foreshadowed long ago and every once in a while in the series, also the way Ted talked about the mother. I think this was kind of a parable on life. Barney and Robin were happy, for a time. Ted and Tracy were happy, until she died (like her "one" she had before Ted if you remember). It's just how life goes, and in the end Ted stands where he stood before, but he is not the same. He has a lifetime of experiences, pain and happiness behind him.
And the ending basically tells us that life goes on and that it's unpredictable, and basically, hold those you love close to your heart, but even if bad things happen, accept it. It's life, and the most important thing is to never give up. "Remember, Remember, all we fight for" Maybe not a perfect ending, but a good and worthy conclusion of the series. And a unique one at that.

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sorry, to correct my first sentence, I actually wanted to say "but previous seasons/episode already proved that the two loved each other but that it couldn't work"


know i wish this was the ending they show instead of the other one


I´m in the very few group that loved the "real" ending! While watching the series all those years, there were some moments I found myself whishing Ted and Robin to be together because I always found them so "right":)


I´m in the very few group that loved the "real" ending!


This was nice and exactly how I thought the show was going to end but the real ending I didn't hate I was surprised but I was fine with it but it would have been amazing to have this ending.


I'm never one for a storybook ending, but this alternate conclusion seemed to make more sense to the overall scope of the series. The sudden transformation to a marriage break-up of Barney and Robin..... the death of The Mother...the reuinon of Robin and Ted to the blase attitude of the kids.. just didn't gel right. Bravo, Ricardo!


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