Rivalry and Revelry: 17 Small Screen Siblings We Adore

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Forgive us. We're 24 hours late for National Siblings Day.

Fortunately, though, we're not too late to honor the brothers and sisters across the television dial that keep us entertained on a weekly basis.

From those who fight over the same girl to those who re-enact the lift on Dirty Dancing, the following pairings and trios represent some of the best relationships on television.

Click through them now, sound off on your favorite and, of course, scream at us for whichever small screen siblings we may have missed:

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Damon and Stefan for me with Dean and Sam a very close second. Their relationships are grounded in reality but they have to deal with the extraordinary. They have this love hate relationship with each other but ultimately they are brothers who have no other family and realise how important the other is to them. Love the TVD scene where Damon and Stefan go on a road trip like the Winchesters do. I think their first names are also connected Damon and Dean (older bros) first name starts with D; younger bros Stefan and Sam (first name starts with S).....


"The bond between Sam and Dean Winchester is what drives all of Supernatural." Amen to that. From your lips to Carver's ears. Though I always say the heart is like a Guatemalan bus--there's always room for one more. (I lived in Guatemala for a year, I know of which I speak. They literally ride on the roof of the bus and the sides hanging onto the window frames.) So there's room to love other characters as well.


Seriously? Damon chased after his little brothers high school girlfriend, he killed Stefan's best friend Lexi, he's caused so much death, destruction, etc for Stefan. Icing on the cake he had s ex with Stefan's girlfriend literally with a couple of hours after she was sired to Damon.


How about Jane, Frankie and Tommy Rizzoli?

@ Hege

You are right ,they should be in the list


ross and monica geller! come on guys!


I never understand why it is always about Two brothers .... My all time Best-Loved once are
Damon & Stefan
Dean & Sam
Eilijah & Klaus
.................... And Michael Scofield & Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break .. Why this list missed them ....
This link has a beautiful Picture of all of the siblings mentioned above :-) https://twitter.com/ManglaniEk...


Sam and Dean for me....hell they'd go to hell for each other..literally!!


Sorry but I think Sam and Dean two brothers that love each other more than anything, put each other first, and DIED FOR EACH OTHER triumph Stefan and Damon who are two brothers fighting over a girl (Katherine) starting in 1864 and now are fighting over another girl (Elena) who looks exactly like Katherine.


Sorry but I think Sam and Dean two brothers who love each other more than anything and willing to die for each other and actually DID DIE FOR EACH OTHER triumph Stefan and Damon who are two brothers that will let some girl get in between them


for me
1-Damon & stefan
2-Sam & dean
3- Eilajah & Klaus