The Big Bang Theory: Watch Season 7 Episode 19 Online

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Penny gets another chance to star in the sequel her cheesy movie. She has difficulty deciding whether or not it's a good career move. She gets advice from Wil Wheaton. Will she take the job or not?

She's not the only one with a decision to make in The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19. Sheldon wants to get a new gaming system, but can't chose between the Xbox One and PS4. It's all he can talk about. Poor Amy!

Raj gets a date! Or maybe two.... Watch The Big Bang Theory online now to check out the decisionmaking antics.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Penny: Next time I get pulled over for a speeding ticket, here come the waterworks.
Sheldon [running to bathroom]: Here come the waterworks!
Leonard: Aren't you gonna ask?
Penny: What is this, my first day?

Sheldon: Boy, do I have to urinate.
Leonard: If only there were a solution
to that.
Sheldon: Seriously. I feel like I've got
a fish tank in my pelvis.