The Big Bang Theory Review: Decisions, Decisions

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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Sheldon, Raj and Penny are all faced with important-to-them choices on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19 - and these quandaries provided the set up for the funniest installment of the year. 

I don't often physically laugh while watching television, so when I do it's got to be a really funny episode. This one left me cracking up several times. I enjoyed all three of the storylines, which is highly unusual. Normally one of them is much weaker than the others.

Raj is finally dating! And not only is he dating one person, he's dating two. Well, sorta. I'm with Emily on this one. It was adorable. The idea that Raj meeting Lucy again was "dating" her was a sign of his innocence. And his honesty was refreshing.

Raj is clearly inexperienced, but he's genuine. Emily was able to overlook his awkwardness and see the good man that he is. I liked her so far. I hope the writers keep Emily around for a little while. I'm not overly optimistic about that since they haven't done right by Raj so far, but maybe he'll be given a shot this time.

Emily: How serious were you two?
Raj: Well, to be honest, we only went on four dates, hugged twice, kissed once, and there was a handshake loaded with sexual innuendo.
Emily: Wait, so... a girl you never slept with sent you an e-mail and you felt so guilty about it that you had to tell me?
Raj: Yeah.
Emily: That's kind of adorable.

The funniest moments came from Sheldon and his game system quest. The pee exchange with Leonard was a hilarious opening sequence and was the perfect bookend around Penny's audition story.

By far the best scene was when Amy was overly enthusiastic in response to Sheldon's comparisons of the Xbox One and the PS4 during dinner. Sheldon didn't notice at all.  Her yelling, "Please pass the butter!" was awesome. Though, I'm not sure she should have put up with him continuing the conversation during their kiss. Well, I guess that kiss was better than no kiss.

Throughout Sheldon's back and forth between the two systems, I wondered how the show would choose which one he'd actually select. Neither appeared to be product placement since there were stickers over the names on all the boxes. The solution worked; the store closed before he made a choice.

While he never made a decision, Penny did. She ended up taking the role in the cheesy movie sequel she turned down in The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 17. The cameo by Wil Wheaton wasn't as bad as when he stopped by and played trains with Sheldon, but it didn't really work for me. Why would they call him for advice? And the depression thing was odd.

The only thing that saved it was when Wil showed up dressed as the orangutan in a bikini at the end. It was something that I should have seen coming, but I didn't. I'll admit I laughed. 

Who should Raj date?

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Does anyone know the name of the actress who plays as emily? I've been trying to find or but I can't find it anywhere lol.


Well, thats why so many memes about the console war, and the south park episodes abouit, among other things
Pick once or both, dont be so insecure Sheldon!
Thats why i claim for interactivity between systems
I was surprised that Bernie knew a console name (no surprise about her fail with card)
Raj this time wasnt the forever alone one at last!
I will keep saying it, Each episode must last longer, 7 main chars is too many for less than half hour
About penny and his career dilemma .... meh


Lucy is not funny at all. They made her too pathetic and weird, unlike Amy who is truly a funny character. Plus there is zero chemistry between Lucy and Raj. I don't see it with Emily either. What happened to Yvette the vet?? They set that up as a romance for Raj and it just disappeared. This season has not worked. The episodes are disjointed, lack credibility and the actors are not getting good lines anymore. They dropped the wonderful development of Sheldon and Amy's kiss. Now they had them kiss again but there is no development at all, which is a shame. Howard is now grossly underused, given that he is probably the most gifted comedian in the whole cast. He used to be hilarious. Now they don't write anything funny for him anymore. Sheldon is repetitive and the actor is not into the role anymore. Penny is totally disconnected and looks absolutely terrible (no offense, Kaley,, but when you're being paid mega-millions every year partly to keep up a certain appearance, you could at least color your roots, no?) The show, once the funniest in the history of TV (for me, at least) is not funny anymore.

@ Stravinsky

My guess the actress who played as the vet only want drama shows, or she is not good for comedy

@ Stravinsky

i am with you about howard being under use all they have to is get rid of amy then there will be more time for howard

@ Stravinsky

You speak the truth sadly, this brilliant show started to go downhill after season 3 - I have denied it for years, but your post got me back.

@ Jonas

thank you i like the show ans always well. it's just some thing about amy i just don't like and i wish they well just go back to the 4 guys and the girld nextdoor and let the guys be the sweet smart and geeksy guys they were once

@ stephie1973

if you hope that this happens I believe that you should see another show. The history of Sheldon and Amy is destined to grow it is evident, and the other ones will go on also.. Not Amy or Bernadette will ever go out of the cast (fortunately)


This episode was hilarious I laughed so much. Sheldon's decision was the funniest and really I could make that decision in my sleep PS4 all the way I am a playstation person one of the only reason I don't have the PS4 is because I got the PS3 2 Christmas's ago and I wasn't allowed to ask for the PS4 last Christmas because I had just gotten the PS3. Bernadette and the card was funny and I just couldn't stop laughing when she told Penny and Amy what happened. Penny's story was good and the ending with Will being the other orangutan was funny.


Oh Sheldon, PS4 is the choice, it's no brainer. But that sl was hilarious and I even loved Amy giving her the "full" attention and I also loved Sheldon's jab to Bernadette on Wii - "Thanks grandma" LOL Raj with his problem with seeing two women at the same time was funny and I hope Emily will be back. Also Raj has some good moves on women and Penny got to witness that first hand and ofc that dimwit Leonard got jealous. Well it's official, Leonard is the most boring one of the main cast and I can't still grasp why Penny is still with him and in love with him - But it would explain her drinking more. Penny should run for the hills given the emotional baggage Leonard is toting. Like Always Sheldon was the best in this episode along with Amy and that's saying something because I really don't like Amy with Sheldon.


I loved Lucy but after everything she put raj through i don't think she deserves him


I agree, this was one of the funnier episodes of the season (heck there were four technical stories going on and Bernadette and Howard's were kind of fun grown up life thing going on in the background). I hope Emily sticks around and I have hope just because technically they introduced her through another character and she and Amy could be friends.


This episode was excellent. Often in recent weeks, one plot line has been funny, and the other sort of lame, but here, everything clicked. Everyone had a dilemma, all of them absorbing. Sheldon's was the silliest, but he seemed to suffer the most. Amy was great in the butter scene, and the twist at the end with Will Wheaton was unexpected and priceless.


the only part i hated was the kiss it so not needed, but the rest of it was funny


Raj--Emily or Lucy are not going to be couples...based on the past, the audience will never buy it.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Penny: Next time I get pulled over for a speeding ticket, here come the waterworks.
Sheldon [running to bathroom]: Here come the waterworks!
Leonard: Aren't you gonna ask?
Penny: What is this, my first day?

Sheldon: Boy, do I have to urinate.
Leonard: If only there were a solution
to that.
Sheldon: Seriously. I feel like I've got
a fish tank in my pelvis.