The Blacklist Review: In Sickness and In Health

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The truth about Tom will soon be fully revealed.

Who is he working for? What is with Berlin? Why is Liz connected at all?

That enigmatic mystery that surrounds Liz’s husband grows larger with each passing episode, as crumbs of information leak out for Liz and Red to try and connect the dots.

It’s good to see the two working together, but are they really? Red says he doesn’t know what’s up with Tom besides what Liz pretty much knows, but is he just lying? Should she even trust Red?

Either way, until Tom explains who he actually is (not the teacher with the estranged brother cover), Liz is going to get further in league with Red. I just wonder if Tom is being made to look like a “bad guy” since we as viewers don’t really know the complete story.

I can certainly imagine the anger and frustration Liz must be feeling with learning Tom isn’t quite who he says he is. And seeing her tear the room apart was the perfect illustration of her emotions.

Her dedication and drive on any task is not something to be underestimated, so making it even more personal is going to push her even harder.

It made her smack down entrance to talk to “Craig” that much more exciting. Liz was in full on attack mode, and even though the fake brother got in a few good moves, she managed to win out and deliver a great one liner before it cut to commercial.

Granted, we really didn’t learn too much from Craig/Christopher besides getting calls from people without names, Tom’s got a brother in Chicago, there’s a woman named Nikki and being “accountable to Berlin” doesn’t sound friendly. Is Berlin a place or a person?

It’s no surprise that Red was able to find a pressure point to make Christopher talk (using his mother), but it was a shock to see him throw himself out the window. Though, Red’s reaction was darkly comical and suited the moment. Good thing he grabbed those pretzels, too.

What we really have so far are just a bunch of random pieces, such as that key, and questions to keep us and Liz guessing and coming back for more. I can only imagine where the show is planning to take it all as we near The Blacklist Season 1 finale.

As for Liz pretending to still love Tom? Some of her comments about his identity and their relationship border the obvious, but yikes at having to play the newlywed part and sleep with him when she can’t stand to even look at him.

It's going to be tough for those two to keep it all together.

The case of the week on The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 18 ultimately played into the final moments with Red wanting to look at Milton Bobbit’s client list, but even that didn’t tell us anything.

The Undertaker himself had an interesting assassin concept with the murder/suicide, but by the end, even with his creepiness, it just wasn’t as intriguing as the larger story. At least, there wasn’t the overplayed “hero” moment of Ressler putting himself in harms way to stop Milton. I liked seeing the arrest instead and letting Milton go out on his own.

Still, it is that larger story that sucks me in, and each time James Spader brings Red to life that you can’t help but want to see what he does next. I just hope that we get some more solid clues that lead the story and Liz somewhere, and maybe, in discovering the real identity of Tom and his mission.

Does Red know more about Tom than he's letting on?


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I really love this show. How true it is that James Spader deserves an Emmy for the performance of Red. Still I am not a hundred percent sure that he is not Liz's father. There was the little red haired girl blowing bubbles outside the house he blew up. He pulled some wood away from the kitchen to reveal fire damage underneath. Even Tom said he was sure that Red has paid for Liz's care as a child. Maybe Red said he was not her father because he did not bring her up.
Someone who kills two people including one of Reds hires is a really crazy assassin or a secret agent. If he went to work for Red that would put the cat among the pigeons. I doubt it though.


I do hope in these final episodes of the season we do get the reveal we're all wanting. But something tells me we won't. I still don't buy Red being Liz's father.


Another awesome episode that left me wanting more. I loved Red and Liz working together, and like a couple other people mentioned, I actually thought Megan Boone did a good job in this episode. I love Red's lines, especially the pretzel one. James Spader so deserves an Emmy!


Things I liked: - The guest actor, and the blacklister idea in general also.
- Getting the visual summary of the things we know by now.
- Ressler's solution to the standoff (not obvious).
- Megan Boone's acting (surprisingly).
- Liz and Red, obviously. Still very sure he's not her father, but I'm intrigued once again.
- The FBI being competent (to my knowledge).
- Where this is headed. Things I disliked: - The whole thing turning out to be personal seemed too similar to last week's episode.
- Dembe's comment on the paint. It was weird and a clear fan service if I ever saw one.
- That Craig jumped out of the window seemed like an easy solution to the writer's "let's not reveal too much" problem, but I'll take it.

Sarah silva

I still do not 100% think that Tom is bad. I know it sure looks like it but I just have this feeling there will be some epic twist coming.
Another possible twist and I am sure this is slim to none BUT Red and Tom could be working together! How insane would that be!?!?
This was another great episode.
I thought she just imagined herself destroying the room and the photos etc. If she really did it then she sure had lots of time to clean it all up, before heading to work.
I was so not expecting Craig/Christopher to throw himself out the window.
I wonder why Red wanted to look at Milton Bobbit's files.
Yes I too loved both the yogurt covered pretzel comments.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Agreed about Tom. I mean, he HAS killed two people. But Red said he's looking into him because "someone was meddling in his business", which isn't necessarily bad, and he's with Liz because of Red which, again, doesn't mean he's bad. However, my best bet is that he has something to do with Fitch. My hope is that he's the tip of the iceberg for some bigger, new organization and he'll maybe turn good. (Maybe Red is planning on this, and it has something to do with the Blacklist (the pieces he gets from it)). At this point I can't do more than speculate I think.


I think when Red says he has always been honest with Lizzie, he has. He tells her when he's not sharing everything. In the pilot, Liz barged into the hotel loudly demanding Red tell her what Red knows about the attack on Tom and knocked a lamp off a table. This time she, again, loudly demanded he tell her about Tom and knocked his bags off the table. Poor direction or the only kind of action of frustration this actress knows how to perform? For once, the case and the other characters were interesting enough that I didn't mind being distracted away from Red. However, as usual, Red still stole the show. I loved, loved, loved his reaction to Christopher jumping out of the window and not forgetting the pretzels. I loved Red and Dembe sitting on the couch watching the Three Stooges while waiting for Lizzie, "Unlike someone else who shall remain nameless, we waited for you." Red's quick wit lines were on fire in this episode.

@ RM

I take as Liz being seriously violent when she's pissed off. Because seriously. Also, Megan Boone (the actress) has gotten seriously better at playing her part, considering the first run of episodes. I really liked her in this episode, to my surprise.

@ Guest

I may have written "seriously" too much. That's what I get for not proof-reading my comments.

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