The Blacklist Review: Another Mysterious Box

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It was a box under the floor which made Liz suspicious of her husband. Will it now be another box that shifts that suspicion from Tom to Red?

The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 19 was not a good hour for Liz. She confirmed her marriage was a farce, her husband ridiculed her for being easily manipulated and then she found out that Red may not be who he says he is either. Poor Liz. 

For someone who's supposed to be an excellent FBI agent, she sure gets played a lot. And, breaking Tom's thumb? A moment which should have demonstrated her strength and resolve, instead showed her amateur status compared to both Tom and Red. She's not nearly up to their level. 

She let her emotions get the better of her. Instead of playing it smart and careful, she was impulsive and stupid. Tom saw her at the National Archives and it was game over. Tom went to ground in order to protect himself and his mission. Without Red's help, Liz would have never seen Tom again.

Red's motivations are as opaque as always. He cared more about Liz and getting Tom then protecting the Chinese scientist. With the Pavlovich Brothers in town, he used their expertise in order to capture Tom, but then left him in Lizzie's care. If he thought she could handle her husband, he was mistaken.

The heart-to-heart between Liz and Tom was painful to watch. If Tom had any feelings for her, he effectively hid them from her. She was still the woman who put a heart in the dust on his shoes. She's a romantic and that left her vulnerable to Tom's charms both then and now. 

As she sat handcuffed on the stairs, she didn't show any doubt about Tom's statements about Red. When she was free and able, she immediately went to the back to open the safe deposit box. Instead of guns, fake documents, and money that she found in Tom's box under the floor boards, this box held a manila envelope with a few sheets a paper.

From the look on Lizzie's face, everything has changed. 

We'll have to wait at least a week to find out what was on those pages, but it's likely something that will create a divide between Liz and Red. Who is he really? And will the truth ultimately bring them closer together or pull them apart? 

It's possible that Tom really is on the right side and a good guy. Regardless, it's unlikely that Liz will ever forgive him. He lied, stole her heart, and used her in ways that are unforgivable. Though, I guess crazier things have happened!

I don't really have much to say about the scientist. The FBI really needs to re-examine and freshen up their standard operating procedures. The criminals seem to know what the FBI will do and that needs to stop. This case really was just a  way to bring the Brothers back, so Red could use them to get Tom. It wasn't anything too exciting, especially in comparison to the Tom-Liz story.

Liz definitely was outplayed by Tom, but she did hold her own in their hand-to-hand combat. That was a great fight. She had the guts and the skills, she just needs to get her heart in check if she wants to beat Tom and find out the truth. It's unfortunate, but it's necessary for her to focus on the pragmatic rather than the emotional. There will be time to mourn the lost love and innocence later.

Who is the better man?


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Red is related either to Lizzie's mother who died or her career criminal father that abandoned her or once upon a time had a close friendship that went wrong before Christmas eve 1990 the year he disappeared after discovering whatever happened to his family. I believe Red and his family took Lizzie in to raise after her father abandoned her till that fateful night Lizzie either witnessed or heard something that night she survived Red took her to Sam to adopt and raise her. I think Berlin is Lizzie father who is responsible why he had Tom planted not to hurt her but to be her personal watchman if she remembers anything from her childhood and keep her away from Red leading her to the truth of all truths that lies within Lizzie. Red has stated twice he is there because of her father the first time when she asked why me his reply with contempt facial and tone expression BECAUSE OF YOUR FATHER the second when she asked did you know my father Red reply I am here because of your father she asked did you know my parents Reds reply I wish the answer is as simple as the question .....its complicated ..... Red indicated to his side kick Grey/Newton his Adversary is personal so Red knows who it is that connects Lizzie Red and her father I am betting on the long play "The Future"


Too much of that idiot Lizzie, and not nearly enough of the awesome Red.


RM has it exactly right. Nothing seems to happen unless and until Red double crosses the criminals in the end and spoon feeds these FBI morons as to either where they are or who to talk to in order to find them. Outside of Red, Mr. Kaplan, and Red's bodyguards (why did they kill the Asian beauty?) and the villians, I hate every other single character in this show, from the arrogant and buffoonish Cooper, (can't put a black man in charge of anything important; the power goes to his head and he is incapable of handling the responsibility) the terminally stupid Ressler, the boneheaded, petulant, childlike Lizzie, and all the other third rate morons (especially the insufferable, and idiotic C.I.A. chick) whose names aren't worth remembering. Although the scripts are well written, the show itself has turned into somewhat of a farce now. An FBI counter-terrorism unit that can't think beyond the next bathroom break, a rogue criminal agent who owns a private jet and goes anywhere he wants no questions asked, and a female lead character who can't see the obvious even if it slaps her in the face. I think this show has run out of steam. Time to reboot by killing off Lizzie and Ressler. That would be an excellent start...............


I like Ressler, but would love to have Lizzie gone. She is an idiot!


Tom is NOT one of the good guys. He murdered jolene parker and red's guy in cold blood, and his fake brother committed suicide because he didnt want his employer to find out he's been compromised. Tom clearly works for the bad guys. I really wanna know more about berlin and what their interest in liz is. And I cant wait till next week to find out what's in the envelope


Liz was stupid, stupid, stupid in last night's episode. Following Tom into archives when Red had it covered, and then breaking his thumb while he was in handcuffs. She deserved to get herself beat up and handcuffed to the stairs. I really don't care for Megan Boone. This show is all about James Spader, but we don't get nearly enough of him...sigh.


At this point, the best thing that could happen in this show would be Lizzie's death. In the beginning, we were led to believe she was going to be some profiling mastermind but in the end she is an idiot. If it isn't spoon fed to her by Red she can't see what is right in front of her face. She finds a box under HER carpet, under HER floorboards that has passports for her husband, money and a gun used in an assassination and she blames Red. Idiot. THEN, when she does finally learn that Tom is not a nice guy she does everything to undermine what Red is doing to figure out the truth. Red is #4 of FBI's most wanted because he is among the best at this sort of thing -- you leave him to it. Red is trying to protect his assets but he is letting her run roughshod all over the place -- he needs to shut her down. In fact, HE needs to put a bullet in her head. Frankly, she will be his downfall. The best episodes of the season have revolved around Red. The worst have been Lizzie focused. She knows who Red is but still it's "You're a monster; help me. You're a monster; help me. You're a monster; help me." We see that she's going to be back to "you're a monster, we're through" in the next episode. Hopefully, that will be over before the end of the episode because if what follows is anything like the last time she said they were through it was followed by two episodes of maybe 8 minutes of Red in each -- the WORST episodes of the season. I would like to say that maybe Lizzie isn't a bad person so she wouldn't know how to torture and give her a pass on the thumbs thing but I would also hope that the FBI would have handcuffs training 101. What was that interrogation supposed to be about? Getting answers or being a whiny loser. She was embarrassing. You know you're husband is a murderer and has falsely married you in order to get closer to Red and you debase yourself to ask if he cares that his "wife is dying?" Of course he doesn't care! She is way too emotional. I liked the Brothers and I liked that they knew Red by name/reputation. You definitely get the idea that Red is a VERY bad person in the criminal world, which is funny since he is all about finesse and class. Finally, Cooper is noticing that Lizzie is being derelict in her duties. It's nice that Ressler is covering but I hope that the next episode finds her coming completely clean to her co-workers. The writers are not doing any of these FBI characters any favors by making them all morons.

@ RM

Ressler didn't cover for Liz. He told Cooper she was having trouble at home. Ressler doesn't know the whole story..........

@ Terrie

Up to that point, he has been covering for her. He knew there was something amiss. I didn't think it possible at the beginning of the show, but Ressler has become a good character. It would be great to see him become Red's contact and get rid of Lizzie.

@ RM

Excellent review. And you are right about Liz being in "you're a monster" mode again next week. Clearly the photos must be of Red killing her step-Dad in the hospital. Eventually she will find out why he did it and then they will be back to being friends again.

@ mcgreggl

Red has been following Liz life for a long time, I believe he arranged for hospital guy to adopt and raise her. I also think he was responsible for the death of her real parents. That is why he feels so responsible for her and bends over backward to do her bidding. .


The writing for this episode was troubling. The whole "brothers' subplot was lame and hardly focused. I'd rate it about a D.
The Tom part was conflicting. His taunting about 'daddy issues' and revelation he pitied her because he knew he hooked her, were cruel. It is hardly a way for a 'good guy' to come clean. There was NO revelation or evidence of Tom's better angel in this. Wouldn't there be some time taken to explain who or why this duplicity has been going on? The fight scene with a broken thumb and holding the weapon in confrontation pose with said thumb, and there were TWO crunches when she did the thingmwith the grips.
So then, tom tells her about the safe deposit box with whatever smoking gun evidence. Whatever. We know Red is a coldblooded killer
but we have been hooked by the fact he is a paradox, a purveyor of a faustian deal with the FBI to bust unreachable criminals, while he attains the atonomy of an immunity deal for assistance.
If that is a photo of Red suffocating her father, and she doesn't bust him for it, we would be through the looking glass of impossibility.
When you add up all the evidence from all season, and we knew there was something hinky about Tom from the beginning, and so did Lizzy. Her clueless inability to process, and the fact she had been intimate within days of this episode pretty much makes her a moron.


Episode under-delivered. Nothing of substance was really presented. Just more mystery and confusion. The series is nose-diving.

Sarah silva

Another great episode!
I need to know what is in those photo's Liz found in the box.
I have this feeling and have had for a few weeks and said it before that maybe Red really is out to get Liz and that Tom is the good one. That would be one crazy twist!
Liz was not afraid to break Tom's thumb, I knew he would get free and there would be a fight! I was just expecting him to get free when her back was turned to him when she was talking to Red.
I really want to see Elizabeth and Ressler get together.
I could have sworn that the box she looked in, at the end was not in her house, but I may be wrong, I recall seeing her in a room that did not look like her house.

Nicola alexandra skae bradburn
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Red is Lizzies dad as previously stated, Red didnt Smack Lizzie about, Tom did.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

she was in the safe room at the bank that had the safe deposit box.


I was ticked off at this episode. I don't get why Liz let Tom get the best of her........the reviewer is right--she let her emotions get the best of her and she seems really good at that...........I also agree the brothers were brought back only to assist Red in capturing Tom. The scientist was just a back story in this episode........ A lot seem to think Red is Liz's father........I'm still not buying that. Red was definitely connected to her family somehow but I just don't think he is her father.......and I will be really disappointed if that turns out to be what happens. I'm still trying to figure out just who Tom is working for and why and what he is really doing.............

@ Terrie

I think Tom works for Fitch, and they're trying to set Red up so he'll be easier to kill.

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Say something to your wife who is dying in front of you. Say something.


Liz: He's gone. My husband is gone.
Red: Your husband never existed.