The Good Wife Review: A Canning Move

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What's better than an actual funeral for a dear departed character? Watching his two "Irish mistresses" downing dirty martinis afterward and shaking on a merger.

It's too bad that everything set in motion at the beginning of The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 17 sort of fell apart by the end of the hour.

That's not a bad thing, because it was a damned interesting hour of television. The changes keep coming, just as you'd expect after a traumatic event and the death of someone as alive as Will Gardner.

Lawyers at the Bar

I've been wondering since before the split of the firms if at some point there would be another merger. Will was so busy scooping up other companies and nobody really seemed happy about it. Except David Lee and Damian Boyle. There always have to be a couple of smart asses around. David Lee phoning Diane right after Will's funeral is what brought up the idea of a merger in the first place.

Alicia appeared to be genuinely shocked at the idea of a merger and perhaps didn't take it quite as seriously as Diane meant it. Alicia isn't used to drinking and she got tanked fairly quick, but they did shake on it. I am not a Wharton graduate, but I know a good lawyer could argue that a handshake is binding. 

Kalinda is suffering more than I imagined she would be, not because she didn't love Will but because she's so tough. Now she can't have sex without seeing Will's blood splatter. That's interesting because he was one of the few fully platonic friends she had and that's the impact his death is having on her. She forced the issue with Jenna to get dirt on Damian to force him to quit Lockhart/Gardner.

That forced outing put Diane back into control for a little while. In his anger at being torn asunder, David Lee (he's really not David without the Lee, ya know?) took it upon himself to call Louis Canning and offer them up for a merger. Since he's in the previews for next week and in Will's office, apparently the idea gets a majority vote. Will this be what drives Diane and Kalinda to join with Florrick/Agos or will things at Lockhart/Gardner fail so spectacularly with Canning that the merger fails and David Lee goes with him?

The reason one of those options is so appealing -- especially the original merger between the two remaining firms -- is because the dynamic Diane has with Alicia and Cary is outstanding. Fighting cases together again -- such as the death row cases they've visited in the past -- will be brilliant if they're all on the same team. When they're fighting each other, the legal aspect of The Good Wife isn't nearly as interesting. 

If Michael J. Fox signs a deal that keeps Canning on the series, his partnership with David Lee would be enough to start building an opposing firm that would be a good nemesis but give Diane back to us. She truly is like a gazelle on the savanna and it's not been fun to watch since they all parted ways.

Alicia could probably be in big trouble for reaching out to Finn after learning information from Jeffrey Grant's father about the State's Attorney's Office. Nonetheless, she's not in the mood to play games. Unfortunately, she also wasn't in the mood to attend the hearing she had with Finn when he really needed her. He's a good guy and understands she's hurting.

He's offered his hand in friendship. Let's hope she doesn't wish it to be more considering who died in his arms.

It was ironic that the state's attorney said he wanted an honest office and blah blah, then turned around and conveniently forgot he was the one who prosecuted Jeffrey Grant. He's no friend of Finn, and now Alicia is going to have less pull with all the offices in government considering she just effectually pulled out of her marriage.

It wasn't a surprise that she was going to tell Peter to pound salt. He wasn't nearly as compassionate about Will's death as he should have been even if she did have an affair with him. If he really didn't want her to throw away her marriage, then he should have given her a shoulder and stopped with the pretend "Are you alright?" questions when he didn't really want to know the answer. 

The result might have been different had he not expected her to be present at photo ops within days of Will's death or funeral. Everyone knew the man killed in the court house was a coworker of Alicia's so it wouldn't have been negative press. The writers wanted to paint Peter poorly and they did a great job.

A lot of people are struggling. Diane is being fed to the wolves by her own firm, Kalinda sees Will's face when she wants intimacy, Alicia is fighting everyone with every fiber of her being and not holding on very well and David Lee is fighting for -- something. It's never a dull moment. Catch up with episodes and reminisce about Will when you watch The Good Wife online.

Do you think Diane will end up at Florrick/Agos?


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I love this eps. Period!

Drea xoxo

I enjoyed the episode but at the same time i was annoyed. annoyed at alicia being alicia and not acknowledging her actions towards others and the statements made. I dont want a merger unless the show is ending and we do a flashforward.... david lee annoying me but not as much as that silly Irish guy WHY IS HE STILL HERE TGW AND WILL GONE!! hope the actor doesn't regret it, josh charles i think??? i just want the show to be wrapped up correctly by the finale.....


"Alicia isn't used to drinking" - you must be kidding, she has a drink in her hand in almost every scene!


This is the first season I have watched every episode so forgive me if I don't have a grat background on the show.. I think Diane will join Alicia and Cary. I think she would like a fresh start and the challenge of building something new. Another reason I believe this could happen goes back to first time Diane Will came to Alicia and Cary's office she remarked to Will about how it reminder her of them starting out, I felt even then she missed that.

@ jschoi

I completely agree with you! Her remark in the Florrick/Agos offices held a lot of weight in my opinion. With Will's death, the people Diane feels closest to now are in another firm. I really hope that happens. Of course, I'm selfish. ;-)


"Alicia isn't used to drinking..." Have we been watching the same show!?

@ Elizabeth

Yes. Just because she drinks often doesn't mean she drinks to excess. They're hardly the same when it comes to getting drunk. I'm sure David Lee brought in Canning in the hopes of tearing her asunder. We can only hope! Maybe Peter would think her a good candidate for judge again. He must be confused.

@ Carissa Pavlica

As a female I tell it like it is. wright John.

@ Troll

If you're sharing YOUR feelings, then go by your name or your chosen avatar and quit disguising yourself as 15 different people every week -- MALE AND FEMALE -- and spreading the same vitriol about Alicia over and over again. Do it under one username, be the female you say you are and join in the conversation. Otherwise, you're a troll.

@ Elizabeth

I forgot to add, remember the season 3 finale 'The Dream Team' with Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm trying to destroy Lockhart/Gardner? Is it possible that Canning is only coming aboard to bring down the firm from the inside? It would add to the theory that Diane and Kalinda might move to Florrick/Agos.


I love Alicia in her way to deal with her grief...I mean, I know she is hurting, but she was agressive and I like when she is not in control!
sure..breaking up with Peter should have happened ages ago, she simply realized that they are not on the same page...
it's not about the hookers...or well, not entirely, but the fact that he is constantly trtying to cheat his way through things, the votes...did you see she didn't even bring it up??as if she was used to that...expecting he would eventually behave can't stay with someone who you don't respect, right?


Finnaly Alicia tell Peter to f... Him self. Peter abused power, slept around also with hookers. Alicia cheated also but that was when they were seperated. I have no truble with that. Peter is still abusing power and cheating with votes. I'm so glad Alicia is ending it. I also get why they both need the marriage to work publicly. We also got rid of Damian, thank god. One of the most annoing characters ever. I hope Diane and Alicia merge. And sink David Lee.

@ Hege

Your only separated when you not banging your spouse, and where did it say Peter was doing all this and abusing power and votes (no jury or judge). Don't count your chickens yet on Alicia ending it, she is famous for running back to Peter when the heat get hot.
As for the merge it won't happen Argo and associates will see to that, and Alicia telling Cary she would quit when he asked if she was all right just another cop out.
As per Damian if I were Kalinda I would leave town soon.

@ Alex D

Just stop trolling the comments.


I hope TGW doesn't put Alicia and Finn into a relationship. He looks too young for her--the actor is over a decade younger than JM--unless the writers include this older woman younger man dynamic into the storyline. Alicia has been very unlikeable this season. She is a "selfish bitch," to use Peter's words, but still calls him out on his behavior! What about her behavior?

@ Philada

And Peter is a bastard...............

@ Philada

If my memory serve me wright when Finn visited Alicia at home when she was under the same old BO HO when things go wrong he told her that he and his wife lost a child so he knew about death.
Her behavior has been on a scale of 1 to 10 is 1 not to be trusted.


I love the way Alicia told Peter to go but if I were writing this series it would be totally different. She thinks Peter needs her and he only needs her for public viewing, wrong now is the time to turn the tables and have Peter file for divorce and watch her squirm. She would totally be stunned and afraid that all her dirt would come out and the kids would see that dear old mom has been lying to them all this time about her infidelity.
All through the last 5 seasons her lies have many, running to Peter everytime she felt horny, if she hated him so long about his fooling around there shouldn't have been any sex. Which means separated or not sex with Will was crossing the line and playing the lets run home to Peter.

@ Susan Latte

Peter's no saint!!!!!!!!!!! He slept with Kalinda and countless hookers and Alicia only slept with Will. Sure, 2 wrongs don't make a right but again, Peter IS NOT A SAINT!!!!!!!! I, for one, think it was time for them to go their separate ways........I don't agree them staying together just for show............

@ Terrie

Remember the troll who thinks Peter is a saint? Susan. Karl. They're back! Anyone calling out Alicia as a whore? Be suspicious.


I'm not the biggest fun of Alicia but I also loved her fight with Peter. And may I say, it was long overdue. David Lee might be right that you don't make big decisions when in grief but I think that Will's death and Peter's awful behaviour afterwards (I mean, come on, how well can you fake compassion when you're giving yourself the highest of five inside) made Alicia realize that for a long time now her marriage has been just an empty shell. Peter asking if she wants to sleep with someone else just shows how little he gets her. I understand Alicia's choice (how cynical of her) to stay with him for professional reasons but, on the other hand, I would love to see Alicia completely on her own, definitively ending things with her husband and focusing just on her children and her work, maybe finding some meaningful relationship on a way or maybe just trying to get some life, have some fun. Now that would be interesting to watch.

@ kaitleen

yesssss...I agree! she should try to be happy...

@ kaitleen

I agree, Alicia deserves to be happy. She's been through a lot.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Diane: We were like the two mistresses at the Irish funeral.
Alicia: Yep.
Diane: I'm sorry, I meant that metaphorically.
Alicia: I know.

Alicia: If I die before you, please don't let them read "Wind Beneath my Wings" at my funeral.
Diane: Who knew it had so many verses?