The Originals Review: Family Rules

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Does anyone else feel like we've been on one long, crazy ride so far on The Originals season 1? Because I am certainly starting to feel that way. 

But despite all the many different stories which have played out over the past 19 episodes - 20 if we count the backdoor pilot from The Vampire Diaries season 4 - one thing has remained the common theme running as the undercurrent in each episode:

Family above all.

The Originals Season 1 Episode 19 began with Klaus and Elijah divided over their shared werewolf dilemma and ended with them united, once again, by the bonds of brotherhood. 

Now the only question is where does Hayley belong?

So Hayley's staying in the bayou where it's "safe" for her. Until, that is, a dude on a motorcycle drives into their middle-of-nowhere camp and blows up his wolfsbane-laced bike injuring a handful of wolves in broad daylight and sending Hayley on a mission to kill Marcel because he must be behind this, right? 

Except no, Marcel isn't behind this. Marcel is sitting in his loft waiting for Hayley to arrive so he can hand her a bag of cash and advise her to leave town, call her Andrea Labonair, and reveal that if she had wanted to know anything at all about her birth parents all she ever had to do was ask him.


Hayley's a smart girl, and during that scene it I was seriously befuddled by the fact that until now, Hayley and Marcel have never had a serious conversation wherein she might ascertain that he, being a man who has never left New Orleans, might know a thing or two about her lineage. Which he does.

He's the one who gave her to Father Kieran so she could find an adoptive family because he "has a thing about kids."

Their interaction did serve as a misdirect toward the real culprit behind the bombing. It really seemed like it was possible that Marcel had done it, but the throwaway line pointing her toward the casinos and the humans cleared him. And the humans. 

Leading us to Oliver. Ollie, Oliver, Blondey McBiceps, whatever you want to call him, is not at all a believable actor and that's making everything he says feel so self-important and ridiculous that I can't even take it seriously. (The same with Jackson and the way it's like he's always talking without opening his mouth. Is it just me who's annoyed by that? It's like Milo Ventimiglia's speaking on steroids!)

Oliver set up the attack at their camp not expecting that many people would die. He just wanted to rile them up so they'll go on the offensive against the very well prepared vampires who actually live in and control the city of New Orleans.

Oliver did this because he's an idiot.

The werewolf arc is not my favorite storyline right now, you guys. It just isn't. I wanted it to be interesting and give us some of Hayley's history, but now that we know Marcel can tell her anything she wants to know, I just can't buy into it as one of the factions I'm supposed to care about, and especially not after Oliver manipulated his entire pack. 

Maybe I'm not supposed to care about it? If that's what the writers are going for, mission accomplished. Maybe I'm just not supposed to care about Oliver?

How Elijah didn't see that Oliver planted the bombs himself is sort of beyond me, unless he did figure it out and we just don't know it yet. It sort of feels like a classic Klaus maneuver and something Elijah should be able to pick up on quite rapidly given the fact that he's a thousand years old. He's sort of seen it all by now.

But if he did figure it out and he didn't tell Hayley, particularly after helping to nurse her people and care for their injuries all day long, then, well, why wouldn't he tell her? It just doesn't make sense. He just killed dozens of members of his family!

Hopefully Hayley will figure this out for herself soon enough and she can put Oliver down. 

As awkward and sad a transition as that might be, Kieran was put down tonight. My heart is still crying a little about this.

RIP Father Kieran!

I'm actually quite sad about this. I really liked Kieran as a fierce human who has no qualms standing up to the vampires but also as a connection to Cami's history. 

I wish the writers had decided to keep him around but in the wake of Claire Holt's exit, the show was a bit testosterone-heavy, I guess. 

Still, Kieran's death gave us some magical Klaus-Cami moments tonight, further amping the love triangle between Klaus, Cami, and Marcel.

Klaus is probably going to do something completely insane next week because this week he was so tender and caring, even when delivering the difficult news that Kieran had to die and Cami needed to say goodbye to her uncle. Even Kieran's death was made as peaceful as possible because of our beloved hybrid.

And then giving Marcel a 24-hour suspension on his exile all because Cami called out for him? That's the sort of thing that keeps us hoping for Klaus' redemption. That IS his redemption.

Might Cami be the key to ending the feud between these friends? It's going to have to end at some point if the vampires--all of them--are to come out victorious against the witches, humans, and werewolves. And Elijah does hope that it will be the vampires who win in the end. 

At least the two of them. Family, after all, above all.

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 19? Are you sad to see Father Kieran go? How do you feel about the werewolves?

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Does anyone else wonder if the woman in the bayou, (I can't remember her name) will come back to life as a vamp? Oliver said no to Elijah giving her his blood, however after he left, there was a look between Jackson and Elijah. I can't help but wonder if Jackson told him to give his blood without Oliver's knowledge.
I'm not a fan of Oliver. I'm glad he's behind this as it should hopefully blow up in his face. Especially if Eve (?) comes back to life. Jackson is a bad character too. I really don't care too much about the bayou.
I did enjoy seeing a softer side of Klaus though and I've always been routing for he and Cami. Unless Caroline makes an appearance of course. LOL
I like Josh's character. I hope he sticks around for a while too. Kill Genevieve off already though.


It's always nice to see the tender Klaus .
And yes this show definitely needs more females characters and yet they keep killing them , first sophie and now Eve ,I really liked her ( they could take her to a hospital tho ) .
I missed Davina this episode .


so who was Oliver working with??

@ n

I don't think we know who he was working with. The guy on the motorcycle appeared compelled with indicates a camp is involved and it also appeared like he was looking for Elijah specifically before detonating the first bomb. Oliver is too dumb to pull this off by himself. I wonder who he's in cahoots with too. Time will tell I suppose.


HATE!!! The originals worst seasonal movie eva! So borin......


I also don't care for the werewolf story at all, but then again, I've never been a fan of Hayley. I could completely do without her. I was also a little sad about Father Kieran's death. It really brings out the best acting in Cami. I wasn't such a fan of her in the beginning either, but she's really grown on me. I do think she's better suited for Klaus though. They have some really powerful scenes together, and she brings out his tender side. I loved that she asked him to stay with her. Plus, I'm still holding out for Rebekah to come back someday, and Marcel clearly belongs with her. I do love Josh though and wish to see much more of him! And next week looks like it's going to follow what's happening on TVD with something happening on the other side, and I can't wait for that. I'm a sucker for continuity.

Sarah silva

Oliver, your days are numbered! It will come out one day what you did and there will be a fight for who gets to kill you!
I read an interview with the guy that plays Oliver and he said there would be a death and there was 2 this week.
I am sad to see Father Kiernan gone, Cami has no family left!
I never for once thought Father Kiernan would kill her and I knew Klaus would come to her rescue. However as far as his character Jackson I am not a big fan.
I was surprised that Klaus lifted Marcel's ban for 24 hours, but when Cami awoke asking for Marcel he had to do what was best for her.
I have this feeling that Oliver and Klaus were in on this together, Oliver did not work alone and we do not know who is conspirator is. I know Klaus went to Genevieve to see if it was her but it could also have been a way for him to know if she knew who did it. Another reason I think this is at the end the smirk on Klaus's face when Elijah said now that he has to choose sides he hopes they win! So that is what Klaus wanted all along was Elijah to be on his side and do whatever he says, like always!
Miranda: I like the actor that plays Jackson, he was on Bunheads. Yes he is not the best actor but he is nice to look at! However I also like Milo Ventimiglia.


I hates Oliver from minute one. This only solidifies that. I liked that chic he smothered. Who will deliver Hayley's baby now?
Fr. Keiren died a vamp. That's a shame. Wonder if he goes to The Otherside now. Looks like whatever is going on there is carrying over to this show.
My only complaint is it seems there's a ton of storyline going on at once. The beginning of season was Originals taking back their city and stuff with the witches. Now we have the wolves. That could have waited for season two IMO so it could be fleshed out. I think it's being rushed. I am actually interested in the wolves mythology. Wish the writers could have taken their time with it all.
Klaus was wonderful in this epi. I hope Marcel can stay and those two can make up. I like them better together. I hate all the backstabbing.


Why do they keep killing off the wrong people? The person they need to kill off is Josh. When is that going to happen?

@ ryan jones

How about stop watching the series or at least stop commenting about it?

@ ryan jones

still being a prick i see

@ ryan jones

Josh is one of the best things about this show, so I hope he sticks around FOREVER!

@ ryan jones

Too bad we can't kill you off.

@ Katerina27

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


not caring about uncle K and even the werewolves....kind of boring. I am so curious about the key though!


Im liking all the action...also love the family above all theme. Wondering what the key is all about too...Klaus and Elijah dont seem too bothered about it yet. Loving nice Klaus and I really like Cami. Dont care too much about the werewolves but agree with the bad acting :) still i love the show and look forward to it every week

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

I wouldn't stand that close to him if I were you. He's kind of unpredictable. And murdery.


Klaus: Think very carefully before you speak. The sound of your voice is likely to make me regret what mercy I've shown thus far.
Marcel: Yeah, yeah, I'm on your "who's been naughty list."