The Vampire Diaries Review: Their Town

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Damon Salvatore, we feel your pain.

Remember that part where Markos was explaining to you the long, complicated history of Travelers and Witches? And it was really random and convoluted? And it even struck down past storylines on which numerous episodes were built? That whole true love, prophecy thing?

And you yawned a giant yawn because you were bored?

Yeah. That's how we felt throughout The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18.

There's no way to sugar coat the truth: This was a horrid hour of television.

We'll start with the dreams. It doesn't get more desperate and, quite frankly, more lame for a show to rely on visions as a storytelling device. Why? BECAUSE WHAT WE'RE SEEING ISN'T REAL.

It's just filler. It's just Stelena trolling. It's a sign that you have no story to tell in this reality, so you create an alternate one.

It was somehow meant to draw the final Doppleganers to 4620 Walnut Lane because... Elena would clearly think that's where Markos is residing simply because she saw the address in some fantasy?

Numerous leaps of logic were needed to make this work. It's as if we could see the writers typing out the script and moving characters from one place to the next. There's no coherence to the storytelling at this point, there's no natural flow from one week to the next and no building of excitement toward The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale.

Perhaps most depressingly, the stakes feel tiny. When was the last time TVD placed you on the edge of your seat? When was the last time viewers were truly afraid for a character? When was the last time the show simply took you by surprise?

We learned at the end that Stefan and Elena will always love each other. Thank goodness, huh?!? This was definitely a point viewers needed to be driven home for the umpteenth time.

And then we learned that Damon can't be friends with Elena, which was meant to be a significant plot point, except for two things:

  1. That's pretty normal. How many exes want to be real friends with the person they love?
  2. This love triangle has been murdered more times at this point than Matt Donovan. Does anyone on either side, Delena or Stelena, even care anymore who Elena chooses?

And speaking of sides... there's Grams! And Kol! And Vicki! Who maybe, sort of, somehow died again!

Yes, we got our first glimpse of The Other Side this week and something is seriously wrong there. Markos escaping has apparently thrown the entire system for a loop, which at least made good use of Matt for a change. 

Overall, very little happened. We discovered that Markos does want the Travelers to take over Mystic Falls; that Jeremy has to be better at communicating with his girlfriend; that Paul Wesley is a strong director; that Ezno is BY FAR the best part of TVD at this point; and that Tyler has been taken over by a Passenger.

But around and around we go with the Elena/Damon/Stefan nonsense. When the characters themselves are bored, doesn't that pretty much say it all?

Debate. Ponder. Comment. And check out the first trailer for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 19, "Man on Fire."


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I mean for what it looks liek no matter how Damon want to keep Elena out of his life forever and not even as a friend, you can clearly see he is in pain, he still loves her dont u see? But Damon knows that cause she is with him things get complicated and he does not want that for her even if being togehter is more dangerous than not being together. He is sacrificng what he feels for her for her to be free of him as being with him only get her in trouble. He feels he is not good enough for her, even if Elena says she does not care being with him and being complicated he does not want her to be with him she deserves better. Honestly I like cynic Damon and not the good Damon. Damon looks sexier and hotter when he is being bad, that is part of his sex appeal. I do agree that the Stelena history is loong over due. Stephan needs to hook up with another woman not Caroline either a different character who do not belong in the friends group, and keep Elena as a friend only. Keep Enzo for sure, I LOVE HIS ACCENT SO SEXY!!!!!!!!! Enzo and Caroline makes a good couple as Enzo do not belong in the friends group he is like an outsider..


Why the ruin Damon' character so much they can't let Damon be a good person for just one episode can they... :( Hopefully 5x19,20, 21 and 22 will hopefully be much more better and have a much more intense storyline.. <3


Please keep Enzo in TVD! All his scenes with Caroline and Damon was great! He's getting all the best lines!


This show has turned into a long drug out love letter to Elena's sex life. Get over it. You'd think Mystic Fall was a literally ghost town. We don't ever see anybody.
Here's an idea. Take Bonnie , the bridge to "the other side" and put her in real story arch danger.
Then find a baddie of epic proportions and make him go after her.
Ok. Then move the other players into position and kill off a fan fave!! For real this time. One you never see coming. And guess what? That loss would flip a good guy/ girl to the dark side.
I'd love to see Caroline go Dark For a while!
But please. I'm so tired of Elena's sex life and wanting to break up and stay friends!


While Yeah 1 rating is too low for the episode..... It was a very frustrating episode. Yeah I am a Delena fan but I really don't mind them breaking up. But its how they always do it. Elena always being okay with Damnon's horrible actions is very annoying. Elena now though wanting to be friends with Damon is very annoying. The problem is Elena is such a weak character. Elena uses the Travelers messing things up as the excuse..... With everything they go through it is this that Elena can't deal with being with Damon... Instead of Elena flipping out over Damon's actions. It would make sense. Though Damon's actions.. his feelings... they feel real. His anger, his love, what he wants are so real. We see Elena starting to grow as a character than she goes back to a clueless idiot. ONLY Thing that would make sense is that Elena has still been sired to Damon but the Travelers are breaking that now. It would explain a lot and would justify Elena's mind being VERY confused. Maybe the Travelers need to break her sired bond (which we thought was gone) for their goal and they also need to break the Doppelganger curse. Stop it from happening & break the link between the two. This is all What If... and probably wont even happen lol


now I get it...the one star!must agree...poor episode!none of that made sense...


I honestly don't care about the triangle at all. I get it that's what the books were about and have accepted it as a majority part of the show. I feel like Damon and Elena never got any real opportunities to show "love" for each other. It's always been sex, passion, roadblocks and drama. Elena and Stefan always had real love and tenderness with each other.
But besides all that my big issues are with plotholes and stories that start but never get real conclusions or with complicated story lines that don't get good explanations. Other stuff gets dragged out forever. I don't understand why Bonnie isn't a bad ass knowledgable former witch that is now the Anchor between two worlds. She got one lousy scene with Grams and another scene where Jeremy blew her off which was ridiculous! Markos got out! Hello?! And why are Liv and Luke the only two witches in on this fight against the Travelers. Why does Grams not know what's going on? What IS going on?? The characters are made out to be a bunch of fumbling idiots lately. No one is working together. Keeping ppl in the dark gets them killed. If Jenna had been clued in about everything a little sooner she wouldn't be dead. I get it we need secrets and drama for good suspense but this isn't good storytelling. It's getting worse than cheesy soap operas.


Didn't watch it last. Wanted to read the reviews/recaps. Ended up watching it today. Yeah, more Delena and Damon. The stelena moments were great. Sad part. Already seen them in the web clips. Season 5 really has been the worst. What murdered TVD's is pushing Delena and Damon down our throats in every single episode this season. I honestly can't imagine season 6 coming back from this. We get it Julie, you love Ian. Unfortunately, you and whoever else is doing the writing have ruined this show and ruined Damon.

@ Sammi

Must agree.


Nice episode and I think it's deserve more than one star ,the only thing that bother me that I still don't quite understand the travelers and the doppelgangers storyline . I liked all Enzo's scenes and I really hope that he stay in the show and not getting killed like all the other new characters .
I felt a little nostalgic for season one when I saw Elena in that jacket and the old hairstyle . About the other side : in season 4 Sails wanted to drop the veil of the other side ,and the in season 5 Qatsia wanted to destroy the other side ,and now the other side is under attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that sometime soon there is gonna be another spin-off called THE OTHER SIDE . P.S. I miss Katherine a lot .

@ Bara'a

that last bit about the other side is hilarious!!

@ Bara'a

agreed 4 everything.......... especially the bit about missing Kat

Leigh r

I am LOL. Sorry I missed this week's RT. Best part of the review "This love triangle's been murdered more times at this point than Matt Donovan."

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