Twisted Review: Everybody Lies

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Okay, what just happened?!? No really, I've watched the ending of Twisted Season 1 Episode 19 multiple times.

"Lightning Crashes" is a beautiful song by the way. And then there was the gunshot...

Let's attempt to break it all down.

This episode started off very Mark Wahlberg in Fear-like as I mentioned in my review of Twisted Season 1 Episode 18. From the shrine of photos of Jo... to the fake beating... then creepily doing his push ups, it was so very Marky Mark circa 1990s. Then Charlie kidnapped Jo and she tried to pull the whole "If you love me you won't kill me" bit.

C'mon, Jo, haven't you ever seen a horror movie?

Starting from the beginning, Jo and Danny finally confessed. Danny also confessed to more than just accidentally killing Vikram. That's right: he told Jo he had feelings for her. Oh yeah, oh yeah! It finally happened! Was anyone surprised after how close they got this season?

Jo: When you go through something so awful with someone, it just makes it seem like they're the person who can understand you.
Rico: Yeah, and you push each other away to avoid confronting it but there's like this incredible bond.
Jo: Exactly.

They decided to meet up to discuss it further but that's when Charlie showed up and chloroformed Jo. Seriously, where do these people even buy chloroform? But that's beside the point.

Jo woke up on a mattress in a shack upstate. Charlie had taken her phone and texted Chief Masterson she was at the diner with Rico but Danny knew something was up. With help from Lacey and Rico, they set out to save Jo and left Chief Masterson a message.

By the time everyone showed up, Jo had found out that Aunt Tara was Charlie's mom. That's why he ended up in juvie, to kill Danny. Then he found out the truth about Vikram and wanted to kill him.

WHOA plot twist! But it didn't end there. Moments after Kyle had the gun pointed at Charlie, Tess busted in. She had gone to find the doctor who delivered her baby and figure out who Vikram really gave it to. Turns out, Charlie was that baby.

So are we all to conclude at this point that Vikram killed Aunt Tara to protect the secret that Charlie was Tess's baby? Why would she threaten to reveal that in the first place? I have a feeling that Tess is lying and the father wasn't just some guy from a bar, but Vikram himself. 

Either way, Jo and Charlie are siblings. Charlie is in love with Jo and they made out. ABC Family...incest is not best. What is this Pretty Little Liars with Melissa Hastings and Jason DiLaurentis? 

Then the gunshot went off. Who got shot? The only likely candidate is that Kyle shot Charlie to loosen his grip on Jo and save her. 

Last plot twist: Jack, Whitney, and Charlie were all in on it together. They moved the body and then Charlie went rogue. That father-daughter scene at the end was just creepy. I get the vibe that Jack was wronged by Vikram and wanted retribution in some way, maybe in the form of a nice house and sharing millions with Karen Desai? 

Basically everyone wanted to take down Vikram and he was an awful man who still wreaks havoc even after his death. How awesome was that scene of Karen and Tess destroying his desk? That must've been fun to shoot!

So what did you think of the second half of Twisted season 1? I think it varied a lot from the first half, but I have to say I personally liked it better. Vote below on your feelings about the finale and then sound off in the comments. 


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I have watched this show from beginning till now. It may had been a little slow when it started, but the suspense is getting more exciting. I can't wait for the next season. I really love this show. All i can say is


I quite enjoyed the final episode. It most definitely threw a curve ball that I, for one, couldn't presume. However, the whole linked family bit where Danny and Jo are blood with Charlie seemed a little far-fetched. I mean, Vikram did a hell of a job to keep this secret from everyone... but it was right under their noses! Creative writing in my opinion, props for that. As for me this show is a guilty pleasure, it's nothing like I normally watch but I'm painfully addicted. Keen to find out more, onto the next season!


Whoa I saw Charlie being jo's brother from the second he came on screen. The whole Charlie being tara's adopeted son more than a plot twist it was completely illogical. How did Danny never mention he had a cousin living what I assume are drivable miles away. And its great to have seen the character development of lacy this winter season. just beautifully done. The romance between danny and jo is as ignatable as the creativity in the writers room. And yes this show is most likely getting cancelled so what's up with the lack of any resolution. Do they think they can get renew by licing it all as Bruno mars so gracefully singed it "letting it all hang loose"? Yeah well last week this show pulled under 800k total viewers snd this week too. So no, your getting cancelled.

@ Mel



Anyone know who sang the version of "Lightening Crashes" that was in the finale?

@ Amber

Alissa bengtston sang it


this was the best show ever, I was very confused. They did a good job, great way to grab our attention for season two !!


Although I realize I'm not the target audience, I'm addicted to this show! I'm a professional wife and mother of a 25 year old son and cannot miss an episode. While this may not be Shakespeare, the writing is clever and interesting, characters portrayed realistically, and it has enough plot twists (lol) and turns to rivet me to the screen. I really hope this is renewed as I'm truly invested and dying to know what happens!


Jo and Danny is about as contrived of a 'relationship' as they come. All of 1A we were shown over and over again that Danny has no romantic interest in Jo, called her his sister, never showed a twinge of jealousy towards her with other guys, told her mom that the girl he wanted to be with was definitely NOT Jo. He chased Lacey down every second of 1A since the pilot, made everything about Lacey and now we are to believe it's always been Jo? This show has been so ridiculous this half that I will be happy to have it cancelled. They sideline a freaking lead character, who does that? Lacey Porter has been treated so poorly by this show, and has had everything taken from her. I have grown to hate this show with a passion.

@ Kay


Sarah silva

So I never thought Charlie would be Tess's son/Jo's half brother. They made us believe she had a daughter. It is way creepy knowing that he is Jo's half brother since the kissed and he was obsessed with her! I am glad they never slept together.
Charlie looks a lot like Danny so I too think that Tess and Vikram and a baby and it was Charlie and that is why he was willing to help her give the baby away and he paid all that money to the doctor.
So if that is true then Danny and Charlie are brothers (share the same father Vikram) and Charlie and Jo are siblings (share the same mom). That is crazy! However Danny and Jo are no related so they can date but it would still be super awkward!
So Jack is bad! I was really hoping he would be good. I wonder what he and Whitney's plan is? To drive Karen and Danny out of their home and take their money? There seemed to be more that a father/daughter relationship with those two as well. ICK
Leigh: I was partially right when I said some one would get shot, we heard a gun shot as the screen faded to black! I wonder what happened and I may be 100% right if we get a season 2 and someone was shot. The only scenarios I can think of is Chief Masterson shot Charlie OR Charlie grabbed the gun and shot someone...Tess maybe? Neither of those options make a lot of sense BUT the gun did go off.

Leigh r

I'm thinking that maybe Tess didn't want to see the baby since she was giving it up, maybe it was a c-section and she was out of it, who knows. Vikram probably told her it was a girl knowing she'd go looking one day and wanting to throw her off the scent. He even brokered fake adoption papers so she thought that baby in NJ was hers.


Maybe she had twins. Maybe she was so out of it and didn't want to see the baby and she just believed him when he said it was a girl. Crazy twists. Couldn't believe the gun shot at the end. Bet a lot of people missed that if they assumed it was over after the revelation. I had to ask myself. Was that a gun shot?

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

No matter how angry I get at you, at Jo, it always comes back to the friendship.

Lacey [to Danny]

I want him to prove to you and to the rest of the world that he's not his father.

Jack [about Danny]