9 Memorable Jisbon Moments on The Mentalist: From Killing to Kissing

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After six seasons of banter between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, the former finally found the courage to tell Lisbon he loved her on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22.

As luck would have it, Lisbon loves him back. Hooray!

While some fans agreed with Kimball Cho and only saw a brother/sister vibe between the couple, Jisbon shippers rejoiced as this dynamic duo finally shared its first real kiss. 

To celebrate, let's take a look back at 9 memorable Jane-Lisbon moments from The Mentalist - and if you can't get enough of your favorite show, you can always watch The Mentalist online here at TV Fanatic.

Click around and enjoy!

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Oh this is great! I like the choices. It's nice to look back and see those moments and the foundation for it and how it was carefully built up all of these years. And, you know, it's great to see Jane alive again. It'll be kinda cool and interesting to see what a guy like Jane is like when he's in love. Also Lisbon as well, since she's usually a careful sort of person with her feelings. From the finale it seems like he knew he loved her for sometime, because he mentioned how it was a relief to finally tell her. So I wonder when, precisely, he knew? And these moments make me excited about the new season. I'm curious as to what sort of moments we'll get now that they've finally told each other that they love each other. They have some great writers on staff with good imaginations so I'm hoping we'll get lots of good stuff. I really think this will add a nice little fresh spice, or facet, to the show. Can't wait for season seven!

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Great kick more dirt on the fanbase why are you making this up

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Oh, Christine, you hit it on the mark! Perfect! Thank you. It's so great to relive these moments!

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@ Entwife

Thanks Entwife. It was fun researching the moments that led us to the finale. I could have added more but then I would have been up all night searching for photos. Not a bad way to spend an evening but I did need some sleep. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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@ Christine Orlando

why did you do it though other then to piss of the fanbase and should;t you use facts and not make things up.

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