Awkward Review: New Beginnings

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Jenna and Tamara escaped from high school to go on a tour of Kevin's Alma Mater on Awkward Season 4 Episode 5

By the end, both ladies came away from the visit with substantial different ideas about college. 

Jenna returned from the experience similar to how she came away from Collin in regards to Luke: she's got a thing for the intellectual guy.

Luke could end up being similar to Collin or he can end be way better. His chemistry with Jenna is palpable and they fit together well with their shared interest of English.

However, like Collin, Luke is still mostly mysterious to us. 

Jenna's a rather unique character in that she has high school problems, but she's always felt connected to the intellectual space of college. She's constantly being pulled in these two different directions:

To have fun and enjoy high school and let it be her focus... yet Jenna's writing and general personality feel more connected to college. Jenna is very much still discovering herself, but college, even more so than high school, is the freeing experience necessary to really figure out who we are as a person. 

If Awkward can find its groove again (tonight was another improvement), following Jenna to college could be invigorating for the series. 

The college trip provided much needed doses of Lacey and Kevin by shedding some more light on what happened to them after high school and with Jenna. Kevin has the opportunity to go to college and get his degree while Lacey was raising Jenna. 

If Awkward does go to college, bring Lacey along for the experience. Let Lacey find her passion and give Jenna even more hell from a semi-close location. 

Finally, Sadie, Matty, and Eva had some fun time at Matty's place. During these moments, Sadie really encompasses the feeling I get from Eva: complete annoyance.

Sadie doesn't really care at all about Eva, nor does she think Eva brings anything to the table other than being a worldly, well traveled bragger. Sadie drops an interesting line about Gossip Girl regarding Eva's stories being mostly retold episodes - and Eva says it's rather true to life. 

With all the pictures and Instagramming, Eva could soon be Palos Verde High School's very own Dan Humphrey. Her picture of Matty and Sadie after a night of confessions - and putting to rest any chance of Matty and Sadie getting together - feels very XO XO, doesn't it? 

Is Eva going to do some blackmail with Matty and Sadie?


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Drea xoxo

positive of episode: tamara's hair and kevin hello


Just lost my 2 paragraph rant about last night episode because of fat fingers so I will make it short.
Poll answer is B both of them. Sadie for calling her out about the same story line's and going toe to toe with her at hot tub. Mattie for turning down her advances.
Lacey and Kevin can't get enough air time for me. Didn't like the foreplay comment to Kevin. Kevin should have been a little upset but he did enjoy the benefits.
Tamara was classic Tamara. Interview scene was sad but hilarious. Ruined makeup and drink score sheet. She will recover.
Mattie and Sadie together was great. Kissing my sister was just about what I expected all along. In my opinion, Mattie is the most matured character on the show right now.
Love this Sadie. Still hard edged yet more grounded. Looking forward to seeing her character growth over this season.
As for Jenna, wish she would have just left her hypocritical button at the college. After 1 day on campus she is ready to dismiss everything and everyone that made her what she is.She sleeps with an S.A. within 12 hours because of his interest in writing. She's the one who truly did the walk of shame . dismissing the text from the supposed one true love of her life, and showing no concern for Tamara in the seat next to her all because supposed smart boys and one night stand. Not sure but this may be a lot lower point for me then the whole Collin thing.Not liking this Jenna at all.

Drea xoxo
@ reality+adictt

Never liked jenna! she was never a friend and hasn't matured at all! her and matty are over and the writers need to let it go

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Eva: Sadie, I really admire how comfortable you are with your body. You're so brave.
Sadie: I'm not brave. I have amazing tits unlike you and your sad floppers.

O to the M to the F to the G. This place is a pinterest board full of bangable dudes.