Awkward Review: The Downward Spiral

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If last year was the downward spiral for Jenna, this season is the time for Matty to find himself in trouble. 

Unfortunately for Jake, Matty brought him down as well during Awkward Season 4 Episode 7

Matty's destructive behavior is only being exacerbated by Eva and her wild stories. Without Eva wanting to get fake IDs for the gang, Matty never would have gotten into a verbal spar with the cop, nor would they be drinking in Jake's car. 

Thankfully, Sadie doesn't enjoy the kool-aid that Eva is serving up to everyone. Instead, she constantly finds holes in Eva's stories. Eva does try to do blackmail Sadie into submission by using the photo, but Sadie really doesn't honor her threats. 

It was rather noble of Sadie to tell Austin herself what happened between her and Matty, but Austin does not see the world like Sadie does. It's an emotional gut punch to watch as Sadie gets her heart broken over something that meant nothing to her; particularly since Sadie has been one of the few to really grow during the many ups and downs of Awkward Season 4

Yet, the worst part of Eva's actions is that she leaves Jake and Matty to fend for themselves with the cop. She knows exactly what is going on, but does nothing in the moment to help them.

In that scene, it's clear who Eva is: a liar. And her stories are just stories. She makes them up to gain friends, but when bad things go down, she's going to be the first to leave. 

Eva wants to be worldly and come across sophisticated, but the only vibe she gives in this installment is being self-absorbed and selfish. Matty deserves better. 

However, better may not be with Jenna. 

Jenna comes from the right place - she's trying to help Matty find happiness in their post-break up world, but she does so for a slightly selfish reason. Yes, she wants Matty to move on and find the contentment she has with Luke.

But there's another layer: Jenna wants to see that Matty is unavailable so she can mask her feelings for him. As a result, Jenna deserves the licking she gets from Matty over giving her "blessing" to him and Eva. 

Matty's right, Jenna's not in a position to give blessings. She really needs to be supportive and honest with him and to go back toward trying to be friends. At this point, there's really no rush or desire to see the two of them back in a relationship with. Matty and Jenna of them have tried it twice before - and they have nothing to show for it. 

Finally, Tamara and Jake have their own set of drama. At this point, it is just another avenue for Tamara to drop more of her slang, but at least they're fighting it out and saying what is really on their minds. Both Jenna and Matty are staying quie  and Matty, the one who really needs to speak up the most, is drowning in destruction. 

Now that Austin and Sadie are broken up, Will Sadie turn her sights towards Eva's destruction?


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My theory is that she was bullied out of her other school so when she came to PHHS she decided on a new start. Desperate to make friends and be popular she posed as someone with all this life experience and maturity so that she could be popular and escape what had happened at her previous school. She blackmail on Sadie when she started seeing holes in Eva's story so that she would leave her alone and she help the boys with the cop because she really only cares about herself and just uses other people as a wall to keep her apart from her old loser status.


Next week's promo shows Eva possibly lying to Matty about something Jenna did or didn't do. I liked Eva in the beginning... I really thought she would be a more mature and interesting addition to the group. Turns out she's a bare faced liar and clearly unworthy of Matty :-(
I don't know if Matty and Jenna should be together just yet. They both have some growing up to do. And since the creators have mentioned that the show doesn't have to end just because the characters go off to college, I'd love to see Matty and Jenna as good friends (different colleges ok) dealing with stuff there.


Felt bad for Sadie, she was right not to trust Eva . She is a lot stronger than last year and I think Eva better watch her back. I think Austin will come around.
Jenna pushing Mattie to date was just another self centered move. Mattie catching on to her little game and then shooting her down with the blessing comments was best scene of the night. Eva clearly is not to be trusted.
Next week looks good. Still not a Jenna fan this season.


I still want Jenna with Mattie:(

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Playing matchmaker with an ex proves you've gone from Point A to Point Cray.


Eva, you neglected to tell us this place is on the corner of Hep C and Rape.