Bones Review: Delta Force Home Invasion

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This was the best episode of Bones ever. Period. 

When the Ghost Killer saga came to an end in Bones Season 9 Episode 22, I wasn't shy about expressing how disappointing it was. It felt disjointed and unfinished. Apparently it was.

The case  in Bones Season 9 Episode 24 wasn't directly related to the Ghost Killer, per se, but to the layers of the government that Mr. McNamara bribed to allow Stephanie McNamara to carry on with her killing. There were enough people concerned about how close Booth and his team at the Jeffersonian were getting to everything they had done over the years by investigating the McNamaras that they created an elaborate plan to trap Booth.

It's very comforting to know the writers had more up their sleeves with regard to everything that happened around the Ghost Killer. That it was so completely different than anything that could have been expected was just brilliant.

We don't have confirmation, of course, that the entire promotion was all a setup to get close to Booth and get him out of the bureau, but the facts sure to point to that scenario. It saddens me to think that someone with such amazing skills, who worked on behalf of their country and personally felt the ramifications of the job he did years later could be used so horribly.

Booth wasn't being considered for a sniper position, but was right to call it to memory, because it was his work as a sniper that the McNamaras (or whoever is running the show now that they're all gone -- their corporate interests?) used to bring Booth down.

A conspiracy theorist named Foster called Booth with news connected to the family. When Booth got to the location, he discovered a burned out camper and a dead body. They always say you're not really paranoid if people are truly after you, and when Fisher peeled a nipple off of the ceiling, it became clear that this guy was hiding something pretty deep. What appeared to be a nipple ring was actually a computer chip. For all of you with piercings, you now know where to keep your most coveted information.

A couple of factors made Booth keep any evidence in the case under wraps. First, he didn't want it to be used in conjunction with his appointment to the base in Germany. Second, he didn't want otherwise innocent people to be undone by the information collected by Foster.

Unfortunately, someone has a lot of access to very sensitive information. People got files they should never have had. Even Brennan's false report to about the death of Foster to buy the team time to discover what was truly going on didn't have the effect needed.

Shortly after Booth was ruined in front of the congressional committee, Hodgins and Angela went to work on the nipple chip and found the remainder of the information. The congressman was being bribed with a photo of him in a compromising position with another man. Booth confronted him, fully expecting the congressman to make a call that would eventually lead them to Foster's killer. 

Angela got a lead that a team of Delta Force member were on the way to kill Booth. Their message through the committee was not received, so they fully intended to take him out for good. While he prepared to meet his own assassins, the Jeffersonian was hacked, but Angela had put into place a 90 second failsafe to warn her of a potential hack, giving her enough time to clean the drive of any needed information while still letting the hackers think they made a clean sweep and shut them down.

It was unreal watching Booth arm his own home with C4 and rig his most prized possessions as explosive devices to help him take down a killing force. It was also fantastic to see that side of the military man and sniper we've heard so much about. 

Booth is a fighting machine. He knew exactly what to do to take care of himself, even if he didn't win in the end. The action sequence was well planned and executed. Brennan didn't want to leave his side, and her return with new information -- that the killer was a lefty -- saved Booth's life. She got off some successful shots stopping someone just long enough for Booth to catch his breath and end the man's life by snapping his neck. Booth collapsed on top of him, shot and physically spent.

Brennan sat at the hospital waiting to find out the fate of her husband. He was fighting again, for his life. He lost the fight briefly before surgeons revived him. The surgery was a success, but Brennan had to face even more difficult news. Booth was being arrested for killing three FBI men. She immediately stood up for Booth, saying they were sent to kill Booth and he was protecting himself, adamant until she ended up in custody, as well.

There has been a bad apple in the Jeffersonian before, and given all that went down in the finale, it's difficult not to imagine there might be another in their midst. How else would the information from the nipple chip made its way to others if not through hacking or by the hands of someone close to team?

Where could this possibly leave us for Season 10? Booth was already on administrative leave (read: fired) from the FBI because of the congressional hearing. Depending upon how much of a lesson those involved want to send, Brennan could end up behind bars for her involvement in the shooting, as well. Bones Season 10 could very well start out with their friends fighting to free them from a really sticky situation.

For decades people from all levels of government have been bribed and working on behalf of nefarious individuals to protect their own interests. It won't be easy to track them all down and force them to talk when they're scared to end up in the same place as Booth but with less resources.

It was a really impressive finale and could potentially set the future of Bones to be very different. What did you think? If you missed any of the episodes that set up this amazing finale, you can always watch Bones online via TV Fanatic.

Would you still be interested in Bones if Booth was no longer with the FBI?


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A good episode apart from the ending. I just find the need for a cliffhanger finale tedious. A proven performer such as Bones really shouldn't require such a device.


The leak is Caroline. It's been going on for twenty years and how long has she been around?? She goes to prison and Booth gets her job.

@ Spenser+Amadeus

I don't think so. Caroline is a federal prosecutor, meaning lawyer. Booth doesn't even have a law degree.


Wonderful episode! DB really shined as the director and action hero. He always begs the producers for more action sequences and he got his wish. Emily was super but I'm not sure how important the information she brought him was, and whether she really needed to put herself in the middle of a firefight. I think the writers were reaching a little bit there. Booth being in prison will put more responsibility on Max to care for Christine and Brennan. Maybe he'll help Booth by having other inmates in prison guard his back, because there is no telling how many of his fellow prisoners will be after Booth since he probably put so many criminals in there.


Was a great finale! Finally, we get to see Booth in action (love the action hero that is David Boreanz, still missing my Angel) I'm sure that the team will free our heroes during the next season. Just a couple of things though: 1) the second option in the poll should be Booth needs to work with Brennan (Bones and Brennan are the same people), and 2) I hate Charter Communications - right in the middle of the firefight at the house, my screen went black!!! It came back after a few minutes, but ARRRGHHH! Will have to watch the full episode on On-Demand.


I think the leak maybe either Cams boyfriend Aristeed or some one very close to Booth not sure I can't wait until the next season it has to be someone who has access to his phone maybe the head of the FBI the one he had lunch with Sparks??? Hmmmmm


What a GREAT episode. I loved, Loved, loved the action scene in the house with Booth being all bad-a$$. I have always thought that “Bones” needed more action and this finale had it. I just hope that none of the regular peeps from the Jeffersonian or the FBI are involved in the cover-up it would be very disappointing because of how much I love all the characters of this show. Now comes the long 3-4 month wait to find out what happens


Best finale EVER! Best direction by D. Boreanaz and I am so happy to FINALLY have the action back not to mention a long long overdue
Hurt!Booth. The show had become all FLUFF for the past few seasons so it was awesome to see it bring back the action full force (and then some!). Great acting by David and Emily and so heaertstopping seeing Booth the seconds before the first explosive entrance of the 1st Delta Force guy - I was on edge of my seat with Booth.
I just hope Hart Hansen doesn't start next season with a damn time jump!! Like he did last time Booth was shot. It seems it's the trendy thing to do in TV, start off w time jump and then work backwards. I just want Season 10 to start EXACTLY where finale left off cz it was so fantastic!!


I like this finale more then the last one


I agree five stars! it was a tense on theedge of your seat episode and for me the best finale of all the shows this season. might take a few episodes to clear this mess up but with all the team all will be good. David did an excellent job of directing and him and Emily great acting. the shootout was *awesome* and Bones showing uo to help him (she sure can shoot) shows their luv for each other and how they protect one another. will be long wait until the fall but can't wait. i truly hooe it won't be the last season it's such a good show so many more stories to tell!!!


Five stars for sure. This episode had everything - action, conspiracy, a secretive agenda, and even a few sweet moments between B&B. And now we must wait a long summer hiatus to discover exactly what becomes of our crime fighting duo. How and when will they be freed from custody? How can the Jeffersonian team exonerate Booth from the charges? Can Caroline and Sweets. given their official status, help?
I was on the edge of my seat during the final scene at the house and even when the doctor emerged to tell Brennan that Booth was alive, there was still that element of doubt about how the episode would conclude.
I believe this episode shows the determination that the show's runners have to make Season Ten the best one ever!

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Angela: How could you possibly know what this guy would do?
Hodgins: Because it's what I would do.

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