Chicago Fire Review: Hanging in the Balance

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Well done, Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 22. That was one Hell of a finale!

Almost the entire station was placed in peril when members walked into what looked like an ordinary building fire. Until the building explodes.

I'm going to have some choice words for Dick Wolf and company if deaths are happening. I don't know if I can handle losing anyone in my precious 51.

What makes the explosion even worse is how it capped off the joyful and lovely scenes that were happening just prior. It's a strong juxtaposition where Boden is getting married and having a wonderful time as he begins his new life... and now he's covered in debris wondering if any of his men and women are alive. 

It serves as yet another reminder where lives and fates can drastically change. Casey just proposed to Dawson and while her face gives away her answer, that too is left up in the air.

Assuming both Dawson and Casey survive, will either of them even want to continue with the proposal after such a turn of events?

More importantly, will this change affect how Dawson feels about being a firefighter?

The controlled environment of the academy is one thing, yet a real world situation like this makes everything completely different. With the regressive age firemen she's soon to be working with, there's a chance for a lot of things to go wrong.

No matter what our opinions on Jones were, the entire house looked out for her on their calls making sure she's safe. The team in Austin doesn't evoke those same nice feelings. 

As much as I love my Lindsay and Holstead flirting over on Chicago PD, Severide and Lindsay also make a great pairing. They're mature and round each other out well. Lindsay, particularly, is nurturing all around, but she offers advice and understanding.

It's a big change in relationships from where Severide was in the beginning of Chicago Fire Season 2

Finally, Mills asks Newhouse to look into his father's side of the family. Mills is very content and balanced in his life right now, but his father still eats away at him. He longs to continue to get closer to him, no matter what the news is, and to fill that hole that is inside of him because of it. 

Will everyone survive in the explosion?


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Instead of a regular storyline cast member being killed off , any thoughts on it being one of the "other" firefighters from Kellys truck ??

@ wdn459

My bet on it being tony from Squad 3 or Cruz from Truck 81


Severide was screaming "ANFO" right before the explosion which stands for Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil, a big time explosive.


Actually, I purchased the episode on ITunes. I had the subtitles on and severide's exact words were "Pull back it's flammable! Fire's closing in out, out, now"


My gosh, I felt so lost... I soon as I finished watching the episode, I came on here and there was no review yet. I needed to share my thoughts... That ending was all kinds of wrong ! It will be a torture to wait until the Fall.
OMG... how come they all went in there !
It was a beautiful day. The whole thing was fun and nice to watch. Hermann not telling the Chief that he couldn't get the church was hilarious as the guys kept teasing him about it. Man they can't keep a secret in there ! I still don't get why Boden got married so quickly especially since he hasn't known her that long. But oh well.
Gaby passed the test !! Congrats ! But, she had to be transferred to that wretched station. I don't even get why that Lieutenant wanted her there. To prove a point, to break her ? I don't think Casey going there helped any. AND him trying to find her a new station was understandable but wrong. She has to do this herself and prove them that she's capable. Now however, I don't know if she'll do it. Twice she's been the victim of a bombing... She is strong, but she may end up with a case of PTSD... AND she found out about the ring ! And then told Shay, who couldn't keep the secret anymore. And Casey popped the question. Her face said yes but the words couldn't leave her lips... Why ?
Poor Kelly... The second they found the body I knew.. And yes he did a sweep, he called out.. Had he looked under the bed, bla bla bla. You could see all those questions going on in his head but it would not have helped. I know it's bad, but I absolutely LOVED how he snapped at Devon. The nerves of that woman ! And then she called him rude ! Now that got me cussing at my screen lol. She stole from them and when he told her the way it was she had the nerves to call him rude ! I hope Shay knows what she's doing !
Kelly going to Lindsay was interesting. This is a very different Kelly that we've seen. What they have is mature. She can give him the comfort he needs. She knew how to talk to him. The others couldn't...not even Shay. I cannot wait to see more of it. Glad the kid survived. It would have crushed him even more.
Mills is looking for his family, on his father's side. His mom caved with him wanting to be a firefighter. I don't know how she'll take that one.
Great finale, apart from that awful cliffhanger which left me with my hand over my mouth long after the episode ended...


Did anyone else hear the word "ammo" through all of the garbled radio? Just before the building blew?

@ Alexa

Actually it was Severide telling everyone "out out now!"


I agree with all the comments. I can't stand any more losses! But one thing I don't understand...Dawson's brother was really shot up if not killed on Chicago PD last week. Does Dawson not know this??? They are really close. What gives with this?

@ Sharon

Apparently the two shows were not running as concurrently as they could have been due to Chicago PD coming on midseason so they're a little off right now. I guess they're going to make sure things run more smoothly next year when they start and run along at the same time all season. Hopefully she gets told of his injury on tonight's episode which I can only imagine happens before the events of CF last night.

Sarah silva

What a finale!
As soon as they pulled up to the building at the end I said BOOM! I knew there would be an explosion! Now we have to wait until the fall to see who survives! I know the guy that went in the building last is dead. That would have been Boden had he not been off that day.
I have a feeling something will happen to Dawson and she will not go to the Austin Station. Casey already had a major injury so he is safe. Same with Shay! Kelly had the should issue last season. So I think one of the other will be hurt if it is not Dawson.
Boden and Donna's wedding was perfect! I love that Mills was the one to marry them! I was wondering why Platt was there and when she and Mouch met, it made sense. Those two are perfect for each other.
Would a ring shop really spill the beans on the engagement ring? I thought that was a little silly. I am not sure if Dawson was going to say yes. The way she pined for Casey and if she said no after all that, then Casey really would deserve better than her.
I felt so bad for Kelly, he did kick under the bed to feel around for bodies but he missed the young boy. I can only imagine how awful it that would feel. I like that he went to Erin.
I also think Devon deserved what Kelly said to her! I hope that Shay does not take her back but it sure looks like she will.
I will be going through withdrawals until the fall!


Casey and Kelly and Dawson and shay are still alive! I did not watch behind the scenes! I hope they went out the back door! PLEASE (this was written by my 8yr old daughter, I walked away from my iPad for a minute! She's a HUGE Casey fan!)


One thing Nick didn't touch on was Kelly's blow-up at Devon. I think Kelly was absolutely 100% correct right about what he said & how he did it. Devon was getting off way too easy!!
And if Chief wasn't inviting any of his Family (as in House 51) to the wedding, how in the World did Platt get invited?!?!?

@ Leesa

Christian Stolte (actor who plays Mouch) said on Twitter today that Donna went to school with Platt so that's why she was there. Apparently the line clarifying her presence got cut from the episode. Hope that clears it up! =)

@ Heather

Thanks!!! Haven't gotten on Twitter yet today!

Sarah silva
@ Leesa

The whole reason they had Platt there was to set a storyline for her and Mouch to be a couple. I am choosing to ignore the fact that she does not really know anyone at 51, well except Casey and I believe that Herrmann made a stop at their police department this season. :)
I love the idea of Mouch and Platt as a couple.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I like Mouch and Platt together, too. Mouch needs a girlfriend. Loved the whole show last night, and I'm looking forward to new season.

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