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Continuum: Watch Season 3 Episode 9 Online

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On Continuum Season 3 Episode 9 a stranger wakes up after a coma and the only thing he remembers is the name Kiera Cameron.

Who is the stranger and why does he know her? Can Kiera shed any light?

A nimble thief is breaking into corporations and stealing their shiny, high-tech gadgets. They even break into Piron. 

Kellog decides to sue Alec over his intellectual property, or what comes out of his head. He's betting on SadTech and since Piron is where Alec is spending his time, Kellog feels ripped off.

The team attends Betty's funeral and in a moment of weakness and drunkenness, Carlos invites someone into his circle of trust with regard to dead Kiera. 

Find out what all of this is about and how it plays out when you watch Continuum online.

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