Drop Dead Diva Review: Life's Too Short

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Two weeks in a row of endings like that? My heart can't take it!

Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 9 pulled an even bigger punch than Grayson's shooting the week before.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead...

Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 8 ended with Grayson getting shot by the father of a murder victim.

Unfortunately, Grayson was tasked with defending the murderer and even though he wanted off the case, Grayson was still forced to testify about a police violation that let the killer go.

This week the doctor explained that although Grayson survived surgery, there was a small piece of the bullet that was too close to an artery to risk removing. We spent the episode thinking that Jane and Grayson might get their happy ending after all.

Grayson even revealed to Stacy that he was planning on proposing before everything happened! With life being so short, he didn't want to wait and Stacy picked up the ring for him.

Grayson: Stacy can you keep a secret?
Stacy: You know I can. I never told you that Jane was actually Deb.

By the way, Stac good job on keeping that whole identity thing a secret! Jane found the ring in a drawer and gave a nurse her phone to snap a photo of them when she thought the proposal would happen.

Just then I was thinking, oh man something's going to go wrong. What if the memory loss happens suddenly that the doctor warned about? What if Grayson gets cold feet? What if a new case comes up and Jane has to leave? Never for one second did I think: what if Grayson DIED?

Alas that small piece of bullet nicked his artery, he coded and the doctors called it. Grayson is officially dead. 

Although a large part of me wanted to throw my remote at the television, I have faith that there is a reason the writers did this. The whole show has been about rebirth and reincarnation, so there has to be an epic plan. The Drop Dead Diva writers have already addressed the matter on twitter

Plus, according to previews, we got to borrow Fred from Mad Men for an episode! So excited to see the OG Guardian Angel back my TV screen. Don't worry Paul, I still love you.

C'mon give me a shot. Just think of me as your new sassy assistant.


There were other things that went on this week, namely Kim's crazy parents and Stacy and Owen's engagement. However, I think right now we're all focused on one thing:

Will Grayson find a way to come back?


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Ok something just hit me... Stacy is pregnant, right ? And she is expecting what ? Twins... What if Jane would join Grayson in the afterlife (well, in simple word : she dies) and they decide to send both of them as brother and sister, like a 'reboot', in stacy's baby ? I hope it's not something like that, because it would be really insane :))

@ Fred

Ok I take back what I said. I saw the last episode, and it's even worse than that, honestly I'm disappointed.


Grayson will come back in jeffrey pierces body. Look at his twitter.

Leigh r
@ Grace

It will just be weird about 6 seasons of seeing Grayson to see a new person as him.

@ Leigh Raines

Oh I know. I don't even want to watch it with someone else! I love the real Grayson!


I can't believe Greyson is dead, I anticipated this show would give me the whole happy ever after feeling. I wonder did the show get renewal for another season, because this is going to take a few seasons to hash out. I mean if Greyson wants to return to Jane, Fred knows the history and Paul is leaving back to heaven, the swap might be from Greyson to Paul?? Again taking a few seasons... Ahhh the mystery..


Ghost Whisperer went with the kill off the lead male character and bring him back. Killed the show. Hope it doesn't do the same for DDD. I love this show.


Look i think that Grayson isn't dead, i think its just a scare. i mean they would have it in the right mind to write off a lead actor cum on not when things are going as the fans planned trust me, this sub plot its just a scare


Can I make a suggestion....why does it have to end?????


Of course he will find a way to come back. That's not even the point to me. The fact that he will probably have to come back in a new body (one that I can guarentee will be overweight and more unattractive than the original Grayson) that bothers me. It seems like the writers can't wrap their heads around a plus size girl getting the good looking guy. And it think that sends a terrible message to everyone.

@ Ashley

While I totally understand you might fear that, I don't think we've seen anything even close to that from the writers or creator. Jane's weight has ceased being mentioned for many seasons and they were careful to give Grayson righteous anger dialogue when Jane intimated that he couldn't love her in the new body. I think they could be together in the after life or this life. Just think it would be more "heavenly" (sorry) if it was up there rather than on planet earth.

@ pam

Even if Deb/Jane dies and returns to heaven and spends eternity with Grayson, she will still being doing so in her old Deb body. That still means the plus size girl doesn't get the guy. In this case, actions will speak louder than words. I guess we will just have to wait and see how the writers handle this. I hope I'm wrong.


uhm Pam, if i could like your comment 1000 times i would..excellent point..after all this time they are still playing games. ridiculous


Might I make a suggestion on how this couple can get together and make it forever? It wouldn't involved Grayson coming back as someone else. What if Jane joined him? Hmm...http://tvruckus.com/2014/05/19/drop-d...

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Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Grayson [to Jane]: Big business versus a sick little girl: this is what you do best. Take the case.

Jane I know you're really Deb. What, can't a guy who almost died have a little fun?