Elementary Review: Invisible Ink

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As the twists continue to transpire, the truth becomes more and more unclear. 

On Elementary Season 2 Episode 23, Mycroft revealed himself to be an asset of MI6... after which Sherlock discovers that his brother may be being framed for murder. 

Also on the final installment before the Elementary Season 2 finale, Joan reveals to Sherlock that she will be moving out of the Brownstone to find her own place. 

To state the obvious, Mycroft just being an asset to the MI6 was a little disappointing. As I stated in my review for Elementary Season 2 Episode 22, I was expecting his role in the British Intelligence community to be a bit more impactful. I knew that he would never be someone extremely important, but I wanted more. 

Regardless, I do not trust Mycroft. In the beginning, he was adamant about Sherlock not taking on the investigation to uncover who killed Arthur. This was the first sign that he had something to do with it.

Do I believe he is being framed? Yes. I have my money on Mycroft being the mole and someone else pulling the trigger. 

Maybe this is my bias coming into play here, but I don't want to see Mycroft end up being the good guy. The best quote to describe my feelings towards him came from Joan:

Sherlock may be insensitive and intrusive but with I know exactly where I stand with him. He deserves better than you and so I do I.

How do you trust someone who has made a living out of lying for the past 20 years? In the end, I don't see the writers making Mycroft the enemy. As you know, they turned Moriarty into a redeemable character on Elementary Season 2 Episode 12 when they made her into a mother. But her character is still flawless.

The investigation itself revolved around the murder of a former MI6 analyst suffering from mental delusions. When he believed he had discovered a mole within the British Intelligence Community, he tattooed the information on his arm in invisible ink. Surprisingly, Sherlock couldn't decipher the tattoo.

Eventually, it was discovered that the murder victim used to spy on Sherlock. Since Holmes is "special," he attracted extra attention and thus causing Mycroft to have to "allegedly" return to MI6 to protect him. 

During all of this, Watson chose to tell Sherlock she was moving out. As expected, it did not go over well. Sherlock believes that Mycroft is the catalyst and doesn't understand that she needs her own space. I feel for Sherlock because I don't like her with Mycroft either - but in the same breathe, I sympathize with Joan.

After two years together, I think Holmes is ready to live on his own and she needs a life of her own. 

Overall, this was another great installment to lead us into the finale. With many questions unanswered and Myrcoft's allegiance unclear, it's safe to say the final episode in Elementary Season 2 will leave us wanting more. 

Do you believe Mycroft to be innocent and truthful?


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I know who the mole is.....It's the old guy.. He said the tattoo's told a story on the arms and Sherlock didn't even know what the tattoos were yet. TA DA


I can't see how Mycroft could possibly be the bad guy. It just wouldn't work. And he can't be the mole -- he is not high enough in MI6 and hasn't been a permanent member. The Mole probably is either Mycroft's runner or the other old MI6 character who has been introduced. The dead agent's ex wife could be a baddie, but she is almost too obvious. Perhaps Mycroft didn't want Sherlock being mixed up with MI6 because he knows how ruthless they can be.


I'm surprised Watson moving out is an issue. She had her own place, that was used by some porn guy while she was out. There is that bindle of smack that Sherlock put into a book, so there is either a relapse coming or an internal struggle to use again. I hope that Joan's character becomes more assertive, I thought her tete a tete with sherlock about how he is reductive about her thoughts well written and delivered. Their chemistry, the ensemble cast and the writing makes this a satisfying show, especially for network TV.


I find Sherlock too much like a spoiled child most of the time. He doesn't want anyone else playing with Joan because she belongs to him. She needs to move out and he needs to learn to be stable on his own. I know he's supposed to be emotionally stunted, but come on.


This romance is completely unbelievable. My croft has zero of the qualities someone like Joan would look for. He Is unattractive to boot and they have zero chemistry.

@ Vv

Just because you think he's unattractive doesn't mean anything. Some people don't actually fall for a person simply based on looks.


I think Mycroft is innocent but not truthful and I like the idea of Joan moving out I think it would be good for both of them.


Much as I have always loved Joan, I haven't been overly into her these last few episodes. She has had an attitude that is rubbing me the wrong way for some reason. I can say that really hope she doesn't move out. Yes, I understand her wanting a place of her own, but I think it would really change the dynamic of the show and make it too much like all the other partner based crime dramas out there now. I think over all my problem is that to me it feels like everything they have done with Joan's character is backsliding a bit in these last few episodes. They spent all season showing how she is thriving as a detective and coming into her own, and how it's what she was always meant to do, and how close she and Sherlock have gotten, yet the second Mycroft showed up it all kind of went out the door. Oh well, guess we'll see.

@ Candice

I agree with you too, I really enjoyed Joan's'character and how she quickly became a smart and talented detective, but with the last 4 episode and the return of Mycroft, I really had a problem with her attitude. Even if she didn't say it it also seemed to me that she blamed Sherlock for everything. So I hope that for season 3 the writers will make things up and that she'll still be living with Sherlock. They make such a great team !

@ Candice

I don't understand what they're doing with the character of Joan, either. I don't care for her very much lately, but I have liked her enough to keep watching and hoping for the best. Every Watson character in any Holmes derivative has had the same unswerving loyalty and devotion to Holmes of the original (who, even after he was married, was probably with Holmes more than his wife). And I don't want her to move out -- which, again, sharing rooms with Holmes is part of the Watson persona. And why is Mycroft being featured so TOO much?

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