Fargo Review: Too Many Deaths

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Bullets, bullets everywhere! The deaths kept on coming.

Fargo Season 1 Episode 6 was an hour full of killing, manipulation, self-preservation and one quest to make good on a prior misdeed. Overall, the bad guys without remorse kept on winning.

Malvo's Master Plan

It all began with the killings of the Frozen Man, Sam Hess, Lester's wife, and Chief Thurman committed by Lorne and Lester. From there, Lorne moved on to his next con and the trail behind him began to catch up. Meanwhile, the clues of Lester's involvement began to surface.

When Lester woke up with a deputy outside his hospital room door, he knew he was in trouble. His story about his wife's death and that of Chief Thurman hadn't held up to further examination. Before he met Lorne, he couldn't even sell a life insurance policy to a young couple with a child on the way. With his life on the line, he's learned to manipulate circumstances to his favor.

He'll do everything he can to get away with it, including framing his own brother for Pearl's murder. Chaz was right about everything he said to Lester, but it was still a bit cruel and a betrayal. The funny part of it all was that Chaz provided his brother the idea to frame him. Oops!

Chaz: If you want this to go away, you've got to give them someone.
Lester: Chaz, buddy, come on, this is -- you've gotta stand by me.
Chaz: You've been a burden my whole life. I'm done. There's something wrong with you, Lester. There's something missing. You're not right in the world.

Lester continued to surprise me with his ingenuity. He swapped spots with his hospital roommate, stole a car, went to his house to get the evidence (including a pair of Pearl's underwear and a photo), planted it in Chaz's gun locker, put a gun in his nephew's backpack, and then get back into bed at the hospital with no one the wiser. Well, except for his nephew who saw him and ignored him.

With all that, I'm beginning to think Lester may actually pull this off and get away with murdering his wife. And, he helps Lorne at the same time. Though, I'm not sure Lorne will get away with the other murders he committed. We'll have to see what happens in the aftermath of the shooting in the street.

Lorne's blackmail plan with Stavros doesn't really make much sense to me right now, but I'm sure he has a well developed plan. He set up Don Chumph's death brilliantly. I felt so bad for the guy. His blind trust in Lorne cost him his life. Sure, Don is dead, but the police are going to know someone set him up since he's duct taped to the chair with the gun.

Since Stavros didn't stay at the blackmail drop, there wasn't a need for that diversion anyway. Instead, he buried the money where he found money all those years before. He thought God wanted him to return it, so he did. His problems didn't go away. On the way back home, he found his son dead on the side of the road. 

Is it possible the fish fell from the sky? Yes. There have been known cases of fish being pulled into the atmosphere and "raining" down to ground. I'm not sure what happened to Stavros' family, but it was certainly odd given Lorne's previous acts. I thought maybe Lorne pulled it off as punishment for not paying the ransom, but he couldn't have gotten from the gun fight in the snow to the country road in time. 

Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench found Lorne and opened fire on him. Given their fire power, it's hard to believe that they didn't at least graze him, but they didn't. Instead, Lorne trapped Mr. Numbers with a fake blood trail and killed him. In the blizzard snow, it was impossible to see.

I loved Molly's comment when they saw the cars, "Heck of a lot of bullets for a fender bender." Of course, Lorne got away, Mr. Wrench is somewhere, and Molly was presumably shot by Gus. I'll be disappointed if she dies, since she's the only officer that has any clue about what's going on, plus I love her with Gus. I want them to live happily ever after when this is all over. 

In the end, how creepy was Lester's smile?!? 

Will Lester's plan to frame his brother work?


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Molly is definitely NOT dead, she's still in FX's official plot synopsis for episodes 7 thru 10. However, I believe Mr Wrench IS dead. We hear Molly's voice telling someone to stop, followed by two shots. Wrench, who cannot hear (and possibly couldn't see either in the snowstorm), failed to comply and was killed. The only real mystery is - where did the fish come from? Malvo, along with all his other misdeeds, is also a dogkiller. No punishment is too good for him, and I will be bitterly disappointed if he escapes justice and survives the series. And Lester has turned into a real turd, doesn't he?

@ rackinfrackin

Oops, I meant "hasn't he?" By my count, the episode killed off a total of 5 important characters in one fell swoop - Don, Wally, Dmitri, Numbers and Wrench. But 2 important new characters will be introduced in the episode 7: FBI agents played by Key & Peele.


I thought that fish from the sky thing was beautiful and poetic. All along, Lorne had been leading Stavros along, making him believe that God was visiting the plagues of Egypt on him - the last one being the killing of his firstborn. Only Lorne didn't set that one up - nature itself did, purely as a fluke. Yet you know that Stavros believed it with all his heart. Wow. What an amazing and bizarre twist. The more I watch this show, the more I like it.

@ Douglas Wolfe

I felt like the fish was over the top. Sure it "can" happen in real life but there was no foreshadowing leading up to the fish. There were no reports of microburts or tornadoes, not to mention most of the water around there is frozen. It was a minor homage to Magnolia I believe and I think it was out of place. Not to mention, who would keep driving through that? It starts raining fish and the guy accelerates? Just ridiculous imo. I think it would have been better for the blizzard to obstruct the vision and have Oliver Platt's character drive into the car carrying his son, killing his son.

@ Not so sure

I agree, if fish were falling out of the sky I would probably hit the brakes.

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Fargo Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

What's with all the duct tape?

Don Chumph

Chaz: If you want this to go away, you've got to give them someone.
Lester: Chaz, buddy, come on, this is -- you've gotta stand by me.
Chaz: You've been a burden my whole life. I'm done. There's something wrong with you, Lester. There's something missing. You're not right in the world.