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Previously on Glee: The whole 5th season happened. Rachel's TV show, Mercedes virginity and Blaine's showcase seem to be the most important.

Tonight: Glee Season 5 Episode 20. Season Finale time!

Rachel is hosting a dinner because the writer of her potential show is coming to hang out and learn about her essence. Mary is a genius who sold her first script at 14. 

Brittany's back! Yah Brittany! Her hair looks really pretty but she doesn't know that Santana is in Iowa shooting wheat-themed yeast infection commercials. Nice, Glee, what a way to write someone off the show. YIKES.

Performing With Friends

Mary, the writer, calls Rachel by the wrong name, unrolls a Garfield sleeping bag and pulls out an actual legit typewriter. "Gay NASA dads," she types. "That a cappella thing is so over," she says. "Lazy," she types. I like Mary the writer. This is exactly how I picture most geniuses in New York City.

Mercedes is on a mall tour. Wait, mall tours are still a thing? MALLS are still a thing? Brittany is her back-up dancer, so I approve of the entire endeavor. I think this is an original song? It's pretty catchy, although there are a surprising number of lyrics about Jesus.

Sam runs up on stage afterward to hug Mercedes and looks awkward.

Blaine is discussing his showcase with June. He's still begging to give Kurt a spot and she is still turning him down. Sad Blaine sings "All of Me" at a piano and it's beautiful. It makes my 5-year old cry.

Oh look, Kurt is wearing another jaunty neckerchief. He does not look jaunty though, especially when Blaine admits he's been lying about giving him a spot in the showcase and Kurt storms out.

Sam had a sexy audition for a company called Treasure Trails. It is very sexy. He's supposed to go back for the sexy photo shoot with the sexy lady photographer who is probably expecting some sexy times.

The girls try to convince Mercedes to dump Sam. The guys try to convince Sam to dump Mercedes. This seems like wise advice. They are no where NEAR ready to get married and Sam is never going to survive being a model and keeping it in his pants. 

Rachel's fake TV show is like Girls, if Girls was even more like Girls than Girls could ever be. Kurt is wearing a dinosaur suit. There is a rave. A coffee rave. Everyone - even Rachel - realizes it is truly, truly terrible and she should NOT quit Broadway for it.

Blaine is sadly feeding pigeons until Kurt comes along to talk about trust and stuff. They make up for approximately the 500th time.

Rachel tells Mary her script is stupid and Mary says she knows TV better than Rachel does so whatevs. Rachel knows just what will change Mary's mind...A SONG! Mary makes the same face I would probably make.

Rachel sings "Glitter in the Air", which I have to Google to remember it's a Pink song. It's also a perfect choice for this scene, and I agree with Mary that it made me FEEL THINGS. Mary agrees to rewrite the show for people who

Sam is at his sexy photo shoot. Photographer: "Do you want a beer?" Sam: "I'm 19." Photographer: "I won't tell your mom." HA!

This photographer is now shooting with a Polaroid camera. Fraud! FRAUD! This is not a real photo shoot! But Sam is definitely feeling the sexy times.

He goes back to Mercedes apartment and admits he cheated on her, although his definition of cheating is just one kiss. Mercedes FINALLY admits they are NINETEEN and maybe waiting a decade to have sex isn't going to work for them. Sam agrees to break up but says no matter who he's sleeping with he'd rather be sleeping with Mercedes. That's...not romantic? But thanks?

Blaine's showcase with June is...lame. I'm not the target audience, obvs, but despite the song being kind of funny this is not going to convince ANYONE to make Blaine a star. Yawn.

And then despite everything June said, Blaine pulls Kurt up on stage to sing American Boy. BUUUUUUURN. June is pissed. But this is way. WAY more fun than the first song and by the end, even June is convinced enough to get up and dance. She tells Blaine to be true to his heart or something, which is basically the opposite of everything else she ever said.

Rachel reads through her new show and it's better! I still think quitting Broadway is a terrible idea!! Mary is sending it to the network so we'll just have to wait and see if all Rachel's Dreams Come True.

Sam's dream of being almost naked on a bus definitely comes true! And then he quits modeling. And New York. Is Sam off the show too?? I'm surprised this is not the final season, although Rachel said something about "meeting back here in 6 years". Is THAT next season - 6 years in the future? I do not like that idea.

What the hell is wrong with Rachel's shorts/skirt thing? It's distracting me from enjoying this dancing in the streets of New York montage set to "Pompeii". Besides the wardrobe, I like this as the finale.

Rachel gets a call from the network and gets a pilot in LA. Since this is Glee, I am sure it will not end up canceled after three episodes. She looks meaningfully at the camera before smiling and walking away.

I really wish this had been the last season. Do you think Season 6 of Glee is a good idea?


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For me, a lot of the songs Glee does turn out even better than the originals. I have Glee's songs on my iPod that I would never listen to before. But whenever they do a P!nk song, that one never ends up on my iPod because the original is ALWAYS better! I was sure at least the amazing Lea Michelle would be able to pull off a P!nk song and yet her rendition of Glitter in the Air left me disappointed.


I think season 6 will be better..because nothing could be worse than season 5...OK, Glee has never been the show to watch if you wanna have a storyline arc, or continuity or kind of sense, I've always watched it to have fun and I love the songs...but this season was not that much fun anymore...and some stories were boring, I hated that they cut off Santana...she was a big part of New York world!


didn't murphy say there would be a surprise in the finale,and brittany would be the center of it? I didn't see that happening !also that they WILL time jump and season 6 isn't gonna be NY-centric? god I hope it's not gonna follow rachel to LA,I've had enough of her!!!

@ fan

I guess that would be that Brit slept with Blaine.


They got beaten by the CW last night for the first time. Glee has officially jumped the shark. It's off to Friday night lights or to cancellation. Should have ended it after The Quarterback. Too bad, b/c I loved the first three seasons of Glee.

@ Sue

well I think the next one is the last if I'm not wrong, so I guess they don't care anymore? maybe?


Can we have another reviwers for the last season?? pleaseee?

@ jiggly

there are aaalways other sites to read reviews on the internet,so if you don't like her/him you could always switch to somebody else ;)

@ fan

But we like this site, just not her shitty "reviews"

@ jiggly



glee should borrow grey's anatomy writers on season 6 to have a grey storyline....

@ daenerys

Totally agreed the best show on television and still going strong despite it having numerous cast changes and 10 years. I LOVE GREYS!!!!!! P'S. Terrible review


I want to still like this show. Is it just me or is it just plain awful...Maybe I'm just getting older or read too much at that influences my opinion about these actors/actresses not sure but I just can't do it anymore. I don't like most of the characters, the writing is terrible, I haven't enjoyed a song in weeks and i especially cant stomach Rachel! I'm also disgusted how they wrote Naya off (correct me if I'm wrong she is not coming back for six?) ... i used to be a huge Glee fan and it was originally, a great show. That's just a few of my gripes but I don't want to bug anyone by keeping on complaining. I'm just putting in my two cents, I generally used to like the show and am not trolling just to get comments. What happened? When do you guys think was the turning point of a good show into a bad show? Or do you think it's still good? I'm genuinely interested. I think Mark Salling, Diana Agron did a good thing leaving when they me Glee is just a joke and I think I'm done.

@ Tess

You're not alone. I can't stand it. Rachel has turned into Lea now. But, she is extremely annoying. The writing absolutely sucks. My opinion only. I hoped that NY would be better, but, no. This episode was awful. I wanted to see where season 6 might be heading. Well, I won't be watching season 6. The only thing that was remotely enjoyable was Adam Lambert. I think as miserable a finish that Glee had Fox will re evaluate its thoughts about Glee's status for season 6. If anything it will be or should be a mini movie to end it. Let it got out with its head held high.


Once again, a summary not a review. And Rachel said six MONTHS, not years.

@ Serenity

thaaaaank you,before I read your comment I was just about to go watch the scene again coz I,too,thought she said 6 months!

@ Serenity

what do you expect from someone that thinks malls aren't a thing

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If I was a soup I would probably be minestrone.


My dream of being almost naked on a public bus is thisclose to coming true.


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